Monday, July 29, 2013

Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Arm of the DFL..

From the get-go this has been nothing but blatant political payback for Big Unions from the DFL:
From the get-go this has been nothing but blatant political payback for Big Unions from the DFL:
Gary Gross has the details.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Road to Hell is Paved with Their "Good Intentions."

Tell Governor Dayton that this is the first question we should ask of sulfide mining proposals -

These people want to create a luddite lifestyle--they drive their cars, talk on their cell phones, forgetting that petroleum is required to drive those cars and create the plastic used in those phones. 

They may feel smug and self-righteous driving their electric cars, forgetting all the while that it is much-maligned coal that is providing the electricity to charge those battery cells.

They supposedly decry poverty and say that it is those in corporate America who keep the little guy down-- yet they thwart every effort to create jobs by creating pressure to impart onerous regulations and at every turn block progress that would create sustainable employment with endless frivolous lawsuits, and in the process they perpetuate and/or even create unending cycles of poverty in already-economically depressed areas (such as the Iron Range).

Instead, they demand taxpayer subsidization on unsustainable "green energy" initiatives that aren't 'green' at all, and in reality create more pollution either in the production end or the consumer end than they purport to eradicate. They say we need more wind energy, and then in the same breath block wind energy initiatives in their own backyard (such as was done off of Martha's Vineyard), and in places that they do put up windfarms (that don't pollute their own precious scenery) those turbines consume hundreds of thousands (if not millions of dollars) per year in costly maintenance, and decimate species of migratory birds (and even eagles) who fly into them on a daily basis.

They operate in the name of preventing pollution, yet their 'good intentions' do nothing substantive to solve any problem, real or invented, and more often than not create many more problems in their wake than they ever could 'solve' in a lifetime.

It's about time that people start calling organizations such as this to the carpet and start demanding from them solutions that consist of more substance than mere 'good intentions' on REAL, not imagined or invented problems, before they are translated to costly public policy, unsusatainable save for the auspices of the hard working taxpayers, whose demands on their labors are continuously straining to the point where the economy can no longer sustain those demands.

Someone has to have the gonads to start declaring that these organizations have no clothes, and not be browbeated into submission for fear of what they may be called for calling them out.

Time has proven that paying homage to and humoring these malcontents has resulted in billions, if not trillions of wasted taxpayer dollars, and I dare say that our economy would have avoided these past several recessions had these enviro-bozos been shown the door.