Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long Live the King...

Just got done with a visit with fellow-SCBA blogger King Banaian, who's in the hospital for a gall-bladder procedure.

King's recovering nicely from his surgery, and was in good spirits, and may be back home tomorrow (but most likely on Friday).

Continued prayers on King's behalf would be greatly appreciated on the part of this blogger.

Coffee Maker 1; Hillary 0.

Will she be this inept if she has to enter codes into the nuclear football?

Wednesday Hero Blogburst 4/30/08

This Weeks Hero Was Suggested By Mary Ann

Wednesday Hero was started to put a face to the men and women of the American Armed Forces and what they do for us. Vary rarely has there been a member of a foreign military profiled. In fact, in the two years Wednesday Hero's been going on it's only been done once before. Here's the second.

Lance Corporal Matt Croucher
Lance Corporal Matt Croucher
24 years old from Birmingham, England
40 Commando Royal Marines
Royal Marines

L/Cpl Matt Croucher is not only one of the bravest men alive, he's also one of the luckiest men alive. On the morning of February 9, 2008 L/Cpl. and his unit were searching a compound near Sangin in Afghanistan that was suspected of being used to make bombs to be used in attacks on British and Afghan troops. Walking in the darkness among a group of four men, Croucher stepped into a tripwire that pulled the pin from a boobytrap grenade. His patrol commander, Corporal Adam Lesley, remembered Croucher shouting "Grenade!"

As others dived for cover, Croucher did something nobody expected. He lay down on the grenade to smother the blast. Lesley got on the ground, another man got behind a wall, but the last member of the patrol was still standing in the open when the grenade went off.

"My reaction was, 'My God this can't be real'," said Lesley. "Croucher had simply lain back and used his day sack to blunt the force of the explosion. You would expect nine out of 10 people to die in that situation." L/Cpl. Croucher was that 1/10. Not only did he survive, amazingly he only suffered shock from the blast and a bloody nose. He was saved by the special plating inside his Osprey body armor. The backpack he was wearing was thrown more than 30ft by the blast.

"I felt one of the lads giving me a top to toe check. My head was ringing. Blood was streaming from my nose. It took 30 seconds before I realized I was definitely not dead," said L/Cpl. Croucher.

For his actions that day, L/Cpl. Croucher was in line for the Victoria Cross, the highest award for a British Serviceman, but it has yet to be awarded.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Al Franken-Elitist?

Wesley Snipes gets three years. '

A mailbox installer got one year.

A chiropractor got three years.

So why is it that Minnesota U.S. senate candidate and mildly amusing nauseating comedian and erstwhile Boys Club embezzler and figurehead of the failed Air America network, Al Franken, got a pass?

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken, front-runner in the race to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, said on Tuesday that he has paid $70,000 in back taxes and penalties owed in 17 states going back to 2003.

Franken, who delivers speeches across the country and still receives residuals from television shows, movies and books, blamed his accountant of 18 years for what he said was a mistake.

The accountant, Allen Chanzis of New York, "just made a basic kind of error that had a lot of ramifications," Franken said.

So Al Franken makes a "mistake," and shouldn't be held accountable for the same "mistakes" for which others have done jail time. I suppose that Mr. Franken is no doubt a devotee to the late Leona Helmsley, who made famous the saying, "Only little people pay taxes."

Flaming liberal senate wanabees get a pass.

Hell hath no fury...

Like a bride-to-be scorned; especially when their bridal shop closes before their wedding:

COLD SPRING, Minn. — Police and the Better Business Bureau are investigating the closure of a bridal shop in Cold Spring after several brides-to-be said they'd been stiffed.

A sign on the door of Lori's Bridal & Formal Wear says, "This business has closed due to the economy."

An Associated Press call to a home phone number listed for owner Lori Parsons went unanswered Tuesday. A phone number listed on the shop's door says brides can leave contact information, but the number has a full mailbox.

Angela Doty says she's angry and frustrated by the closing. Doty is set to be married May 10, and she's missing a pair of shoes that the shop was supposed to dye ivory.

Police in Cold Spring say the office was "bombarded" with calls on Monday.

Lori Peterson finally came clean today, and is trying to make things right:
The woman who owns a bridal shop in Minnesota that closed recently said she's sorry and never meant to hurt anyone.

Lori Parsons talked with WCCO-TV over the phone late Tuesday afternoon from another state. She explained the whole situation and what led up to her making the difficult decision to close her shop, Lori's Bridal and Formal Wear in Cold Spring, Minn.

"I could not win," said Parsons. "And I knew that many people got hurt, but there was no way out of it."

She said she's going through a bitter divorce right now. Her ex-husband, she said, hasn't been paying the mortgage on their home, so it's now in foreclosure.

Parson said her business has been going through tough economic times too. And because of the foreclosure on her home and divorce, she said, she can't refinance her business loan.

Last Friday morning, Parson saw an attorney who immediately told her to lock up her business after 17 years.

"And I didn't want to hurt anybody," said Parsons. "This has been the most painful thing that anybody could ever experience. This was the most painful decision of my entire life."

She's now working with one of her former employees and Phil Jones, the Cold Spring Police Chief, to get 37 wedding dresses to brides-to-be.

"I've gotten a crash-course in wedding 101," said Jones. He and his staff have gotten 150 phone calls from women wanting their dresses.

"Occasionally, we're been able to tell someone we do have their dress. And in a split-second, it's all worth it," said Jones. "They're happy."
If I had dozens of brides angry with me, I'd probably move to another state, too...

Gottwalt P3wns Nannystaters...

(click on pic for full size)

Score one for common sense:

ST. PAUL — Parental control and child safety concerns clashed Monday in the House of Representatives in a debate about infant child care.

A requirement for child care providers to lay infants on their backs unless parents get a written note from a doctor fell by the wayside. Rep. Steve Gottwalt, R-St. Cloud, successfully argued it represented too much government intrusion.

The requirement was aimed at reducing the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in child care facilities.

Gottwalt got an amendment passed to HF 3376, a bill dealing with welfare and chilcare assistance, taking out the proposed requirement on a 88-42 vote.

“Instead of a parent having to go get a doctor’s permission and the extra cost involved with that, a parent can write a letter to the day care provider themselves that they don’t want their child placed on its back,” he said. “The requirement adds complexity and cost and does not, in itself, protect infants.”

Gottwalt’s amendment won unanimous support from St. Cloud-area lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, but was decried by Twin Cities DFLers who argued that the state licenses child care providers and therefore must ensure it sets the best safety standards for them.

Thank God for Steve Gottwalt for blocking what could have been yet another liberal "good intentioned" paving stone on society's road to hell. Whether it's global cooling, global warming, bio-fuels, government-run health care, or any other trendy cause du jour in which the cure is inevitably exponentially worse than that the ill, one can be certain to find a "good-intentioned" liberal chicken-little nannystater at the bottom of it all.

We need more Gottwalts in St. Paul and elsewhere.

Monday, April 28, 2008

An update on King..

From an email I received from Mrs. Scholar:

King was scheduled to have his gall bladder out at 8:15 a.m. (Tuesday) but is currently experience a high fever and heart palpitations.
He did not want me in the room, such was his pain.
We appreciate your prayers and concern and will keep you updated,

Continuing prayers would be appreciated..

Only two hours left..

Unfortunately, I found out about this only moments ago:

To defend Freedom of Speech on the airwaves:

File Comments with the FCC

Click here to read FCC's Proposed Rule Making.

Click here to see the comments the FCC has received on this issue.

Proceeding: 04-233 Report on Broadcast Localism and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

The FCC is considering a return to 1970s-style media regulation that could significantly impact how broadcasters air local programming. They have determined that local broadcasters are out of touch with their local communities, and that Washington mandates are needed to fix the problem. The FCC needs to hear from you. Tell the FCC how broadcasters serve their local communities – with relevant local news, public service announcements, weather and emergency information, public affairs programming, political programming, community outreach and more. Washington-based media critics have had their say. Now it’s time for broadcasters and their supporters to have theirs.

The following is what I wrote:...
With the advent of talk radio, as well as with the proliferation of Christian radio, our local radio stations are more in touch with their community than has been the case in any of the nearly 50 years that I have been alive in this great nation.

More than ever before, talk radio allows community voices to be heard. The proliferation of and free market of voices has led to an informed electorate unlike we have ever seen in this nation, not only on national issues, but on local issues as well.

Prior to the advent of talk radio, "public service" programming was in such a dry format that it was nearly unlistenable, with an hour or so on Sunday morning and another hour or so on Sunday evening. And the rest of the week was music, and spates of news at the top of the hour. There was no engaging of the public, and the public was not informed to nearly the degree that it is today.

Talk radio is what the Founding Fathers envisioned a democracy to be: A free market of ideas, with ideas being able to stand up to the market (or fall) based on their own merits, not what a central governing authority thinks that it should be.

To mess with what we have is to certainly mess with the First Amendment; and to do a disservice to Americans now and forever forward.

Do not rob Americans nor their progeny of the intellectual freedom that continues to make America even more so the beacon of freedom and citizen rule that it was meant to be.
Again, this is being posted at 10:12pm, and there is less than two hours left of the day until public comment is closed. Please visit now and make your voices heard!

h/t ChicagoRay.

Channeling Booker T...

Regarding "Poverty/Race Pimps" Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and now, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."

-Booker T. Washington-

Walter E. Williams


The spate of drowning of college-aged men along the I-94 corridor has spawned renewed interest, and has left many wondering if the occurrences are merely coincidences:
Chris Jenkins was a popular student at the University of Minnesota who disappeared one night in 2003.

Four months later, he was found dead in the Mississippi River. At first police thought Jenkins was just a drunk college kid who accidentally fell into the river and drowned after a night on the town.

But for two retired New York City Police detectives, Jenkins' death became the link that connected the drowning deaths of 40 young men — usually high-achieving college students — in 25 cities in 11 different states.

Chilling Discovery

Detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte have been tracking the suspicious drowning deaths of young men across the country ever since they investigated the death of college student Patrick McNeill, who drowned in New York City in 1997. Gannon made a promise to McNeill's parents that he would never give up on his case.

When the detectives took a look at Jenkins' death, they discovered that the position of his body and other physical evidence proved that the college student didn't drown accidentally. The cause of death on Jenkins' death certificate was changed to "homicide."

The belief that the deaths have been something more than coincidence is nothing new, with speculation being raised as early as 2002 with the disappearance of Josh Guimond from St. John's University in nearby Collegeville, and later on with the disappearance and subsequent drowning of 21-year old Scott Radel.

Apparently, at some of the sites of the deaths, the alleged "murderer(s)' left behind signs, such as a smiley face, gang graffiti symbols and other evidence that lead investigators to believe that at least some of those deaths were not coincidental:

"Because there's such a wide range of states the killings are through," Gannon said today in an exclusive interview on "Good Morning America." "Besides the fact that we have multiple victims on the same night."

At the crime scene of a drowning in Michigan, Gannon and Duarte discovered grafitti that they believed was written by the killers, but were puzzled by a word they hadn't seen before.

"We found 'sinsiniwa,' which was very suspicious at the time," said Gannon.

Then the detectives found the strange word in Iowa, where they were investigating the drowning death of 24-year-old Matt Kruziki.

Bloodhounds tracked Kruziki's scent to an intersection near the Mississippi River. The detectives believe that is the location where the killers slid Kruziki's body in the water — it was at Sinsiniwa Avenue.

"We believe they were specifically leaving a clue for us or anyone who was paying attention to these drownings, that the cases were ultimately linked," Gannon said.
The suspicious deaths attracted the attention of St. Cloud State criminology professor Douglas Gilbertson, who assisted Detectives Gannon and Duarte in their investigation, and the parents of some missing kids have hired private investigators to look into their sons' untimely deaths:
The Jenkinses said if they have to, they'll have the evidence tested themselves. They're stepping up their investigation and offering a $175,000 reward for answers."We are doing this because there's enough significant evidence pointing to foul play, pointing to murder, and if the MPD is not helping us," Chris' father, Steve Jenkins, said.

So the Jenkinses hired private investigator Chuck Loesch. He's been on the case since Jenkins disappeared. Loesch said two different sets of bloodhounds made a remarkable discovery -- both traced Chris' scent from the Lone Tree bar where he was last seen to a deserted underground garage nearby.

"The dog took us into the parking area," Loesch said. "The dog took us down to these stalls here," Both dogs did. One was within five days of Chris missing, six days. The second was about three to four weeks later," Loesch said."Two totally different dogs took you to the same parking space?" 12 News investigative reporter Colleen Henry asked."Right," Loesch said.

Minneapolis police believe Jenkins jumped or fell off a bridge over the Mississippi as he walked home, but the bloodhound indicated Jenkins got into a car, which headed west on Interstate 94.

"I think Chris was either abducted or walked into a position where he was murdered," Loesch said.

Loesch's investigation expanded when two other college students disappeared in the next nine days. Three days after Jenkins, 80 miles east on I-94, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire senior Michael Noll disappeared after leaving a college bar.

Six days after that, 50 miles northwest of Minneapolis, St. John's University junior Josh Guimond vanished after leaving a card party on campus.

In the next two months, from South Bend to Sheboygan, three other college-aged men disappeared under similar circumstances. All eventually turned up in nearby lakes or rivers, all but Guimond, who's still missing a year later.

In each case, police ruled out foul play. They called the deaths accidents or suicide.
More here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Race Pimp Sharpton at it again...

There was an initially calm reaction to the acquittal of New York City police officers stemming from an incident in which they shot and killed a bridegroom on his wedding day, despite the fact that many were expecting quite a bit of civil unrest given that actuality. An expected civil case against the officers would have been the next logical, lawful step.

But until there's literally blood, fire and mayhem in the streets, it appears that professional race-baiter and pimp Al Sharpton will not be satisfied:

Photo from My Way News

NEW YORK (AP) - Hundreds of angry people marched through Harlem on Saturday after the Rev. Al Sharpton promised to "close this city down" to protest the acquittals of three police detectives in the 50-shot barrage that killed a groom on his wedding day and wounded two friends.

"We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still and realize that you do not have the right to shoot down unarmed, innocent civilians," Sharpton told an overflow crowd of several hundred people at his National Action Network office in the historically black Manhattan neighborhood. "This city is going to deal with the blood of Sean Bell."

In what way, "Rev." Sharpton? To shed more innocent blood? To loot innocent store owners? To destroy property? WTF is that going to solve, Mr. Race Pimp?

Prayers, Please...

I just received a phone call from Gary, telling me that our good friend and fellow SCBA blogger, King Banaian, is in the hospital, in what I am told is not a serious, but still a very painful condition.

Please keep King and his family in your prayers.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

And whose fault is this?

In another, "It's for the chiiiiildreeeen" moment, MN Senator Ellen Anderson engages in histrionics on the Minnesota Senate floor:

While I would agree with Senator Julianne Ortman's assessment, I would like to go further.

Working in the schools this past Earth Day, I am not at all surprised at Senator Ellen Anderson's assertions that "children are scared."

In our day, our teachers would scare us while telling scary stories of goblins and witches on Halloween. These days, kids are frightened with equally frightening (and equally fanciful) stories of polar bears swimming and the earth conflagrating in a huge fireball, all because mom and dad drive an SUV and don't throw the pop cans where they're supposed to. The difference, back then was that the teachers didn't give the impression that the witches and the goblins were real.

Posters made by kids that are hung on the walls in school hallways are testimony to the fact that kids are being scared to death by the histrionics of the global warming crowd, being fed to them by unwitting teachers.

Yes, Senator Anderson. Kids are scared.

No thanks to you and yours.

(h/t True North via Global Climate Scam).

No doubt McCain will want us to be quiet about this, too...

Obama and more ties to terrorism... via Michelle Malkin and Powerline.

Yeah, I know John. Never. Never question the guy's judgment.

And the party faithful again scratch their heads.

Minnesota: A sick, twisted version of Old MacDonald...

Minnesota was a state E-I-E-I-Oh...

And in this state they had some taxes E-I-E-I-Oh..

With a tax-tax here, and a tax-tax-there, here a tax there a tax, everywhere a tax-tax.

And few are feeling the crunch like the folks in Old MacDonald-land themselves:
The Minnesota Taxpayer Association's annual 50-State Property Tax Comparison study, released Thursday, shows that outstate Minnesota has the third-highest commercial property taxes of any rural area in the country, based on 2007 taxes payable for a typical $25 million property.

Charlie Weaver, executive director of the Minneapolis-based Minnesota Business Partnership, said the numbers are “brutal” for rural Minnesota businesses.

“The rural business property tax continues to be a significant problem, especially since that is where we are having the hardest time finding jobs,” Weaver said. “Rural Minnesota is trying to maintain that job base. It doesn’t help when their businesses are being taxed out of the state.”
I think we need to commission a study as to why elected officials in Minnesota, namely the DFL, are so hell-bent on literally taxing us out of house and home.

But then they'd want to raise taxes to pay for the study.

What hath Liberalism Wrought, Part......?

Is it time now for us to re-deploy from Chicago??

Chicago working to prevent repeat of deadly weekend

CHICAGO (AP) -- Police planned to increase patrols and put SWAT officers and specialized units on the streets over the weekend, a show of force aimed at deterring violence like the three dozen shootings that left nine people dead last weekend.

"Weather permitting, we will have our helicopter up," said police spokeswoman Monique Bond, who said Thursday night was relatively quiet, with only four shootings, none fatal.

Meanwhile, religious leaders said they had persuaded some churches to open their doors in the afternoons and evenings to protect people from gunfire.

"We just picked up about four more churches in Austin (a neighborhood on the city's West Side) that's going to open their doors as a safe haven," said Ira Acree, an activist and pastor of the Greater St. John Bible Church.

On Friday, Mayor Richard Daley took the unusual step of calling together more than two dozen officials from the police department, schools, social service agencies and religious groups for a City Hall summit on the violence. Afterward, he said it was just the start of a continuing dialogue about how to combat violent crime.

And, in turning the attention to where it needs to be, Mayor Richard Daley took a courageous step:
A fired-up Daley blasted the gun industry and called on parents and adults to do their part by intervening to help troubled youth and by working to keep others on the right path.
Way to go, Dick. Way to stick it to those guns. We all know that they all sprouted legs and pulled their own triggers.

And Tio Hardiman, executive director of CeaseFire, an anti-violence group, said young people need help finding alternatives to the streets.

"We need to go right to the corners and find out what some of these young people want to do, identify some employers that are willing to hire maybe 30 from this neighborhood, 30 from another neighborhood and try to get them hired somewhere so then we can get them off the corners."

But Daley said joblessness does not justify violence.

"When the killing is done, you still don't have a job, in fact, it greatly decreases the chances that you ever ... will have a job," he said.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Instead of pointing the bony finger of indignation at the gun industry, why not look at yourself and other liberals in the mirror, Mayor Daley? Ever since the dawning of the Great Society, the State thought that they would be more fit to parent kids via taxpayer money than would their biological fathers.

Now the State may be good at plowing streets, picking up garbage, and repairing highways, but by now you should know that it sucks at fatherhood.

As my good friend, Steve Gottwalt, is fond of saying, "The best welfare program is a job, and the best social program is an intact family."

Yet, Pelosi, Reid and other liberals, with allegiances ever-invested in the Nanny State, think it's a good idea to take even more money from the local economy and "invest" even more of it in "government fatherhood" programs that have clearly been failures from day one; ironically lessening the chances even further that these youths will get jobs; even if they don't pull a trigger.

As I noted in my very first post on this blog, I saw the ugly effects of the Great Society, and of liberalism in general when I grew up in the Chicago area in the 1960s and 1970s.

And let me tell you folks, it ain't gettin' any prettier.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Now here's how I'd like to see the DNC primaries settled...

Actually, given the level of credibility coming from both camps, the above scenario doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

H/T Chief

"The Summer of Our Discontent"

Speed Gibson takes the word to the streets regarding the Ethanol scam.

McCain wimps out on Obama ad... NC GOP to follow suit? (Updated & Bumped)

An anti-Obama ad whose only crime was to tell the truth, was decried by John McCain, who asked the North Carolina Republican Party to pull the ad; apparently, because John McCain eschews controversy, even legitimate controversy that legitimately questions the judgment of a rival presidential contender.

Originally, North Carolina GOP officials said the ad will run regardless, but already a TV station has pulled the ad, and reportedly the NC GOP officials are beginning to get cold feet.

Time to contact the North Carolina GOP and give them some encouragement (

My letter (email) is as follows:
I am a GOP alternate delegate from the Great State of Minnesota, and I'm asking you to NOT PULL THE OBAMA AD!!!

Someone needs to develop some cajones to tell the truth about our democrat POTUS candidates, and the national party is too lilly-livered to do anything (except, of course, attack our own President).

Screw the "new tone." The American people need (and deserve) the unblemished truth.

Press on!

-Leo Pusateri-
St. Cloud, Minnesota

(H/T Pirate's Cove)

****UPDATE & Bump 4/25/08, 6:25pm****

McCain says that the North Carolina GOP is "out of touch" for running an ad, that tells the truth.

Apparently Senator McCain believes he doesn't need the North Carolina GOP to win.

But for a man who's literally made an entire political career out of thumbing his nose at conservative Republicans, could we really expect anything different?

I'm not at all feeling good about the advancement of conservatism via this upcoming election. Any which way you slice it, we're screwed, If only by a matter of degrees.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

XRAN XPLAINS: The Maclean's/Mark Steyn Controversy

Read it. I mean it.

The Global Warming Racket to Minnesota Citizens: Bend Over!

How do you get a Number 41 business ranking out of 50 states even lower?

Just ask the House democrats. The Minnesota House last night passed a Cap-and-Trade agreement that would force selected companies that produce "so-called" "greenhouse gases" to purchase credits from companies that don't.

Republicans (rightly) opined that,
jobs could be lost and that consumers and businesses could be hurt. Some questioned the human contribution to global warming and whether global warming should be considered a crisis. Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington, read 30-year-old headlines that warned about global cooling.
Aah, but the oh-so-wise and informed Kate Knuth, the author of the bill, stated,
"Cap-and-trade will change the jobs that we have in Minnesota -- I think it will change the jobs for the better," "It will bring clean-energy jobs."
Well, Kate, thanks so much for those witty words of comfort as you sell ours and our children's economic futures down the river to shoo away a bogeyman THAT DOESN'T EXIST.

Follow the money, folks. Follow the money.

In a move toward party Unity?

In his quest to keep his campaign above the fray, John McCain left democrats unscathed, and instead went after Republicans...
NEW ORLEANS, April 24 (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate John McCain sharply criticized on Thursday what he called the Bush administration's disgraceful handling of Hurricane Katrina and vowed, "Never again."
And the party faithful again scratch their heads...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So Which Bible Does She Read?

Nancy Pelosi, theologian?
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is fond of quoting a particular passage of Scripture. The quote, however, does not appear in the Bible and is "fictional," according to biblical scholars.

In her April 22 Earth Day news release, Pelosi said, "The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, 'To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.' On this Earth Day, and every day, let us pledge to our children, and our children's children, that they will have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature."

Cybercast News Service
repeatedly queried the speaker's office for two days to determine where the alleged Bible quote is found. Thus far, no one has responded.

Distinguished biblical scholars, however, cast doubt on the existence of the passage.

John J. Collins, the Holmes professor of Old Testament criticism and interpretation at Yale Divinity School, said he is totally unfamiliar with Pelosi's quotation.

"(It's) not one that I recognize," Collins told Cybercast News Service. "I assume that she means this is a paraphrase. But it wouldn't be a close paraphrase to anything I know of."

Claude Mariottini, a professor of Old Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, told Cybercast News Service the passage not only doesn't exist - it's "fictional."

"It is not in the Bible," Mariottini said. "There is nothing that even approximates that."

Other scholars agree that nothing remotely resembling it can be found in any version of the Scriptures - Old Testament or New Testament.

"The quote does not exist in the Old Testament, neither in the New Testament," said the Rev. Andreas Hock, a doctor of Scripture who teaches in the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Denver's St. John Vianney Seminary.
Perhaps the quote came from Pastor Algore?

Heh... I wonder if Newt got the memo...


This isn't the first time San-Fran-Nan quoted a non-scriptural scriptural passage.

Claude Mariottini has more.

Wednesday Hero Blogburst 4-23-08

Cpl. Markbradley Vincze Hands Out Backpacks To Iraqi School Children
Click To Enlarge

U.S. Army

Cpl. Markbradley Vincze gives students from al-Raqhaa School backpacks in the Monsouri area of Iraq. Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1-76th FA, 4th BCT, 3rd Inf. Div., delivered backpacks, soccer balls and notebooks.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Earth Day Greeting...from your RNC...

I had to look twice in order to confirm authorship of this piece. I could've sworn it was written by Algore himself:

A cause greater than self-interest'
By Maria Cino
Posted: 04/21/08 04:09 PM [ET]

With Minnesota’s spring thaw and Earth Day upon us, Republican National Convention planners are making great progress in preparing for the convention. For months now, the GOP’s Committee on Arrangements (COA) has been hard at work to ensure that our party’s 39th presidential nominating convention is the “greenest” ever. Come Sept. 1, an anticipated 45,000 convention guests and volunteers — joined by millions watching from around the world — will gather in Minneapolis-St. Paul for a historic event: the nomination of Sen. John McCain (Ariz.)

From transportation choices to venue selection to staff workspace, the GOP, the MSP2008 Host Committee and the host cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are working together to implement the best environmental practices in all aspects of planning. We are reviewing all aspects of convention preparations to reduce waste and encourage reuse and recycling. We currently use paperless, online systems for internal communications, as well as our delegate travel reservation system, thanks to our partnership with Travel Technology Group, the convention’s Official Housing Bureau.

Coupled with our convention team’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, the decision to go green is also being embraced by the convention’s local Host Committee. MSP2008 and its partners have developed an online system to recruit and register more than 8,000 official volunteers. Accessible through the convention website —— the online registration is easy and eco-friendly.

In addition, the convention website itself is an enormous online resource for delegates, members of the news media, and all interested parties looking for the latest convention news. Visitors with questions can get in touch with a member of our team via an interactive online feature, CONVENTION iNSIDER. We’ve answered more than 500 CONVENTION iNSIDER questions to date!

PR Newswire, our official wire service provider, will provide simultaneous, electronic distribution of news releases, media advisories and convention materials to the estimated 15,000 members of the news media expected onsite at the Xcel Energy Center and to news outlets around the world.

COA and Host Committee staff members are working with convention venues, including the Xcel Energy Center and St. Paul RiverCentre, on ways to improve energy efficiency. Everything from power sources to lighting fixtures to recycling programs are being reviewed, and we are making recommendations on how to implement environmentally friendly solutions.

In terms of getting from point A to point B in the host cities, convention guests will ride in a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles. As the official vehicle provider, General Motors will provide the 2008 Republican National Convention with more than 300 cars and light trucks representing a mix of highly fuel-efficient vehicles that include E85 ethanol flex-fuel and hybrid technology.

COA offices have been outfitted with recycled furnishings and recycled office supplies are used whenever possible. Our office climate control automatically shuts off at 5 p.m. each day, so energy is not wasted during off-hours (even though our “off” hours are quickly dwindling). Staff offices use power strips for electronic equipment, which can be turned off to prevent drawing power during periods when the equipment is not in use. Additionally, most convention staffers live within walking distance of headquarters and carpool to do their shopping or take in the local entertainment.

Minnesotans’ deep appreciation for their state’s natural wonders hasn’t gone unnoticed — and the Republican Party joins them in embracing these precious resources. To mark Earth Day, convention staff participated in a park cleanup as part of the COA’s ongoing American Neighbor volunteer program, a service initiative aimed at giving back to the host cities. It was a positive experience and what Sen. McCain might call “serving a cause greater than self-interest.”

The 2008 Republican National Convention will use fewer resources and leave a smaller footprint; showcase Minneapolis and St. Paul as the leaders they are in environmental preservation and sustainable development; and, underscore the Republican Party’s commitment to responsible stewardship of our environment.

Now there are those who say that the RNC's relatively recent two-fisted embracing of the jug of global warming kool-aid is small potatoes; that there are bigger fish to fry.

With that, I have to respectfully, though strongly disagree.

On the contrary, I would say that the current noose around our economy resultant of runaway energy prices can be directly linked to the environmental movement. "Environmentally friendly" is one thing. Basing policy on failed science at the expense of the economy is quite a different matter-- For example, did you see the part of the piece where Cino extols the virtues of utilizing E-85 vehicles for the convention? Again, promoting a failed science and a failed technology that only serves to drive the price of food higher. All for the purposes of pleasing the Sierra Club.

Meanwhile, the cost of gas to fuel our vehicles is above $3.50 per gallon; with the cost of diesel to ship our goods well over $4.00 per gallon, with no end it sight to energy's meteoric rise and its deleterious effect on our economy.

Yet, we have not been able to harvest our own oil and natural gas resources for decades now. Why? Because our elected officials (now including Republicans) have been buying into the enviro-nutter movement.

We have not been able to build a new refinery in this country since the 1970s. Why? Same reason.

Staple food crops have been abandoned in favor of cashing in on the taxpayer-financed ethanol bonanza. And now we have FOOD RATIONING IN CALIFORNIA. FOOD RATIONING. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

By "drinking the kool-aid" the RNC is not only necessarily doing what amounts to humoring a child's incorrect though oh-so-cute fantasy; but more insidiously giving credence to a false premise that has the potential to do great damage when carried to its (il)logical conclusion. What we have already seen is only the beginning.

When you look at the agenda, it is clear that MMWG and other enviro-hysterics are being used as bogeymen by the left as a means to rationalize an exponential increase in the size and scope of government and resultant control over our lives; and in the process moving us ever closer to their vision of a socialist utopia; the "New Europe," rather than the beacon of prosperity and freedom that we have been up to this point.


It's high time that someone stood on the soapbox and put an end to the absolute madness. A madness that is causing totally un-necessary economic pain to our citizens who are trying their damndest to make ends meet in the first place.

Yes, I know that there are those who think that drinking the enviro-kool aid to get a few lefty votes is no big deal.

On this we will have to agree to disagree.

I, for one, refuse to budge.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Yet another "gimme-gimme" liberal group who thinks we can tax our way into prosperity.

From here:
ST. PAUL — Think of Minnesota as suffering from a vitamin deficiency, growing weaker and still resisting a balanced diet. And think of taxes as spinach, broccoli and peas — not exactly everybody’s first choice on the table, but the stuff we need to reinvigorate our state.

One month from legislative adjournment, all indications are that election-year pressures will deny Minnesota the state revenue “vegetables” and the responsible, long-term budget solutions it needs.

Time is running out in the face of projected chronic shortfalls — as much as $1.7 billion in the red a year from now — and so are the accounting gimmicks and the reserves. So voters choosing leaders this fall for 2009 and beyond need to ask them to face up to a glaring fiscal reality: We can’t go on like this. Our experiment with tax cuts and short-changing vital public-sector investment is not working.

More than a decade of tax rebates and tax cuts during good times, and the no-new-(state)-taxes straitjacket of the past six years, have left our communities and our economy in worse shape than they have been in decades. (The 2008 Legislature deserves credit for overriding a veto and pushing through a modest gas-tax increase, but that’s a dedicated tax that only begins to address two decades of deterioration in our transportation infrastructure.)

That’s because this disinvestment has been accomplished by a gradual slide into economic mediocrity in the private sector. The scrimping and corner-cutting, the idea that draining our common pool of resources will benefit everybody, is most assuredly not producing the general prosperity that was promised when tax cuts were enacted.
I thank God that we have the likes of Steve Gottwalt representing us:
Think of taxes as the food on working people's tables. Think of it as their hard earned cash. Think of it as their means of providing for themselves. Think of it as THEIR money; not the government's! Now consider what an insatiable hunger for those taxes does to prosperity and opportunity in Minnesota.

We remain among the highest taxed, most generous social services states in the entire nation. We cannot afford more of your "better living through more taxes." Just ask your neighbors and those who work to pay taxes. They're struggling to make ends meet in some of the toughest economic times we've seen -- and the last thing they need is more taxes. On behalf of my constituents: Please stop raising our taxes! We're already doing more than we can afford in terms of government services!

Let's try a balanced "diet" of setting real, sound priorities, and living within our means instead of raising taxes -- no second helpings, junk food or "super-sizing" on our government "meals." Thanks!
-Rep. Steve Gottwalt

Pawlenty Appoints New DOT Commissioner

Release from the Governor's Office (including Sorel Bio):

Sorel is civil engineer with 30 years of transportation experience

Saint Paul - Governor Tim Pawlenty today appointed Tom Sorel as Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT).

Mr. Sorel currently heads the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) division office in Minnesota. The FHWA is a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and provides financial and technical support to state and local governments for constructing and preserving America's highway system. He starts at Mn/DOT on Monday, April 28.

Mr. Sorel, 51, has held various positions with the FHWA since 1978 including Major Project Team Leader at the agency's headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Director of Planning and Program Development and Chief of Technology Services in Albany, New York. During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Mr. Sorel was the USDOT liaison for federal transportation issues and led the effort to build the infrastructure for the event.

"With 30 years of transportation experience and a civil engineering background, Tom Sorel is the right person to lead Mn/DOT," Governor Pawlenty said. "Minnesota has invested more in roads over the last five years than ever before. Tom Sorel will provide the leadership as we continue to build a modern and efficient transportation system for Minnesota."

Mr. Sorel received his degree in civil engineering from State University of New York in Buffalo and his Master of Business Administration from Thomas College in Maine. He has also received a Certificate of Conflict Management from Cornell School of Industrial/Labor Relations and an Associate Certificate Project Management from George Washington University.

In addition to many FHWA performance awards, he received the Presidential Honor for leading the federal transportation response, recovery, and rebuilding efforts in Minnesota in the aftermath of the I-35W Bridge Collapse. He currently serves on the boards of the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Guide Star, and the Transportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance.

Mn/DOT, with approximately 4,400 employees, develops and implements policies, plans and programs for highways, railroads, commercial waterways, aeronautics, public transit and motor carriers in the state. Minnesota has the fifth largest highway system in the United States.

Earlier this month, Mn/DOT announced the state's 2008 construction season that included135 new highway and bridge projects valued at $441 million. Highlights include the completion of major projects originally advanced by the Pawlenty bonding program in 2003. These include the Highway 10 realignment in Detroit Lakes, the Highway 34 reconstruction in Park Rapids, the I-694/I-35E Unweave the Weave reconstruction north of St. Paul and the new Highway 212 project in the southwest Metro. There are also some 20 additional carryover projects begun in previous years like the I-35W/Highway 62 Crosstown reconstruction in the Twin Cities.

More Proof of Global Warming?

Taken just moments ago on my way to one of my work places, Grand Lake near Rockville... This is the latest time of the year that I can remember that the ice hasn't been gone yet.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

You can take out a Soviet,

But you can't take the Soviet out of the man:

A newspaper that defied the Kremlin by reporting that President Vladimir Putin was planning to marry an Olympic gold medal-winning rhythmic gymnast half his age was shut down Saturday.

The closure of Moskovski Korrespondent, whose editor Grigori Nekhoroshev was forced to resign, was a sharp reminder of the perils of invoking Kremlin displeasure.

Entire story here.

Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II dealt a near-mortal blow the Communist power structure in the Former Soviet Union, but by the looks of things, not mortal enough.

The evil that begat communism continues to exist, and will continue to present a struggle for free men for many years to come.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maybe I'll break a leg...

Time for the big show tonight. Wish us luck :-)

Regarding Flash Cards for Immigrants...


Democrats: Biting the Hand that Feeds Them?

Better watch who you call, "Old."

Especially when one of your largest contingencies is made up of "old" people.

“We judge people on their ability, not their age, race or gender. We don’t agree with Chairman Murtha’s assessment any more than we would agree if someone accused the Chairman of being too old to control the federal funding of our armed forces at a time when our nation is at war - certainly no slouch job, either.

This election has thrown out all the traditional stereotypes. Voters don’t seem to care about race, age or gender, but about voting for the candidate that will address health care and financial security issues.”

– Drew Nannis, Spokesperson, AARP

Heh... How does your foot taste, Jihad Jack?

Friday, April 18, 2008

So what would you do if Obama came into your house, little girl?

Why Doesn't This Surprise Me?

Time Magazine cheapens the sacrifices made by WWII vets:

Comparing what amounts to tilting at windmills (literally) to the threat once posed by imperial Japan and Nazi Germany shows a blatant level of ignorance.

But mind you, this is the same magazine that took the jihadists’ word that there was a “massacre” at Haditha, and ran with it.

Then again, could anyone expect any more from the bunch of self-centered liberal ingrates that make up the editorial board at Time?

What hath Murtha Wrought, Part....

Not only did Jihad Jack Murtha's unfounded accusation of the Haditha Marines of "murdering civilians in cold blood" led to the incarceration and cruel treatment of the Pendleton 8, his legacy of lies continues to hamstring our soldiers to this day.

Read about it at Euphoric Reality.

Is this all they freakin' got?

Older than? And that is substantive in what manner? Is that all the lib-tards could come up with to pin on John McCain?

Well, how about if we (rightly) say that has less intelligence than a or a (at least a knows when to keep quiet, and unlike , at least a knows which way to spin); and given the fact that hangs with known terrorists and racists, he probably has less patriotism for America than does .

And while we're at it, we can (rightfully) say that has less ability to tell the truth than (And unlike , at least learned his lesson).

In summary, given the obvious character flaws of the dem candidates for POTUS, I'll take John McCain's age and experience any day, thank you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is your DNA really yours?

The Minnesota House Membership doesn't seem to think so.

From a press release I received:

Minneapolis/Saint Paul – Today, in a shocking decision, the Minnesota House voted unanimously to eliminate the genetic privacy rights of citizens, starting at birth. The legislation will exempt warehousing, use, and analysis of newborn blood and DNA from the informed consent requirements of the 2006 Minnesota Genetic Privacy Law.

Twila Brase, president of Citizens' Council on Health Care, makes the following statements:

"Citizen DNA is citizen property. The government should be required to ask, not allowed to take."

"If this bill becomes law, each year 73,000 newborn citizens will not be protected by the state genetic privacy law. The Department will take their DNA and unless the parents figure it out, the government will keep it.

"Children grow up. Eventually, every citizen will have their DNA owned by state government and available for government to engage in genetic research, experimentation, manipulation, and profiling.

"What good is the state genetic privacy law if government warehousing and analysis of every child's DNA from birth is exempt from its informed consent protections?"

"The Health Department came to the legislature this year to get out from under the March 2007 administrative law judge's ruling that informed parent consent was required by the state genetic privacy law. They appealed the ruling and lost. Now the legislature is going to let them win."

Conference Committee?

The House voted on the Senate bill. If the Senate accepts the minor amendments adopted by the House without a conference committee, the bill could be sent directly to Governor Pawlenty for his signature.

"Whatever happens, by the looks of it, it'll be up to the Governor to protect the genetic privacy of the people," states Brase.

Twila Brase is president of Citizens' Council on Health Care. She can be reached at 651-646-8935 office or 612-619-1889 cell.
There is something fundamentally wrong here. If DNA is no longer legally personal property, and is in effect subject to seizure without due process of law, then what is personal property?

Euphoric Reality Hacked

Was it an adherent of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance? Or was it a JAG cockroach who didn't like the light that was being shone on the case of the Pendleton 8? At any case, a hacker destroyed two years of Kit's posts at Euphoric Reality, in which she had spent countless hours defending brave Marines whose only crime was to follow ROE.
As most of you know, Euphoric Reality ( was hacked last night by someone claiming to be an Islamic hacker based in Jordan. They wiped out two years' of posts, scrubbed my site clean of any mention of the Pendleton 8, destroyed my user database tables, deleted or
altered most of my layout CSS/PHP/HTML files, left anti-military and anti-American BS everywhere, and just generally trashed the place. I spent a few hours last night in contact with my hosting provider, who was helpful but clueless. They passed me on to the abuse department, who has yet to get back to me. I put the layout back up and swept up some of the filth left on the site before finally going to bed.

This morning I awoke to find they had done it again, and this time they took another month of posts. They also added more of their propaganda to the front page of my site.

I am at a loss how to stop them, but am working to find a way. I do believe, based on the site logs and other circumstances at the time, that this was not actually some random Islamo-whacko with a script. The Pendleton 8 case is reaching a fever pitch, and last night I was scheduled to release some of the most shocking documents in the case yet, documents that show not only government incompetence, but outright, knowing and willful misconduct on the part of prosecutors and NCIS agents in the case--with the full knowledge and tacit approval of Congress. All of the factors combine to make a railroad job for seven Marines and a NavyCorpsman.

Some of you have expressed a desire to help by running the P8 story on your
blogs as a mirror. I do appreciate this, and will be sending the series in
zip form for you to post if you are so inclined.

The more people who talk about this and post about it and release the documents, the better off we are. It's harder to silence 10,000 than 3.

I will keep you posted.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1 down, 2 to go!

9:52pm- Bartlett is up, Nathan is pitching... Bartlett hit a hot shot line drive, fielded beautifully, but couldn't get the throw in on time.

Fly Out-- 2 away!!!

Crawford at the plate. 2- strikes.

10:00 Strike THREE--Twins win 6-5.

My perfect record remains, and this live blog is over!


1 out, 1 on, bottom of the 8th... Harris is up. The guy behind me said he doesn't want this to go into extra innings. With over an hour's drive home, I have to agree.

C'mon, Harris--

YAY- Harris hits a bloop infield hitm Young advances to 3rd. Time for the squeeze!

Lamb hits a sac fly, Young scores,Twins lead 6-5!

Nathan comes in for the save in the 9th!

9:31 pm

Ricon is on the mound after Dennis had a good showing... Still tied 5-5 at the bottom of the 8th.


Actually, I don't know why we're smiling... The Rays tied the score 5-5 on yet another home run, and the Twims went 3-up and 3-down in the bottom of the 6th.

I've NEVER gone to a Twins home game when they've lost. I certainly hope tonight won't be a first in that category.


Morneau draws a walk; Morneau & Mauer advance to 2nd & 3rd on a WP... Young is up, Tied game at 3.

Young makes it to first on a throwing error; Morneau and Mauer score to give the Twinkiess a 5-3 lead!!


Mauer smacks a double to drive in a run..Mauer at bat, still in the 5th..


Span is up with a man on 2nd, one out in the 5th...
Now Mauer is up- hopefully he can work some magic.

Twins tied 2-2...

Things are getting interesting again!!


Still in third inning w/ Rays with a runner on first and another in scoring position.

Live-blogging the Twins

This pic was taken with my PDA (which is what I'm live-blogging from), so we're actually much closer to the field than the pic would indicate.. I scored 2 sweet $50 tickets for only $60.. Right now we're in the third inning, and our Twins are down 1-0 despite several run opportunities. This is a whole new crew this year so I'll have to re-familiarize myself with the team.

More to come later....

Oops- the Rays just scored another solo home run... 2-0 now. Rats.

The Real Reason I Go to Twins Games..

So I could live-blog and eat the only Chicago-dog in Minnesota.

Governor Goalie: Time for a REAL SAVE!

Dear Governor,

It has often been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and nothing screams that axiom more loudly than passing legislation for no other good reason than to tell voters, "We did something."

Oftentimes, such rushes to "do something" result in the "cure" being much worse and nefarious than that which it was intended to ameliorate.

Such is the case with HF3391.

Bill sponsors have admitted they have no idea of how much this legislation will cost or how it will be funded. But outside projections have shown that the bill will bankrupt the Health Care Access Fund by 2012.

The bill create new layers of expensive government bureaucracy, allows government to seize control of our private medical information and set the stage for a government takeover of health care in Minnesota.

If you want good health care reform, look the initiative put forth by Colorado state Senator Bob Hagerdorn.

Recently, as you know, Minnesota was ranked the healthiest state in the nation, and I have no doubt that such a ranking is no accident. We have the highest access to health care.


Please veto HF3391.


Leo Pusateri

(Send your own fax to the governor about this train-wreck waiting to happen by clicking here).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Signs of a mis-spent youth?

I actually thought I had a 100% on this...

I scored a Far Out
95% on the
Quiz by SheGoddess: Lose Weight Fast

(h/t Mr. Dilettante)

Et tu, George?

George Bush has drunk the Gore-Aid....

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush, stepping into the debate over global warming, plans to announce on Wednesday a national goal for stopping the growth of greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades.

In a speech in the Rose Garden, Bush will lay out a strategy rather than a specific proposal for curbing emissions, White House press secretary Dana Perino said Tuesday. She did not disclose details of his announcement and would not say whether the president would propose any kind of mandatory cap on greenhouse gas emissions.

The president wants every major economy, including fast-growing nations like China and India, to establish a national goal for cutting the emissions believed responsible for global warming.

Granted that Bush's plan doesn't seem as extreme as Algore's or other enviro-nutters, but what bothers me most in the first place is the perceived need among so-called conservative politicians to even humor the demonstrably false notion that human activities actually have an impact on something as global as climate; all for the purpose of being able to beat your chest at election time and say that you care.

Yet more onerous is the fact that the man-made global warming (MMWG) fairy tale, when translated into public and fiscal policy, it is nothing less than devastating to our economic and strategic well-being. A fairy tale, that when followed to its logical conclusion, inflicts very real yet very-unnecessary suffering and hardship on all of us.

When we are prevented from harvesting our own proven domestic sources of energy for fear of offending the nature-nutters, to the point where not only does the cost of energy skyrocket exponentially, to the point where we are not only beholden to third world thugs to meet our energy needs, but also to the point where the cost of the very food on which we survive becomes less and less affordable, I have a bit more than a problem with that.

And to add insult to injury, we have supposedly conservative folks like our front-runner for president, our governor, and even our mayor wantonly perpetuating the MMWG myth for nothing else than for purposes of political correctness. I spoke with Governor Pawlenty about a month ago regarding his stances on the Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord, and he in effect had the attitude that it "wasn't hurting anybody" and that he would only go along with the initiatives if they don't have a deleterious effect on the economy.

Memo to Pawlenty: It has.

There are those, even in the conservative blogosphere, who say that there is a need for conservative candidates to pay homage to the MMGW gods in order to be elected.

To that, I politely say, "POPPYCOCK!"

The heretofore widespread public belief in the MMGW scam has hit its watermark; and the impending backlash is very apparent to anyone who lives and does business outside the beltway and outside the Capitol grounds in St. Paul. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature and a bleeding wallet to match has seen, is starting to see, or soon will see the ruse; and the first politician to have the presence of mind and the cajones to call this hoax for what it is will rightly go miles in the current and future political landscape.

And just for telling the truth.

Feature that.

Jimmy Carter's No Terrorist Left Behind Tour, 2008

(click for full size)

As he admitted in the now-infamous Playboy interview in the 1970s, Jimmy Carter "lusted in his heart" after women. What Carter failed to relate at the time was his special fetish for two-bit despotic murdering dictators and terrorists. Yes, America's biggest presidential embarrassment, Dhimmi Carter, is on a 3-fer tour, and is once again sucking up to despotic regimes:
If the Maoists do gain a substantial share of power, I hope the United States will recognize and do business with the government," Carter said at a news conference in Katmandu.

Carter described the election as one of the "most profoundly important" of the 70 he has witnessed because it marked the end of a decade of political violence and the probable transformation of Nepal from a Hindu kingdom to a democratic republic.
Maoists... running a democratic republic? (Okay, democrat party, perhaps)

WTF has Dhimmi been smoking???

Note that leading up to the Nepali election, over 13,000 people had been killed as a result of terrorist violence, mostly perpetrated by the Maoists. Now that the Maoists have won, the senile Dhimmi in Chief thinks that all will be wine and roses, and that the good Maoists in Nepal should be struck off the list of known terrorists.

And speaking of other blood-thirsty terrorists, Dhimmi Carter had nothing but hugs and kisses for his Hamas buddies, as well:
JERUSALEM (AP) — Former President Carter angered Israel's government Tuesday by embracing a Hamas politician during a visit to the West Bank, ignoring Israeli and U.S. designation of the Islamic militants as a terror group.
Hugs and kisses for folks who drug up their own and send them into crowded markets to blow up innocent bystanders.. now isn't that special, Dhimmi!

And being on the roll that he is, the senile bastard is calling for Kumbaya with Iran.
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, defending a contentious plan to meet Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, said yesterday that he hoped to become a conduit between the militant group, Washington and even Israel.

Carter also called on the Bush administration to embark on direct talks with the Iranian regime in order to r
esolve the issue of Tehran's nuclear program.

"I can't say that they will be amenable to any suggestions, but at least after I meet with them I can go back and relay what they say, as just a communicator, to the leaders of the United States," he said.
I believe that they've made their intentions quite clear, Dhimmi.

But of course, any enemy of the United States is a friend to our esteemed "Dhimmi-in-Chief," right, Jimmy?


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Monday, April 14, 2008

MN Tax Cut Rally--SUCCESS!

As much as I wanted to, I was unable to attend, as we had a dress rehearsal for our show during that time. I am heartened that thousands of my fellow Minnesotans were able to attend, including Chad "Grizzly" Everson, who took lots of pictures!

Minnesotans are tired of being treated like ATMs, and the democrats who continue to want to rape the Minnesota taxpayer will do so at their own political peril. The democrat near-sweep in 2006 was the result of many conservatives voting by not voting; now that the message is clear that such a strategy can bring disastrous results, a much-different picture is in the offing for November of 2008.

This rally should have sent a clear message to that effect.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More "Hope" from the Obama camp...(UPDATED & Bumped)

More "hope" that people will see him and his campaign for what it is, that is; for it looks like the malady known as BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) is slowly but surely migrating its way to MDS (McCain Derangement Syndrome).

Winged Hussar has a post that points us to a page (now no longer existent) of an Obama blogger (from Obama's site) who thought it would be cute for Sen. John McCain to "pay a deserved visit to the undertaker."

No Runny Eggs caught this screenshot before the post was finally taken down; the page was still up at 8:00am this morning when I visited it.

(click for full size)

I'll let their own words speak for themselves, thank you.

Note that it was first posted on February 20, 2008, and not taken down until today, April 11, 2008.

Note also that the Obama campaign has complete editorial control of what appears or doesn't appear on the blog.

Between this and Jeremiah Wright (not to mention Barack's lovely and gracious wife, Michelle), can't you feel the love just emanating from that "campaign of hope," folks?


Macker has yet another example of an Obama nutter exhorting the Jews to vote for Obama or else!!!

In light of these revelations, I think that the Obama campaign needs a new theme song...

There was an old band in the early 1970s, the New Seekers, who did a Coca Cola Commercial....

~I'd like to fill the world with hope and furnish it with looooove!~

C'mon, Obama supporters--sing along!!!

***UPDATE*** 4/12/08, 11:40am

Yet even more love and hope from the Obama Camp...

“Our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there’s not evidence of that in their daily lives,” he said. “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are going to regenerate and they have not.

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

To enhance your multimedia experience, before playing the video, set the tone with this midi of Can you Feel the Love Tonight"

How much "hope and change" and "bringing the nation together" can one man stand? O Obama--you da man!

"That dere Obama campaign blowed up real good, din'it?"


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