Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A hypocrite by any other name...

You know, writing about Algore nowadays is like going to the Old Country Buffet x 100--there's just so much there that one doesn't know where to start.

But here's as good a point as any:

Are We Lumberjacks gores Gore as good as anyone I've seen.. Just the banner itself is a hoot!


Well, maybe his dog still likes him...

Murtha's plan to slow-bleed the troops in his never-ending quest to claim defeat in Iraq has met with a quick death. Even Nancy Pelosi was able to see her own political fortunes eroding in the tea leaves:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., meanwhile, said she doesn't support tying war funding to strict training and readiness targets for U.S. troops.

The comments distanced her from Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., who has said he wants to use Congress' spending power to force a change in policy in Iraq, by setting strict conditions on war funding.

Pelosi said she supports holding the administration to training and readiness targets, but added: "I don't see them as conditions to our funding. Let me be very clear: Congress will fund our troops."

Asked whether the standards should be tied to a $100 billion supplemental war spending measure — as Murtha has proposed — Pelosi demurred, saying it was up to the panel that drafts funding bills.

Remember, Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha, to use the words of Forrest Gump, were like "peas and carrots." After all, Jihad Jack was Nancy's pick to be second in command. Pelosi has been with Murtha all the way in his efforts to sabotage our war effort and in doing so destroy the Bush legacy. But then Murtha's big fat mouth (yes, perhaps even bigger than his "big fat backside") engaged, spilling the beans as to what was the real motivation behind his 'slow-bleed' plan:
Chairman Murtha will describe his strategy for not only limiting the deployment of troops to Iraq but undermining other aspects of the president’s foreign and national security policy. Chairman Murtha discusses these steps in a videotaped conversation with former Congressman Tom Andrews (D-ME), the National Director of the Win Without War coalition, sponsor of
Join us here tomorrow for this exclusive interview.
(Heh--Chairman Murtha-- did anyone else get the double entendre?)

Well... I guess loyalty is a relative thing in politics.

But like I said, perhaps Jihad Jack's dog still likes him.

Then again, maybe not.


An abuse of power?

Jean Francois Kerrie (did I mention that he served in Vietnam?) used his elected office as a vehicle for revenge during the confirmation hearing held today for Sam Fox, who was nominated as ambassador to Belgium:
WASHINGTON — A Senate hearing that began with glowing tributes to a St. Louis businessman and his qualifications to become ambassador to Belgium turned bitterly divisive Tuesday after he was criticized for supporting a controversial conservative group (GASP!!--ed)

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., grilled nominee Sam Fox about why he donated $50,000 to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 presidential race. The group of Vietnam veterans made unsubstantiated allegations against Kerry — then the Democratic presidential nominee — and charged that Kerry did not deserve the medals he won in the Vietnam War.

"Might I ask you what your opinion is with respect to the state of American politics as regards the politics of personal destruction?" Kerry asked near the end of the hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Does anyone else beside me take note of the absolute nerve and gall of this elitist dolt?? Kerry calling someone out on the "politics of personal destruction" smacks of so much hypocrisy, given that he has been hellbent on engaging in not only the politics of personal destruction in his rhetoric against President Bush (on foreign soil, no less) but also in engaging in the politics of "national destruction" with his (and his fellow travellers') endless attempts to sabotage our war effort.

Given that, calling someone out for practicing "the politics of personal destruction" smacks of sanctimony, to say the least. But using an official function of your elected office to exact personal revenge is nothing less than a shameful abuse of power.

But then again, John Kerry never did have any shame, did he?


Wednesday Hero Blogburst--2/28/2007

This Weeks Soldier Was Requested By Echo9er

Sgt. Maj. Brent Jurgersen
Sgt. Maj. Brent "The Rock" Jurgersen
Headquarters Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th U.S. Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division

Active Duty

Not even two near-death encounters deterred Sgt. Maj. Brent Jurgerson's passion and eagerness to serve his country and lead his troops back home.

Jurgersen celebrated his second "alive day" anniversary January 26, 2007. It was a day of mixed emotions for him because on that same day two years ago he was given a second chance to live. It was a day that changed his life forever. While on patrol in Ad Dyuliah, Iraq, two rocket-propelled grenades struck his Humvee. The explosion killed his gunner and left Jurgersen fighting for his life, flat-lining twice on the operating table in Balad.

Afterwards, during a promotion ceremony in August of 2006, Jurgersen was selected for a command sergeant major appointment. Becoming the first full limb amputee student to attend the academy.

You can read the rest of Sgt. Maj. Jurgersen's story here.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by going here.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shanghai belches... world reacts.

Shift happens?

The "butterfly effect" was in no truer form than today on Wall Street:

First, Cheney almost buys it,

Then this...

Fasten your seatbelts, kids... it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Looks like today was neck-deep in the Chinese Curse.


Shift happens?

Before you go to bed tonight, get a cup of hot chocolate, sit down, and view this:

Oh yes... and sleep well.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Damned if you do?

From a brochure I received from Xcel Energy:
"Xcel Energy is also requesting a new rate adjustment for residential customers called a "revenue decoupling mechanism." If approved, "decoupling" will keep Xcel Energy's earnings stable. Xcel Energy believes its sales revenue is decreasing because of lower natural gas use per residential customer. Xcel Energy believes the decrease is due to changes in the cost of natural gas, the use of energy efficient appliances, improvements in new housing construction, and increases in the number of multi-unit housing arrangements. If it's "decoupling" proposal is approved, Xcel Energy will adjust its rates up or down each year to make up for any shortfall or excess in sales revenue that is not due to the weather."(latter emphases mine)
Okay--let me get this straight. For years now, Xcel energy has been harping on its customers to buy more energy efficient appliances, better insulate our homes, turn down thermostats, all in the name of not only saving energy, but of saving money. So we buy their line. We buy more efficient appliances. We insulate our homes and buy expensive energy-efficient windows. We do a helluva job conserving energy to the point where their natural gas sales are down, and their revenue is decreased. So they're going to reward their customers for helping them, by inflating the rates that they charge for using less gas?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if demand for a product goes down, shouldn't prices go down along with demand? Not only that, but if they're selling and producing less product, wouldn't their overhead to extract and transport same decrease, as well? One would think that the next step in the progression would be to lay off workers that aren't needed due to the decrease in demand.

I don't know--perhaps a greater economic mind than mine needs to look into this.

Update: The greater mind did.

Thanks, King.


Cold Spring Shops has more.

***UPDATE 8/21/07****

Welcome, Utility, Automation and Engineering T & D readers. Click here for the main page, and have a look around :-)

On using the exception to re-define the rule...

A favorite leftist propaganda tactic is to hunt for exceptions, and then parade the exception around as representative of the majority or at least of a critical mass of thought. For example, implying that the whacked-out views of Cindy Sheehan represent a significant portion of Gold Star Parents; or that the outrageously whacked out Jack Murtha is representative of the opinions of a significant number of military officers.

Here's another case in point. The wonderfully "unbiased" staff of 60-minutes, that bastion of non-partisan, fair and balanced yellow journalism propaganda, has searched high and low and have managed to find some soldiers who oppose our war effort. And of course they proceeded to parade them in front of cameras in a manner to suggest that they represent the thoughts of a significant portion of soldiers.

I have no doubt that there are some soldiers who oppose our efforts in Iraq. But 60 minutes described this group of soldiers as a "large group," based on registration numbers at Appeal for Redress.

When I visited the site, there were a total of 1,436 "soldiers" that had signed the petition.

To see how easy it was for any joe schmoe to sign up, I signed up under a pseudonym; afterward, the count went up to 1,437.

IOW, there is absolutely no fact-checking mechanism to ascertain whether people who sign the petition are indeed active-duty military, or had ever even been in the military!

Secondly, even if every signatory was legit, to say that 1,436 soldiers is a "large group" or even relevant when compared to the current 1.5 million active duty military is a stretch of monumental proportions!

Additionally, seeing as how the organization behind Appeal for Redress is connected with and are fellow travellers with openly far-left, socialist forces as Mother Jones, Common Dreams, United for Peace and Justice, etc., it is not at all surprising that CBS was able to find a few fellow travellers in the bunch who were active military. Although one of the soldiers in the interview appeared to take great pains to state that he was not a liberal, the connection between Appeal for Redress and far left organizations is unmistakable.

It is the height of propagandist spin for what is supposed to be a news organization to say that this group is "large," either in relative or even absolute terms. Yet using the "exception to re-define the rule" technique, CBS News was attempting to do just that.

The fact that it is possible for virtually anyone to join their ranks, regardless of military status, and be still be unquestionably counted as active military makes the size of this group even more suspect.

And the fact that an organization with the level of resources of CBS news didn't bother to take the time to check this out speaks further volumes as to their level of journalistic integrity.

Or lack, thereof.


More on the "astroturf" origins of "Appeal for Redress" here.

Blogs--doing the work the MSM refuses to do.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

As Murtha (and Pelosi) fiddle...will Iraq burn?

As the Washington Post wrote:
Mr. Murtha's cynicism is matched by an alarming ignorance about conditions in Iraq. He continues to insist that Iraq "would be more stable with us out of there," in spite of the consensus of U.S. intelligence agencies that early withdrawal would produce "massive civilian casualties." He says he wants to force the administration to "bulldoze" the Abu Ghraib prison, even though it was emptied of prisoners and turned over to the Iraqi government last year. He wants to "get our troops out of the Green Zone" because "they are living in Saddam Hussein's palace"; could he be unaware that the zone's primary occupants are the Iraqi government and the U.S. Embassy?
Murtha may have had an honorable career in the military, but in much the same way that Mario Andretti may have driven an Indy car 30 years ago doesn't make him qualified to do so today, the fact that Murtha was in the military years ago doesn't necessarily translate to expertise in today's conflicts; nor is it, unfortunately, a guarantee of his patriotism. As Mark pointed out, and as the header of this blog has indicated since its inception, Benedict Arnold was a decorated soldier before he committed treason.

As a favorite Bible passage of mine points out, "By their fruits shall ye know them." The fruits of Mr. Murtha's labors are more than indicative of gross incompetence, senility, outright treachery, or a combination thereof. At any rate, he has proven himself grossly incompetent and/or even downright dangerous given the position of importance that he holds.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drive like a Kennedy!

Match your impaired driving skills with ol' Ted and his pill-popping son with this great test of skill!

Wow your friends!

Click here to play.

(btw, I scored 20,080)

MN S.D. 15 Townhall Meeting Notes..

Yes, I braved the snowstorm of doom to venture out to the Townhall meeting in St. Cloud today, featuring our local representatives, MN state senator Tarryl Clark, 15B representative Larry Haws, and 15a representative Steve Gottwalt.

Nothing much of note to report of; but a few curiosities to pass along...

First let me say that if Circumlocution were an Olympic event, Tarryl Clark would take Gold.

An issue came up when representatives of the Stearns-Benton Workforce Council asked to have $10,000,000 taxpayer dollars restored to their funding; saying that they had a grant of $5,000,000 last year, but were denied the extra $5,000,000 due to MN Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoing taking out that money from the General Fund.

I suppose their line of thinking was that due to the new dem majority in the house, it may be easier to eack out the money. Tarryl Clark & Larry Haws, both democrats, supported the notion; but Steve Gottwalt came up with a different idea. Specifically, Gottwalt proposed an idea of a public-private partnership for SBWC, in which a matching government grant could be coupled with privately-raised money to fund the program. Gottwalt reasoned that getting businesses involved would be a perfect way to get stakeholders in the program (after all, the purpose of SBWC is to ready people for the workforce). The business leaders that were there were also very receptive to Gottwalt's ideas. After briefly touching on the subject in the vein of "yeah, nice idea, let's move on," Tarryl Clark attempted to change the subject. But I was not willing to let it rest. I reiterated Gottwalt's idea of the public/private partnership option, and asked her if the Minnesota DFL was receptive to such an option. After disingenuously dismissing the idea as beyond partisanship, suffice it to say, Clark gave a ten-minute spiel that was so devoid of substance that it would give helium a run for its money.

Word has it that Clark is grooming herself to run against 6th District U.S. congresswoman Michele Bachmann. You can bet that this blog you're reading, as well as this blog will stand ready to hold her feet to the fire.


And their point is???

As readers of this blog know, I'm certainly no fan of Mitt Romney. But what the hell does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- While Mitt Romney condemns polygamy and its prior practice by his Mormon church, the Republican presidential candidate's great-grandfather had five wives and at least one of his great-great grandfathers had 12.

Polygamy was not just a historical footnote, but a prominent element in the family tree of the former Massachusetts governor now seeking to become the first Mormon president.

So Romney's going to be held accountable for the actions of his great- and great-great grandfathers? What do they think he's going to do, make a royal decree that will make polygamy legal again?

If you're going to run a hit piece on a Presidential candidate, at least have the intellectual integrity to center it around the issues, not around ancient tabloid trivialities that have absolutely no bearing on a candidate's qualifications.

Hey MSM-- get a life and get back to doing your job, okay?


Are you sure you want this for 4-8 years?

Click on the picture below to hear Shrillary in all her ungodly glory:

Then check out ChicagoRay for more reasons why electing the Hildabeest to the highest office in the Free World would be so wrong, on so many levels.


Friday, February 23, 2007

A necrophiliac in black robes?

Can someone please administer a liter of thorazine, and be done with him?

Did you hear that?

To reiterate, Seidlin said,
"This body belongs to me now...It's cold but it won't decompose so fast..."

That baby is on a cold, cold, storage room. It's not decaying so fast. I can go over there now and look at' I can go back there in a month and still look at it.
Err... Judge Seidlin.. you'd know better than I, but aren't there criminal penalties for that?

This weirdo doesn't belong in judicial robes-- he belongs in a straitjacket.

Oh, and while they're at it, they just may want to take some extra DNA samples from Nicole Smith's private parts, if you know what I mean.

He seemed pretty personally involved...

Could that be the reason for his breakdown?


Like a proud parent of a delinquent child...

Murtha Honored As Friend Of Labor

POSTED: 1:36 pm EST February 23, 2007
UPDATED: 1:43 pm EST February 23, 2007
Johnstown's Central Labor Council and the AFL-CIO honored veteran 12th District Rep. John Murtha.Murtha was honored as a "true friend of labor."He was cited as one of the co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would make it easier for workers to unionize by giving companies less control over the union election process.The meeting was one of four held across Pennsylvania thanking members of Congress who are co-sponsors of the act....
Murtha may be a true friend of labor; but with regard to American soldiers and Marines, well-- with a friend like Murtha, who needs enemies?
Mr. Murtha has a different idea. He would stop the surge by crudely hamstringing the ability of military commanders to deploy troops. In an interview carried Thursday by the Web site, Mr. Murtha said he would attach language to a war funding bill that would prohibit the redeployment of units that have been at home for less than a year, stop the extension of tours beyond 12 months, and prohibit units from shipping out if they do not train with all of their equipment. His aim, he made clear, is not to improve readiness but to "stop the surge." So why not straightforwardly strip the money out of the appropriations bill -- an action Congress is clearly empowered to take -- rather than try to micromanage the Army in a way that may be unconstitutional? Because, Mr. Murtha said, it will deflect accusations that he is trying to do what he is trying to do. "What we are saying will be very hard to find fault with," he said.

Mr. Murtha's cynicism is matched by an alarming ignorance about conditions in Iraq. He continues to insist that Iraq "would be more stable with us out of there," in spite of the consensus of U.S. intelligence agencies that early withdrawal would produce "massive civilian casualties." He says he wants to force the administration to "bulldoze" the Abu Ghraib prison, even though it was emptied of prisoners and turned over to the Iraqi government last year. He wants to "get our troops out of the Green Zone" because "they are living in Saddam Hussein's palace"; could he be unaware that the zone's primary occupants are the Iraqi government and the U.S. Embassy?

If the Washington Post (no conservative rag by any stretch of the imagination) has the balls to call Murtha for what he is, would it not also be incumbent on Murtha's hometown newspaper to present this side of Murtha to those who saw fit to send him to Washington for another term?

Or would that be a bit too demanding of their "journalistic integrity" to do that to their delinquent, albeit favorite son?



I erroneously attributed the original story to the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

In reality, it was a story from WJAC-TV in Johnstown.

I apologize for the error.

Will somebody bitch-slap them already?

The Democrat terrorist-cheering squad is at it again. They will stop at absolutely nothing to ensure failure in Iraq, including pulling a John Kerry to have allowed themselves an opportunity to vote for the war before they vote against it.
Democrats seek to limit Iraq mission

David Espo

WASHINGTON (AP) - Even before they cast symbolic votes against the Iraq war, newly empowered congressional Democrats are clamoring for a chance to limit and eventually end U.S. involvement (READ: SURRENDER) in a conflict that has killed more than 3,000 troops.
Three thousand troops that will die and vain, and countless thousands of others who want to finish their job, but won't because of a bunch of lilly-livered pansy-ass congressmen who "support the troops" while at the same time try to figure out endless new ways to cut them off at the knees.

'Will I vote for a nonbinding resolution? Yes, but it's insufficient,' says first-term Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, author of one of more than a dozen competing proposals that would impose a deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.
They're actually having a contest on who will be able to declare surrender first!

Sestak spoke in an interview just off the House floor, which will serve as a nationally televised stage this week for a marathon debate over Bush's war policy.
A nationally televised stage for them to bloviate and to score political points on the corpses of dead soldiers, and on the backs of those who remain in mortal danger, fighting to prevail over the enemy.

They. Have. No. Shame.


Did someone say, "Out of touch"?

Welcome to life in moonbat land:

“Most people, when they go to the pump cringe when they see the price of gas has gone up,” Lisa Workman, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce said. “I think people do care (about the price of gas) and they’re very sensitive to it. Whatever the price is, they have to pay it — you need gas to get to work. If you’re spending more on gas, it affects where you spend your money in other places. It’s going to cost more to get the groceries to the store, it really does touch everything.”

“It takes away disposable income for other parts of commerce,” Economic Improvement Commission Harold Stanislawski said. “That’s most troubling for those families who can least afford it. There’s only so much money to go around.”

Actually, I'm not talking about Lisa Workman, nor of Harold Stanislawski. They are in touch. No, dear readers, I'm talking about the likes of Jim Oberstar:
U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minnesota, warned lawmakers Tuesday that Minnesota risks losing $4.3 billion federal highway dollars if it doesn’t come up with matching funds; highway and bridge projects eligible for federal funding require at least a 20 percent state match. He urged state legislators to boost the gas tax, a move not made in Minnesota since 1988.
Oh.. and did I mention Dan Skougen:
“I think Oberstar is right on the money,” Dist. 10 Sen. Dan Skogen, DFL-Hewitt, said. “There’s more than $4 billion dollars on the table that will go to other states’ road projects if we don’t come up with matching funds. I think the climate is right.”
According to Hewitt, Minnesota's best and brightest, it would appear that the climate is right. After all,
“If we send the governor a clean request at 5 to 7 cents, I think he will support that,” Skogen said. “Prices at the pump have gone up in the last two weeks and no one seems to notice.”
WRONG, moonbat breath. Taxpayers do and will notice, asswipe.

Especially when the state's taxpayers are currently overtaxed to the tune of literally billions. Hell. It's been well-documented that the federal and state governments make even more than the oil companies on the sale of gasoline... and they don't lift a finger to produce it!

And these bozos think it's alright to raise taxes even more?

These dingbats couldn't be more out of touch if the Minnesota taxpayer was a piƱata and they were swinging blindfolded from San Francisco.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A world without America?

A manifesto, of sorts...

My sentiments, exactly.

Give 'em hell, Andy!


Regarding Romney in '08

Right now this is preliminary, but my spidey senses are tingling...

I don't trust Romney as far as I would be able to throw him...

He's flip-flopped on key issues. Like Bill Clinton in Republican drag (without the womanizing), Mitt Romney strikes me as a focus group candidate pandering to the right, cause that's what you got to do to get the nomination.

At least with Giuliani, you know where he stands, and you can deal with it.

Romney, on the other hand, to quote Forrest Gump, is like a box of chocolates.

You just don't know what you're gonna get.

More on Romney here.

I think my spidey senses were right.


Wednesday's Hero Blog Burst, 2/21/2007

Sorry this is a day late... I accidentally deleted all of my email, including this post...

Staff Sgt. Kara Opperman
332nd Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron

Staff Sgt. Kara Opperman performs a quality control check Feb. 13 on fuel coming out of a fill stand at Balad Air Base, Iraq. Sergeant Opperman ensures the fuel is safe and meets Air Force specifications before it is used for aircraft and equipment.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by going here.

Jack Murtha: The Britney Spears of Congress?

There's definitely a case to be made.

Check out the details here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like a good neighbor...The UPI is there.

Even At a time when Mookie Al Sadr has blown town for friendlier environs in advance of "The Surge," the good folks at the UPI have not given up hope of a terrorist comeback, even to the point of giving our "terrorist friends" some advice:

Insurgents have winning options: warning

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- U.S. opponents in Iraq have credible options to defeat the new surge strategy, an expert said Wednesday.

Sunni insurgents and their allies could "stretch U.S. and ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) forces to their limit to cover all of the greater Baghdad area," Anthony H. Cordesman, who holds the Arleigh A. Burtke in strategy, wrote in an analysis published Wednesday.

This could push U.S. troops and their allies "to cover more and more area, and either to drain other areas of U.S. and Iraqi forces or force the U.S. (forces) and ISF be too thin on the ground to cover the entire city. They (could then) strike where U.S. and Iraqi forces are weakest. The United States can win in seven out of 10 districts in Baghdad and still lose," Cordesman wrote.

Alternately, "The insurgents and/or militias (could) appear to stand down or disperse, but carry out high-profile attacks that avoid military and security targets and focus on aid efforts, key civilians, and religious shrines and figures," Cordesman wrote.

So fear not, terrorists. Rest easy in the fact that you have friends like the UPI, along with so many other democrats and willing media dhimmis, to lend you a helping hand.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What statesmanship is...Part II

On missing your own anniversary...

Yeah, I know... My 2nd blogiversary was yesterday, and I completely missed it...

Well to quote a famous guy..."It wasn't my fault. Honest. I ran out of gas. I got a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out-of-town. Someone stole my car. There was an earth quake. A terrible flood. Locust. It wasn't my fault, I swearrrrr ... ."

Actually, I was out of town.

And I was in Chicago.

Seriously, thanks to all who take a minute or two from their busy day to read my screeds--it is truly appreciated!


Hagel supports "slow bleed" for our troops...

Good ol RINO "Chuckie Doll" Hagel, in his never-ending quest to be a defeatist democrat, has once again laid out his hand for all to see:

Senator Chuck Hagel says he will consider supporting a proposal by a House Democrat intended to make certain that American troops are properly trained and equipped before being deployed to iraq.

Hagel commented Sunday during his latest appearance on Meet the Press.

Host Tim Russert asked the Nebraska Republican:

‘Senator Hagel, will you support Congressman Murtha’s approach that says no one can spend more than a year in Iraq, and they’re not going there without the proper training and equipment, which in effect—in Murtha’s words—would stop the surge?”

Ultimately, Hagel indicated he might support Murtha’s idea.

Hagel: “Well, first, I think Congressman Murtha makes some very valid points. Many of the points that he makes in what I assume, as you note, he is going to propose, were the result of questions that some of us asked four years ago. For example, the tempo of troops. How can you continue to have that kind of rotation schedule? Not many people listen. Now, when the House passes whatever they’re going to pass, it will come over to the Senate, as you note; we’ll take a look at it, and we’ll have that debate. That debate will be forced on us. We need to have that debate.”

“This debate, partly, is not about supporting the troops there. Now, of course we’re going to support the troops. There isn’t anybody in the House or Senate that would vote otherwise. What this debate is about right now is a continuation and an escalation of American military involvement in Iraq, putting young men and women in the middle of a sectarian, an intra-sectarian civil war. That’s what this debate is really about. So, yes, I’m going to look very carefully at Congressman Murtha’s points. And again, when you...”

Russert: And you may be open to them?

Hagel: “And I’d be open to it.

Not mentioned in the article, of course, is the fact that this latest Murtha plan is nothing but a not-so-thinly veiled mantlepiece of Murtha's "slow bleed" plan, that will stifle funding for troops in the field, and thus choke off the effectiveness of Bush's plan for reinforcements to quell sectarian violence in Baghdad.

To call it anything else is nothing less than disingenuous tripe. The fact that Hagel is willing to buy into it speaks volumes not only of his complete naievite, but his lack of standing as a person of presidential timbre.

History will judge Hagel by relegating him to the "Hall of Shame" shared by such stalwarts as Jack Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, Millard Fillmore, and Neville Chamberlain (along with Norm Coleman and a few other RINOs, for that matter).


The gift keeps on giving..

Not only has Al Franken's announcement to run for U.S. Senate given Minnesota bloggers copious amounts of material for the next two years, it has also given creative-minded entrepreneurs a chance to make copious amounts of money.

What Statesmanship is all about... (and what it isn't)

Check out the video on Eric Cantor's web page (click on "Historic Debate"). There you will see shining examples of statesmanship, untainted by the politically expedient caterwalling to which we have become so accustomed as of late.

There has been opposition voiced to our efforts in Iraq based on the notion that our troops have been fighting a politically-correct war, with both hands tied behind their backs. This has, in their view, led to unnecessary American casualties, and a war drawn out far longer than it would otherwise have been. At the same time, these people have not thought about capitulation, surrender, cut and run, and/or "redeployment;" rather, their point is that we haven't gone far enough to achieve victory in the most efficient manner possible. There are, of course arguments to be made on their behalf.

But, to the democrats and willing RINOs--the Murthas, the Pelosis, the Kerrys, (and yes, the Hagels)-- opposition to our efforts in Iraq has never been, nor is now, about "supporting the troops" nor of the successful completion of their mission.

Rather, it has, and has always been about a Machiavellian quest to obtain and to maintain power, no matter the cost, no matter who or what is jeopardized in the process; even to the extent of throwing the security of their own nation under the bus to achieve their nefarious political ends.

Some have been afraid to say it, but I'll say it unabashedly and scream it from the rooftops:

The "antiwar" democrats (and their willing RINO accomplices), who offer capitulation as the only alternative, are TRAITORS, in the most pejorative sense of the word.

They deserve no quarter, and deserve to be called out for who they are.

It's about time that the light of truth is shown upon these cockroaches for all the world to see.

Take Britt Hume, for instance:
That sound bite from John Murtha suggests that it’s time a few things be said about him. Even the “Washington Post” noted he didn’t seem particularly well informed about what’s going on over there, to say the least. Look, this man has tremendous cachet among House Democrats, but he is not — this guy is long past the day when he had anything but the foggiest awareness of what the heck is going on in the world.
And that sound bite is naivete writ large, and the man is an absolute fountain of such talk, and the fact that he has ascended to the position he has in the eyes of the Democrats in the House and perhaps Democrats around the country tells you a lot about how much they know or care about what’s really going on over there.
Amen, Britt.

h/t Newsbusters


Regarding not posting...

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What hath Murtha Wrought?

John Murtha: NO WORSE ENEMY!
Justin Sharratt - My Son
by Darryl Sharratt

I am the father of L/Cpl Justin Sharratt. On August16th, 2003 the dreams of a little boy became reality. My son Justin enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after high school graduation. Since the age of six, Justin dreamed of a military career. The combat boots, camouflage fatigues and helmet he wore as a child would soon become his uniform of the day as a United States Marine. To serve and protect the United States of America from all enemies both domestic and foreign; a duty he did not take lightly.

Justin’s first combat tour of duty was the city of Fallujah, Iraq. It was here, in the heat of the Iraqi desert, a boy became a man. Sharratt, Stone, Mitchell, Stevens and Wolf soon became ‘brothers by different mothers.’ In a battle known as “Hell House” they fought toe to toe with Iraqi insurgents bent on the destruction of U. S. Marines. They formed a bond forged in the furnace of combat; a bond that will last a lifetime. Semper Fidelis.

Upon his return from Iraq Justin joined us while on leave. He was transformed into the man all fathers dream and hope they will be. While on leave, Justin broke his ankle and was put on medical leave. It was at this time I realized what it meant to him to be an infantry rifleman, a grunt. He stared me in the eyes and said “Dad, all I want to do is get my ankle healed. I have to return to Iraq with 3-1 Kilo Company. The guys are counting on me to cover their six and I will never let them down.” Discussion ended—my son the warrior.

The city of Haditha, Iraq was the destination of 3-1 Kilo Company on Justin’s second deployment. Known to be a hot bed of Iraqi insurgency, the Marines of 3-1 Kilo Company could only envision what to expect. Seasoned from their tour in Fallujah, most of the Marines were on their second Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment, many their third. They were experienced combat veterans, drilled on the Rules of Engagement yet sensitive to their alien environment and the Iraqi populace.

On November 19, 2005, a convoy of four Marine humvees was ambushed on a city street in Haditha. A massive IED explosion ripped the fourth humvee in the column apart. One Marine was killed and two were seriously wounded. 3rd platoon, 3-1 Kilo Company, my son’s unit, was now in a firefight for their lives. There was no time for rage or revenge. Justin needed to apply his Marine Corps training and experience to preserve the lives of his fellow Marines. All the Marines in 3rd platoon responded in like manner- to preserve the lives of fellow Marines. Reinforcements were called in and an ambulance was needed to attend the wounded. Marines were positioned to defend their precarious position and a comm link was established to FOB Sparta. All done in the best of Marine Corps tradition and training while taking enemy fire.

In the aftermath of this engagement, 24 Iraqis were killed. A U.S. Congressman has called these Marines murderers. Time magazine has enlisted the propaganda of foreign journalists to sell its political agenda. Iraqi civilians have been schooled in making false statements. An Iraqi girl missed a day of school because she was afraid the bomb blast would injure her. Interesting reading, but I truly believe the American people can see through this barrage of media conjecture. I ask you not to prejudge my son, not to prejudge these Marines. They have served this country with honor, truth and diligence. I say unto you. the Few, the Proud, the Marines………..

War is a tragic thing. The enemy we are fighting has had centuries to prepare. They wear no uniforms, fight by no Rules of Engagement or follow the Geneva Convention. Using civilians as human shields is a common practice and their hatred for non-Islamic cultures is endemic.

The United States government has taken 12 months and spent millions of dollars and countless man-hours investigating the Haditha engagement. On December 21st, 2006, four NCOs and four officers were charged with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. My son, LCpl Justin Sharratt faces three counts of unpremeditated murder. This is not the forum to discuss these charges but my son stands strong in the fact he followed the Rules of Engagement, protected his fellow Marines and did nothing wrong. All of these men are innocent of these charges. In the aftermath of 9-11, these men have risen to honorably serve their country. Some have given a lifetime of dedicated service, others were just beginning. They have demonstrated to the world there is “No better friend, No worse enemy” than a U.S. Marine.

For now, the handshakes will be tighter, the hugs will be longer and the tears sliding down my face are not a sign of weakness- they affirm a father’s love for his Marine son.

Darryl Sharratt Canonsburg, Pa.
Never forget. Always remember.

h/t United Conservatives of Virginia

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Democrats: A "slow bleed" for our troops...

How do you sabotage a war effort for political gain, but keep your hands clean at the same time?

Ask Jack Murtha.

Top House Democrats, working in concert with anti-war groups, have decided against using congressional power to force a quick end to U.S. involvement in Iraq, and instead will pursue a slow-bleed strategy designed to gradually limit the administration’s options.

Led by Rep. John P. Murtha, D-Pa., and supported by several well-funded anti-war groups, the coalition’s goal is to limit or sharply reduce the number of U.S. troops available for the Iraq conflict, rather than to openly cut off funding for the war itself.

You see, this way they can bleed our troops and have the conditions under which they fight deteriorate gradually, with no one being the wiser.

And then blame it on Bush.

I don't want to hear one more fucking word how the dems "support" our troops.

Not. One. More. Fucking. Word.

Traitorous blood-sucking bastards.

I hope they rot in hell.

(h/t And Rightly So; also see My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy)


Christmas in February!!!

For conservative bloggers in Minnesota, that is...

For we have been given a gift that will keep on giving, at least through November, 2008!

To say that this will be fun would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Oh no, this will not only be fun. This will be a full-fledged laugh riot~!

Of course, the agenda media is already fawning:
Franken's announcement came on the final day of his radio show on Air America. The former "Saturday Night Live" performer's celebrity instantly makes him a heavyweight contender and brings national attention to the Minnesota race.
...A heavyweight contender???

Heh... some heavyweight.

Thank you, Al Franken--THANK YOU!!!


Obama, on "wasted" American lives...

Err... speaking of wasted...

Yep... full-court-press damage control by the MSM here, here, here, and here...

BTW--my response to Obama.


Wednesday Hero Blogburst 2-14-2007

Capt. Lyle L. Gordon
Ellicia Stanley & her husband SPC Reid Stanley

I received and email from Wednesday Hero Blogroll member Mary Ann in which she suggested that I profile the spouse of a soldier. Seeing as I'd profiled one such spouse in the past, I though this was the perfect opportunity to do it again. I hadn't read the entire letter before I said yes, but after reading it I'm glad she sent it to me.

I think military families, especially the spouses, while they sign no contract, serve our country just as much as the service member. They give up familiar home ties and relocate all over the country, all over the world. They give up their civilian lives for something bigger than themselves. Ellicia was a military wife for only two and a half years. Before they married, but after 9/11, Reid came to her and told her of his desire to enlist. He wanted to do his part. He tells part of the story in his blog post

She encouraged him, pushing him so he could meet his goal of serving his country. He did and took his oath in October 2002. By the time they were married in July 2004, Reid was already stationed in Germany. It was 3 months before she could join him there. In a move that, for someone who'd seldom left her hometown in South Carolina, must have come as quite an adjustment. But she did it, as do so many other military wives.

Then came deployment to Afghanistan in May 2005. They spent their first anniversary apart. Reid writes about that anniversary in this post

It was in the sixth month of deployment when Ellicia received the news — she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Devastating. However, in an email to me on the day she received her diagnosis, the phrase she used was, "not stellar news". Understated, calm, steady, no hysteria, it was another challenge to face.

I came to admire her because, I too, had been away from home, (not to a foreign country), with a one small child (not three), and my husband traveling (not in a war zone). Knowing what my experience had been like, I was amazed at how she took it all in stride. Even when faced with a
terminal diagnosis, she faced it all with grace, dignity and humor. All the while supporting her husband, the mission and the country.

Reid was given compassionate leave back to Germany in November 2005. For the next thirteen months they fought their own personal war with cancer…breast, lung…and finally eleven tumors in her brain.

In November 2006 the Stanley's took compassionate reassignment back to the U.S. to Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

On 31 December 2006, Ellicia lost her battle. But her spirit lives on in her husband, her children, and the many people she inspired with her courage.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by clicking here.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Murtha "joins chorus"-- sings horribly.

It appears that the senile old seditious coot John Murtha is mad at Australian P.M. John Howard for being more of an American than he is.

US veteran joins chorus of outrage at Howard

Michael Gawenda Herald Correspondent in Washington
February 14, 2007

THE leading critic of the Iraq war in the US House of Representatives has demanded that John Howard stay out of US domestic politics.

He defended the presidential contender Barack Obama's suggestion that if Mr Howard was keen on the war, he should send more Australian troops to Iraq.

John Murtha, a decorated Marine veteran who is close to military commanders (I still want to see the list of military commanders that Murtha is "close to"--ed), and who galvanised leading Democrats into demanding a phased withdrawal from Iraq, said he appreciated that Australia had been a good ally, but that it was US soldiers whose lives were being sacrificed in Iraq and US taxpayers who were paying for the war.

Murtha to Howard (much as a wife beater to a neighbor who has called him on it): "Hey--I'm doing a good job of betraying my own country and selling out its soldiers, thank you! I don't need no stinkin' Aussie to wreck my buzz!"

Question: If Murtha is so concerned about the money we're spending and about our soldiers, why is he so hell-bent on our defeat and on undermining their mission at every turn?

It is precisely because Australia has been such a staunch ally in the GWOT that Murtha has his fatboy panties in a wad.

What's the matter, Jihad Jack-- does the truth that Prime Minister Howard Speaks hit a little too close to home?

Murtha not only has "joined the chorus" of America-haters and seditionists who advocate for our defeat for political gain;

Hell--he's the fucking conductor.

Minnesota Amber Alert!!

Amber Alert Issued for 14 Year Old Minnesota Girl
Posted: Monday February 12, 2007: 11:46 PM CST

The Minnesota Crime Alert Network issued an AMBER Alert Monday night for a 14-year-old girl who is believed to have been abducted by her non custodial father, a convicted sex offender.

Deidre Jeanne Michuda mixed Asian and white, 5-foot-2 and 110 pounds with brown eyes and dark brown hair that reaches to the middle of her back. She's 14 years of age.

She was taken after school and is believed to be with her father, 34-year-old Stephen Michael Michuda of Inver Grove Heights. Police said Michuda took his daughter after school today, even though he has a prior conviction for a sex offense and a court order prohibits him from having unsupervised contact. Police say he packed his personal belongings and left with his daughter about 2:45 p.m.

Stephen Michuda is described as white, 5-7, 180 pounds, with blue eyes, brown shaved-short hair and a goatee. Police said he often wears a green Army jacket.

Michuda and his daughter are believed to be in a green 1998 Chevy Venture minivan, Minnesota license plate GUB014, with a dent in the driver's side door.

Anyone who sees them is asked to call 911.


Time to cue the music again...

First, cue the music in a new tab or window...

Now (if you dare), read this:
1.7 Subdivision 1. Establishment. The commissioner of health shall establish a
1.8program to provide newborn visiting services to parents of newborns either at the hospital
1.9or as soon after the birth as possible. Newborn visiting services must be performed by
1.10existing service providers, whenever possible.
1.11 Subd. 2. Program components. (a) The universal newborn visiting program must
1.12provide culturally competent services and information by trained staff who reflect the
1.13demographics of the community, whenever possible.
1.14(b) The visits must include information in the following areas:
1.15(1) early childhood services;
1.16(2) local child care resource and referral network;
1.17(3) early Head Start and Head Start programs;
1.18(4) early childhood screening;
1.19(5) early childhood family education;
1.20(6) child care financial aid programs;
1.21(7) family literacy resources;
1.22(8) child abuse prevention;
1.23(9) infant care, child growth, and child development;
1.24(10) the WIC program;
2.1(11) immunization schedules and pediatric preventive care, including information on
2.2environmental hazards;
2.3(12) public health nursing services; and
2.4(13) health care programs and other public assistance programs for which the
2.5family may be eligible.
2.6(c) The program must provide any referrals, as needed, to community partners
2.7and to additional resources available within the community, including early education
2.8programs, health care services, support services, and other social services. The program
2.9must also offer follow-up visits.
2.10(d) The program must provide parents the opportunity to opt out of participating
2.11in the program.
2.12 Subd. 3. Coordination. (a) The universal newborn visiting program must
2.13coordinate with hospitals, and must not impede or obstruct the provision of medical care.
2.14(b) Service providers must coordinate with community partners, including school
2.15districts, local public health departments, early childhood family education programs,
2.16health plans, and nonprofit agencies, to minimize duplication and to build on existing
2.18 Subd. 4. Evaluation and accountability. The commissioner shall evaluate the
2.19effectiveness of the newborn visiting program and report to the legislature biennially
2.20beginning January 15, 2010. The evaluation must take into consideration the following:
2.21(1) parent satisfaction; and
2.22(2) number of referrals made.
2.23 Subd. 5. Training. The commissioner shall establish education and training
2.24requirements for newborn visiting staff. These requirements must include:
2.25(1) a bachelor's degree in nursing, early childhood development, or related field;
2.26(2) experience in home visiting; and
2.27(3) experience in working with families from diverse cultural communities.
2.28 Subd. 6. Distribution. The commissioner shall distribute funds to community
2.29health boards based on the average number of births in the past five years in each
2.30community health board jurisdiction multiplied by the cost of providing newborn visiting
2.31services. Community health boards shall provide the services directly or contract with
2.32new or existing home visiting service providers to provide these services.
So Rejoice, Komrades! From womb to tomb, the nannystate has you p3wned!!

h/t King Banaian


Monday, February 12, 2007

Know your maggot-infested moonbat seditionists...

Just like a trip to the ballpark wouldn't be complete without a program, a perusal of the players at the big antiwar anti-American/anti-Israeli demonstration this coming March 17th at D.C. wouldn't be complete without a visit to Let Freedom Ring for complete details on all the players. Like this gem, for instance.

Meet Waleed Bader

Another of the sponsors of the March 17th anti-Israel, anti-America and anti-war protest is Waleed Bader, the founder of the Arab-Muslim Federation of New York. Bader spoke at the al Awda convention in New York City in 2004. Here’s some interesting information contained in a “final communique” from the event:


Al-Awda, noting the plight of our comrades in Zionist and imperialist jails, and believing that their struggle for freedom and honorable treatment is part and parcel of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and return, expresses solidarity with all Palestinian and Arab prisoners awaiting trial or presently on trial, and those serving terms of imprisonment.

The people they call their “comrades in Zionist and imperialist jails” are people that we’d consider terrorists. I’ll give them this much: they’re good at spinning things. Here’s more information from that communique:

Al-Awda 2003 Convention opposes the US sponsored Road Map, which aims at suppressing the human and national rights of the Palestinian people. The Convention expresses support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, currently spearheaded by the Intifada, to achieve national resistance goals including, but not limited to, ending Zionist colonization, implementing the right of return, and achieving self-determination. Al-Awda Convention does not recognize any self-proclaimed Palestinian leadership, elected or appointed, in compromising any Palestinian national rights, especially the right of return.

Here’s what President Bush said in a speech describing the Road Map:

The Palestinian state must be a reformed and peaceful and democratic state that abandons forever the use of terror. The government of Israel, as the terror threat is removed and security improves, must take concrete steps to support the emergence of a viable and credible Palestinian state, and to work as quickly as possible toward a final status agreement. As progress is made toward peace, settlement activity in the occupied territories must end. And the Arab states must oppose terrorism, support the emergence of a peaceful and democratic Palestine, and state clearly that they will live in peace with Israel.

I’m betting that al-Awda, and therefore Bader, objects to the demandment of a Palestinian state being “a reformed and peaceful and democratic state that abandons forever the use of terror.” I’m also fairly certain that they’d object to the section that demands that “the Arab states must oppose terrorism, support the emergence of a peaceful and democratic Palestine, and state clearly that they will live in peace with Israel” because that would be asking them to stop being who they really are. They can no more enact true reforms or stop terrorist attacks or live in peace with Israel than a leopard can change its spots. Al Awda, by saying that it rejects the Road Map, essentially admits that they will continue being terrorists. They’re also saying that they’ll fight with everything that they’ve got to keep the Middle East a terrorist region.(Read the whole thing)

Visit there early and often, because Mr. Gross intends to go down the list of all the players involved in organizing this event, and exposing their true anti-American, anti-Semite agendae.

******Also, continue to check out A Gathering of Eagles for details on a gathering storm of counter-protest to take place at the Viet Nam Wall, courtesy of patriot veterans who are tired of having war memorials desecrated by the antiwar, anti-American left. If you can find your way to D.C. on the 17th of March, please do so to show your support not only for our veterans, but for those currently in harm's way and for their mission!

And be sure to check out this video.


John Howard for President...

You think the GOP can draft him?

My dear British friend, Tristan Murphy at Western Defence reports:

Howard slams Obama!

John Howard the brilliant Prime Minister of Australia, who has been in power since 1996 and has won 5 general elections has slammed that pathetic excuse for a Senator Barack Obama.

"If I was running al-Qa'ida in Iraq I would put a circle around March 2008 and pray as many times as possible for a victory, not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats," Mr Howard said on Sunday, referring to Senator Obama's plan to pull US troops out of Iraq by March next year.

He was critisised by his 5 time losers, the Labor opposition for 'interfering' with internal potitics of the US! Bloody cheek of those lefty morons, as Howard so eloquently puts it.

"If I hear a policy being advocated that is contrary to Australia's security interests I will criticise it,"

"I don't apologise for criticising Senator Obama's observation because I thought what he said was wrong," he said, accusing the Labor leader of "double standards".

"Apparently it is in order for any number of people in the Labor Party to regularly attack George Bush, to regularly attack the American administration,"

"That is OK, but dare anybody criticise somebody who might agree with them on Iraq and then somehow or other I am interfering in the domestic politics of the United States."

God, I love Howard! He is the sort of guy I would like to have as leader of the government of my country! He has balls and is not affraid to say what he means!
Sorry--if he defects from Australia, we got first dibs!


Well...They're capitualting anyway.

Jihad "Chic" (or is that "sheikh" ?) appears to be the order of the day:
A model wears an outfit by Fashion East designer Louise Golden during her catwalk show at London Fashion Week in London, Monday Feb. 12, 2007. The designers are showing their Autumn/ Winter 2007/8 collections. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Being the trendsetters that they are, perhaps the Europeans would like to go the next step:

(h/t Drudge)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2007's looking better and better--

Saturday, February 10, 2007

World's Best Doormat...

Now this program I could go for...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pot Meet Kettle Part 298

As you'll remember, I went to see Mother Moonbat a couple of weeks ago. King directed me toward this article, where I saw this gem:
The off-camera Sheehan had much to say before the event as well, especially about her trademark distaste for President Bush.

In an interview, she said his recent State of the Union address was less than poignant.

"I thought blah blah blah. He gives the same speech every time he talks," Sheehan said. "He doesn't understand what he's saying, so that makes him even more dangerous."
Heh. Truth is, Sheehan's level of intellect couldn't allow her to understand a Dr. Suess book.
Her position coincides with some who talk in Washington about impeaching the president. In a perfect universe, Sheehan said Bush would be anything but president.

"For 2008, in an ideal world, would be somebody who's for peace. (Someone) who has never been a supporter or a collaborator of this war," she said. "Someone that I like, like Dennis Kucinich or Al Gore or someone way off the beaten track, like Barbara Lee - a congresswoman from California - would be good candidates for me."
I rest my case.

A little flashback...

From Chris Muir:

Heh...I had this one covered back in April last year.

Regarding Falling on the sword...

It would appear that Sergeant-at-Arms Livingood took a hit for the home team:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not request a larger plane for personal use to travel cross-country without stopping, Bill Livingood, the House sergeant at arms, said Thursday. Livingood said the request was his, and he made it for security reasons. "The fact that Speaker Pelosi lives in California compelled me to request an aircraft that is capable of making non-stop flights for security purposes, unless such an aircraft is unavailable," Livingood, who has been at his post for 11 years, said in a written statement. "I regret that an issue that is exclusively considered and decided in a security context has evolved into a political issue," the statement said. Pelosi is striking back against accusations she asked for a plane larger and more expensive than the one used by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a claim published last week in The Washington Times.(Watch Pelosi call the GOP charges "a myth" Video) The Times article, headlined "Pelosi's Power Trip -- Non-stop Nancy Seeks Flight of Fancy," led the Republican National Committee to send out a research briefing and blast Pelosi on the House floor. The article said Pelosi asked the Pentagon for "routine access" to a military plane "not only for herself and her staff, but also for relatives and for other members of the California delegation," quoting sources "familiar with the discussions." "I have never asked for a larger plane," Pelosi said. "This is a myth that they are talking about on the floor." (emphasis added)
Well, I beg to differ, Queen Nancy:
Hastert, an Illinois Republican, flew in a small commuter-sized jet. Pelosi and her aides say that because her congressional district is in Northern California, a much farther trip than Hastert's to Illinois, her security would require a larger plane that can fly coast to coast without refueling. "It's not a question of size, it's a question of distance," Pelosi said Wednesday. "We want an aircraft that can reach California."
Well, seeing as how a GulfStream 3 (the plane that Denny Hastert used) has a cruising distance of 4,033 miles, the three thousand mile trip between D.C. and San Fran would be more than achievable nonstop. And if Pelosi didn't request it, why did she sick Brave, Brave Sir Murtha to threaten the Pentagon so as to procure said extravagance? Needless to say, that dog don't hunt.

As the saying goes, "What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Right now Pelosi is much akin to a spider on crack.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Murtha & Pelosi: Give us what we want, or else!

Nancy Pelosi's quest to get her own jumbo airliner to jet herself and her friends about the country in luxury on the taxpayer dole has, rightly so, met with some resistance. So, what do you do when the armed forces of the U.S. dares to say, "no?" Why, you throw a royal temper tantrum, of course!
The airplane scandal for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ramping up. One of her main allies, Congressman John Murtha is stepping up and in his own words is telling the Pentagon what to do. According to a report from the San Francisco chronicle, Murtha, who chairs the House military appropriations subcommittee, said he has spoken to Pentagon officials about the need to provide Pelosi with a bigger plane that can fly passengers coast to coast in comfort.
Yep... Murtha has spoken to the Pentagon like some friggen Don Corelione:
But he denied pressuring the Pentagon. "I don't need to pressure them. I just tell them what they need to do,'' Murtha said.
Did you get that audacity from someone who is supposedly elected to be a public servant?
Murtha then seemed to threaten the Pentagon again - or at least told them what to do. Murtha said he is convinced the Pentagon has been leaking information about the possibility that Pelosi would use large military planes to make her look bad. But he said, "They're making a mistake when they leak it because she decides on allocations for them,'' referring to the Pentagon budget.
WTF? Have King Murtha and Queen Pelosi been watching too many Sopranos episodes?

Although the arrogant sense of entitlement displayed here is nothing less than breathtaking, it is in actuality SOP for the do as I say, not as I do liberal mindset.