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Where's the Soviet Anthem when you need it?

Aaahhh-- Here it is.

(for the full impact of this post, click on the above link, wait for the music to queue, then continue reading).

From here:
The St. Paul City Council has temporarily banned new electronic billboards that are starting to dot the highways in the Twin Cities.

The new billboards resemble color televisions and change images every few seconds.

Critics say the billboards are a distraction to drivers.

Council member Dave Thune also called the billboards an "environmental concern" because of "overlighting" on Wednesday, when the council approved the moratorium.

Clear Channel Outdoor installed eight of the billboards along Twin Cities highways last month. One of the billboards is along Interstate 94 in St. Paul.
An "environmental concern" because of "overlighting," Mr. Thune? Could it be because you're uncomfortable with the light that goes through one ear on your pointy head and travels unimpeded through the other ear? Or could it be that the billboards in question are owned by Clear Channel Communications, the dreaded owner of KTLK-FM Conservative Talk Radio (along with many other similar stations)?

Not only did the city ban the signs from operating, but the 14-foot by 48-foot monstrosities, already erected, will not be producing any revenue for Clear Channel, who no doubt put up beaucoup bucks investing in this venture.

The City Fathers Nannies reasoned that the signs, which change messages every eight seconds, would be too distracting to passersby.

And just as every good liberal does every time they emit a brain fart, they reasoned wrong:

"The studies are saying that if it takes even two seconds, you're distracted for even two seconds, which may be all that's needed to look at a sign and try to read it. That's enough to create the hazard, the potential for accidents on major freeways in heavy traffic situations," Peterson said.

But there's at least one other study from the state's Transportation Department that comes to a different conclusion.

"MnDOT's determination is that a sign that turns every 6 seconds or greater is of no greater distraction to the driving public than a static billboard," according to Clear Channel Outdoor Vice President Tom McCarver. Clear Channel owns all of the electronic billboards in the metro, including the two that were shut off by Minnetonka.

McCarver insists the boards are safe for motorists. He emphasizes that the images are static and crisp, like a 35-millimeter photo.

So, not only has the City of St. Paul, in effect, seized Clear Channel's property without just compensation, they have done so under the auspices of their control-freak, statist liberal leanings than with regard to any modicum of common sense. Personal property rights be damned. For the omniscient State will provide.

(turn Soviet Music louder here)

So rejoice, Komrade! The Glorious Nannystate of Minnesota, the land where nothing is allowed, will take care of you!
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On seeing ugliness....

I went to SCSU tonight to see the ugly moonbat. Unfortunately, a dear friend's wife passed away, and I was to sing at her wake, so I was unable to stay for the whole extravaganza.

But I did manage to write a transcript of the content of her speech:
"Bush lied blah-biddy-blah-blah... Bush killed innocent people blah-biddy-blah-blah-blah... Bush is a terrorist blah biddy friggen blah-blah-blah..."

You get the picture.

I did manage to exercise my right to free speech, however, when I shouted that she and her friends were giving aid and comfort to my son's enemies, and that their aid and comfort were resulting in emboldening our enemies, and causing the deaths of innocents.

She of course went back to the mantra that Bush lied and killed innocent Iraqis, blah-biddy-friggen-blah-blah-blah. I was escorted out of the auditorium (respectfully) by the campus cops, and the usual suspects tried their best to intimidate me.

But It sure as hell felt good to confront that bitch.
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Senator Biden displays his "true colors"

Me thinks that Biden has a lot in common with Robert "Sheets" Byrd...
Mr. Biden is equally skeptical —albeit in a slightly more backhanded way— about Mr. Obama. "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," he said. "I mean, that's a storybook, man."
So, Obama is the "first" "mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy?

I guess Martin Luther King, Colin Powell and Condi Rice are just po' ignorant, dirty, black folk.

What a racist dolt!

Robert "Sheets" Byrd and Joe Biden-- separated at birth?

And this guy wants to be President????

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Wednesday's Hero Blogburst, 1/31/2007

This Weeks Hero Was Submitted By Mark Bell

LCpl. Nicholas J. Manoukian
LCpl. Nicholas J. Manoukian
22 years old from Lathrup, Michigan
1st Marines 6th Batallion 2nd Marine Division
Oct 21, 2006

is a website that LCpl. Manoukian's mother set up for her son after he lost his life in Ramadi.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
It Is Foolish And Wrong To Mourn The Men Who Died. Rather We Should Thank God That Such Men Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by clicking here.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In honor of my mother...

My mother would have been 83 today...

God Cast a Pebble..

God cast a pebble into the ocean
in 1924
A tiny pebble.. one human life, nothing less, nothing more.

The pebble travelled through the waters
of the Depression and World War II...
Touching the world with God's Holyh Love,
But God's plan wasn't through.

Then that pebble met another,
and a family they did make...
Teaching us about God's Holy Love,
and selfishness, forsake.

But that pebble touched others, too,
as many would begin to see..
Spreading God's Love and Holy Message
beyond the family tree.

Touching all that pebble met
with unconditional Love...
And giving all those special gifts,
given her from above.

Now that pebble's gone through troubled waters..
on her journey through life's sea
Into the waters of Peace and Happiness
for all eternity.

But who would've known when God cast that Pebble
in 1924,
That a tidal wave of love was created
That would last for evermore!

by Leo, in loving memory of my mother, Jan.. passed away 4/2/1995.

If only..... If only....

Read Lynn Woolley's article about how to win in Iraq.


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Support the troops but not the war?


H/T My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy via CatHouse Chat.

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What the hell are these crack-heads smoking?

Tell lies often enough, and they will become the truth... eh Goebbels?
Anti-War Marches Draw Hundreds of Thousands By Aaron Glantz
Inter Press Service

Sunday 28 January 2007 Washington - Peace activists from across the United States gathered in Washington Saturday for what they said was the largest demonstration to date against the Iraq war.
"It's time for a new day," the Reverend Jesse Jackson told what organisers estimated as a crowd of 500,000 demonstrators gathered outside the halls of Congress on the National Mall.
500,000 demonstrators???

There are some who beg to differ:
United for Peace and Justice, a coalition group sponsoring the protest, had hoped 100,000 would come. They claimed even more afterward, but police, who no longer give official estimates, said privately the crowd was smaller than 100,000.
Of course, as is par for the course for the leftist mindset (and in keeping in the grand tradition of Pravda), truth always takes a back seat to propaganda.

At least they accurately call their site, "Truth Out."

For there it is quite evident that Truth went Out the door. 

And never came back.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Normie v. Dumpster

It appears that Minnesota's own RINO Senator Norm Coleman received a head injury while dumpster diving.

I. shit. thee. not.

Maybe, just maybe it knocked some sense into him.

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RIP, Corby...

Corby is dead. The long-time mascot since the early 1970s at Crossroads Pet Center in St. Cloud has finally gone to that rainforest in the sky.

Since coming to St. Cloud in 1992, no visit to Crossroads Mall was complete without a visit with Corby (if nothing else, my children made sure of it!)

In fact, my wife gets the credit for teaching Corby the words, "ruff ruff."

Corby had a full compliment of moods; at times raucous, at times playful, and and at times, reserved. In this litigious age, I found it curious that Corby was often free; especially given the one-inch by four inch sign affixed on the cage, proclaiming, "Keep hands and fingers away. Corby will bite!" All of the store customers who passed under Corby's cage in the rear of the store in order to gain a glimpse of its fare of puppies and small birds would cast a weary eye on Corby, lest they find that Corby had decorated their coiffure with an array of white and green droppings.

Well... Corby, you will be sorely missed, and your passing now gives me one less reason to go to the mall.

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Seen in a parade...

Gotta love it...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Don't know if it's real or not...

But this message I got in an email rings true nonetheless:

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard;

"Heavenly Father, We come before you today
to ask your forgiveness and To seek your direction and guidance.

We know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good"

But that is exactly what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it "Building self esteem."

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air
with profanity and pornography and called it "Freedom of speech and expression."

We have ridiculed the time honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today;

Cleanse us from every sin,
And set us free.

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 Of those calls responding negatively. The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India, Africa and Korea.

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio Program, "The Rest of the Story," and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our Nation and
wholeheartedly become our desire so that we again can be called "one nation under God."

By decree of Her Royal Heinous...err Highness

It would appear that Ms. Hillary Rodham is now queen of the State of Megalomania...

From here:

Sen. Clinton: 'I Take Responsibility' for

Giving President Bush Power to Act in


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Meet the new DFL...Same as the old DFL?

Gary and I attended a town meeting involving our local Minnesota State legislators today. The cast included Assistant Senate Majority leader Tarryl Clark, Representative Larry Haws, and my district's representative, Steve Gottwalt. The meeting actually centered around environmental issues; and I won't go into details. But I do have some observations:

With regard to bipartisanship: There was a concerted effort by all legislative attendees that there was now a new spirit of cooperation in St. Paul, and that the democrat majority would make every effort to reach across the aisle in that new spirit. Also, Ms. Clark talked a good talk about being fiscally conservative, and believing in zero-based budgeting.

However, upon lunching at the local Panera after the dog n' pony, Mr. Gottwalt related that the state DFL party had an awfully funny way of displaying bipartisanship. Specifically, as one example, during a session a DFL legislator leaned toward Mr. Gottwalt and stated, "You guys won't get one thing passed this year--you know that, do you?" Mr. Gottwalt also related when a DFL legislator (heretofore unnamed--for now) who helped to lead the committee that conveniently voted themselves a pay raise in the initial session. Reportedly, the politician had stated something to the effect of, "Don't worry. There has never been anyone who hadn't been re-elected because they raised their (own) pay. The voters won't remember."

I think what this politician (like many politicians nowadays) may fail to remember is that up til now, there hasn't been a blogosphere with long memories.

Oh, and by the way--for yours and others' edification, politicians actually have lost their jobs for voting themselves pay raises.

Talent and Wisdom beyond his years...

Those are words that can accurately describe Minnesota's own Aaron Colton. Aaron, who even at the ripe old age of 13 was a world-class Streetbike Freestyler, is now 14 years old and at the top of his game. Perhaps even just as remarkable, Aaron has also proven himself to be a patriot beyond his years. From his website:

Two shows that I would most like to do above all others would be for wounded soldiers in Washington and shows to entertain the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

If anybody visiting this site has leverage, ability, an idea or a contact that could possibly help make that happen, please leave an Email for me. I will follow up promptly. Thank You so very much for your support!

He also maintains a page in which he highlights what he calls, "The Heroes of Iraq."

I received a correspondence from Aaron's grandfather the other day, and there's a part of it I'd like to share:
"As you will see by the link to my grandsons website that he is trying
very hard to carry the message of support for your troops with the
worldwide publicity that he has gained. There are videos on the web
site and links to newspaper articles and magazine articles that have
been written about him. During his competitions he always requests and
elicits a special cheer from the crowds at each one of his
introductions. The cheer is usually among the loudest if not the
loudest at each event. A hopeful sign despite the dismal state of
politics at this time. Aaron’s support of the troops has become
recognized and closely identified with his riding and objectives for
winning in the press coverage that he has received. Aaron is told that
he has a fan club in Ramadi. He has contacted people in Washington that
are trying to coordinate a special show at Walter Reed and other venues
this coming summer. They are helping finance the travel with paid shows
in the DC area. Aaron’s biggest vision is to perform in Iraq for the
troops and has been trying to link up with the USO to do more shows than
he does for the troops here stateside."
It is readily apparent that Aaron comes from good stock. A child doesn't grow up to be as exceptional as Aaron without the proper guidance and the love of a strong family!

Aaron's grandfather closes with
Well I thought that your son might draw some encouragement that moral
from a few Americans that are really behind him and the fantastic job he
is doing. Aaron’s grandmother works at the Mall of America and because
it is a high valued target on the list of potential terrorist targets in
the U.S., we feel that your son is directly defending and protecting our
family personally. Thank you and please thank him for us.
Mr. Colton, as a proud parent of a deployed soldier, it is you that I'd like to thank for giving us the gift of Aaron.

If more of those in Washington would follow his and your lead, our prospects for victory in the GWOT would be more than assured.

Brave Sir Murtha's and Botox Queens "fact finding" mission...

It seems that Brave Sir Murtha and the Botox Wonder have gone on a "fact-finding" tour of Iraq, and will reportedly have a discussion with Maliki in the process.

My friend Gary Gross over at Let Freedom Ring hits it on the head with his analysis:

After endlessly criticizing the Iraq War, Pelosi and Murtha have finally made a trip to Iraq. This is merely for show. Don’t think that this is about gathering information. It’s about them getting a photo-op, then adding the words “I just returned from Iraq” to their endless criticism of the President Bush’s policies.

The AP has quoted Ms. Pelosi in this article:

“We come out of the meeting with a greater understanding of the others’ point of view,” Pelosi, (D-CA), said, in brief remarks after the meeting. She said the delegation also came “to convey to our troops the appreciation of the American people for what they’re doing, to applaud their patriotism.”
I’d love to hear Ms. Pelosi explain how she and Murtha can demoralize the troops and embolden the terrorists in one breath then say that they want to “convey to our troops the appreciation of the American people” and “applaud their patriotism” with their next breath. She must know that they’re undercutting the troops’ mission and that that can’t have a positive effect on the troops.

It’s downright infuriating to hear Pelosi’s and Murtha’s mantra of “We support the troops but not the mission.” It isn’t just Pelosi’s and Murtha’s mantra, either. It’s the Democrats’ mantra, too. Frankly, it’s insulting, especially in light of Sen. Feingold’s announcement that he’s scheduled a hearing on whether Congress “has the authority to cut off funding for the U.S. military campaign in Iraq.”

In light of the non-binding resolution of surrender put out by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Mr. Gross suggests an alternative resolution that should be put out by fair-minded republicans. Far from being a partisan-based resolution, the suggested verbiage of Mr. Gross' resolution begins with the words of a well-known democrat:
Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
I dare any democrat (or RINO, for that matter) to vote against that resolution.


Mark Finkelstein has an important update about Pelosi and Murtha's subversive "fact finding" mission.

The long and the short of it is, they're not interested in "finding facts." They're seizing the opportunity as a photo and propaganda op, and an attempt to gain some faux cred in their scorched-earth quest to politically defeat George Bush, even if it means the very defeat of America in the process.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Legend of Sir Murtha... (with apologies to Monty Python)

Brave Sir Murtha(click pic for full size)

Bravely bold Sir Murtha rode forth to Fallujah!
He was not afraid to die, O brave Sir Murtha!
He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Murtha

He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp
Or to have his eyes gouged out and his elbows broken
To have his kneecaps split and his body burned away
And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Murtha!

His head smashed in and his heart cut out
And his liver removed and his bowels unplugged
And his nostrils raped and his bottom burnt off
And his penis...
(Well that's enough music for now, lads...)
Brave Sir Murtha ran away - No!
Bravely ran away, away - I didn't!
When danger reared its ugly head
He bravely turned his tail and fled - No!
Yes, brave Sir Murtha turned about
And gallantly he chickened out
Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat
Bravest of the brave, Sir

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A tip for those who plan on opening a brothel for arachnids...

From here

WASHINGTON (AP) -- What puts that sexy twinkle in a spider's eye? A mate aglow. Take away the ultraviolet portion of light, and what seemed like the arachnid version of Scarlett Johansson or Matthew McConaughey attracts no more lust than plain Jane or dumpy Dan.

While people can't see ultraviolet light, spiders can, and it turns out to be important to their mating, researchers report in this week's online edition of the journal Science.

Some scientists have too much time on their hands.

A challenger to Walz...

Since defeating Gil Gutknecht, Tim Walz has proven himself as nothing more than a stale brain-dead shill for the radical mainstream arm of the democrat pro-radical Islamist party.

It appears, however that a breath of fresh air has appeared over the horizon:

By RON LARSEN Journal Staff Writer

Mark Meyer
LAKE CRYSTAL — A Lake Crystal employee-benefits consultant, Mark Meyer, 53, is getting an early jump in exploring the possibility of running against the First District’s new congressman, Democrat Tim Walz.

Meyer announced Wednesday that he has formed a Meyer for Congress Exploratory Committee to “test the waters” for seeking the Republican nomination in 2008 to run against Walz. He said his early start wasn’t necessarily a record as Walz started his campaign “about the same time [in 2005].”

A native Nebraskan, Meyer has lived in Minnesota since 1978 and moved from the Twin Cities to Lake Crystal in 1994. Meyer who also is an actuary, attorney and farmer, currently is chairman of the Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School District Board.

While it is too early to critique Walz’ performance in Congress, Meyer said, “I am exploring the possibility of running for Congress to make sure that, come 2008, people have a real chance to choose a congressman that is the best fit for southern Minnesota.”

If he were in the Congress today, Meyer would support the president in his “surge” request because “after all, he is the Commander-in-Chief.”
Actually, Mr. Meyer, it isn't "too early" to criticize Walz' quintessentially defeatist demeanor and performance as a U.S. congressman. In fact, things are already reaching critical mass with the bozo.

Criticize away, my good man.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So what's the big hairy deal?

True to form in making something out of nothing, and nothing out of something, the MSM and the lefties are having coniptions about Michele Bachmann's hugging President Bush after last night's SOTU.

So what?

It just so happens that Bush and Bachmann spent a day together when he was stumping during her campaign. Not only that, they shared a frozen custard in Wayzata during their travels.

Yeah, they're buds.

So what?

And anyone who knows Michele knows that she's just being Michele; a very outgoing and "huggy" individual.

There are things to have coniptions about...

This is not one of them.

Next issue, please.

Now this is cool!!!

Michael Yon has recognized the efforts of Minnesota National Guard Soldiers:

The Minnesota National Guard

Members of the Minnesota National Guard meeting with CSM Mellinger.

We met up with members of the Minnesota National Guard during one of the stops on the patrol. I don’t know what the Minnesota soldiers were eating for breakfast, but the first thing that Marine Sergeant Major O’Connell said about the Minnesota National Guard was something to the effect that this was the best bunch he’d ever seen. I had to clear my ears and ask him to repeat that. I seemed to have had an auditory hallucination, because high praise coming from a Marine Sergeant Major in Anbar province, who knows what competent troops are, just didn’t seem right when it was heaped on the Army. When I asked for clarification, Sergeant Major O’Connell not only stood by it, but he started listing the reasons why this particular Minnesota National Guard unit deserves special recognition.

Any notion that a Marine Sergeant Major was giving the unit high praise as a gesture of respect for an Army colleague was quickly disabused by Mellinger when he added that Sergeant Major Howard, the top enlisted Marine in Iraq, had also extended congratulations. Mellinger said he was going to contact the CSM of the National Guard to make sure it was known how highly regarded these soldiers are by the people who have come to rely upon their effectiveness in one of the most dangerous outposts in the world. The Minnesota soldiers stood there so quietly that CSM Mellinger must have thought they didn’t believe him. With characteristic bluntness, Mellinger assured them of the veracity of the praise he was relaying, by saying something like, “I’m too old to blow smoke.” Mellinger affirmed that this was honestly the highest congratulations he could confer. In my experience of having seen CSM Mellinger interface with, say, fifty different units during the month total I’ve spent with him, be they Marines, soldiers, sailors, Special Forces or Air Force, I have never seen him give an endorsement like the one he extended to the Minnesota National Guard. If the citizens of Minnesota should be faced with some calamity, I’d say the Governor can rest assured that the state has an able posse.

Carey, an emailer to Chad the Elder, adds:
The Minnesota unit in Iraq is the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division (1/34 BCT). If I am not mistaken, it is the only Army National Guard Combat Brigade deployed in Iraq. From what I can tell the 1/34 BCT has drawn some very tough missions in Anbar province, working closely with Marine units. It has suffered significant causalities while in Iraq. This unit just had its tour extended several months to July 07. These soldiers (and their families) are heroes. It would be nice if more people knew what an outstanding job they are doing, and how highly they are regarded by their active component peers. I doubt the MSM would pick up on Yon's piece or understand the significance of CSM Mellinger's praise.
As readers of this blog know, our son, Doug is a proud deployed member of the Minnesota contingent!

A big thanks to Chad the Elder at Fraters for bringing this to my attention!


On singing the praises...of Uranus....

Blogging for Uranus.

Uranus, Uranus, Oh what you mean to me...

I gaze upon your beauty across the celestial sea...

Despite the scuttlebutt it's true,

Your globe is actually indigo blue;

Emitting gases, perhaps...

But still more pleasing than assless chaps.

Uranus, Uranus--oh what you mean to me...


There's more to this than meets the turban...

No doubt you have heard this story:

An American GI assigned to one of the harshest posts in Iraq had a simple request last week for a Wisconsin mattress company: send some floor mats to help ease the hardship of sleeping on the cold, bug-infested ground.

What he got, instead, was a swift kick from the company's Web site, which not only refused the request but added insult to injury with the admonition, "If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq."

Army Sgt. Jason Hess, stationed in Taji, Iraq, with the 1st Cavalry Division, said he emailed his request to because he and his fellow soldiers sleep on the cold ground, which contains sand mites, sand flies and other disease carriers.

In his email, dated Jan. 16, 2007, he asked the Web-based company, registered to Faisal Khetani, an American Muslim of Pakistani descent:

"Do you ship to APO (military) addresses? I'm in the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Iraq and we are trying to order some mats but we are looking for ships to APO first."

On the same day, Hess received this reply:

"SGT Hess,

We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq.

Bargain Suppliers"

The story goes on to report that
Khetani on Monday told FOX News that the person responsible for the email reply had been fired. The Web site, meanwhile, has been temporarily taken down.
The "employee" had been fired? You mean that Khetani fired himself?
The "owner" is a lying scumbag! He's nothing but a drop-shipper and I'm willing to bet that there are NO employees! They're complaining that the address is a residence . . . that's because there is NO physical store! Here's the Property Tax information for the "store address"

Here's the information on the website and the owners . . .

Faisal Khetani
PO Box
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227
United States

Registered through: Teknon Domains
Created on: 23-Mar-05
Expires on: 23-Mar-08
Last Updated on: 03-Mar-06

Administrative Contact:
Khetani, Faisal
3259 S.106th Street
West Allis, Wisconsin 53227
United States
Fax --

Technical Contact:
Khetani, Faisal
3259 S.106th Street
West Allis, Wisconsin 53227
United States
Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

The previous information has been obtained either directly from the registrant or a registrar of the domain name other than Network Solutions. Network Solutions, therefore, does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

Show underlying registry data for this record

Current Registrar: WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC.
IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
Record Type: Domain Name
Server Type: Apache
Lock Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Web Site Status: Active
DMOZ 1 listings
Y! Directory: see listings
Web Site Title: Discount Floor Mats | Commercial | Industrial | Yoga | Exercise | Door Mats
Meta Description: Your manufacturer direct source of quality floor mats - Commercial entrance, industrial safety, yoga & exercise, anti fatigue, rubber, & custom door mats.
Meta Keywords: floor mats, door mats, industrial mats, commercial mats, anti fatigue mats, safety mats, rubber mats, yoga mats, exercise mats, door mats, entrance mats
Secure: No
E-commerce: Yes
Traffic Ranking: 5
Data as of: 25-Jul-2006

Oh, and to add to that, here's a bit MORE information:

There are two more businesses with the same address:

Contact Us - Quality Discount Scooters
Bargain Suppliers 3259 S. 106th Street West Allis, WI 53227.
You can count on Quality-Discount-Scooters to be here before and after the sale
3259 S.106th Street, West Allis, WI 53227, USA

Yea, it's a HOME address, and it's HIS home and HE'S simply mad that it was discovered and made it's way all over the internet!

The buy's a lying pile of Smiley and this stuff is easy to find on the internet! Any halfway decent reporter can figure it out, too! I hope the guy gets everything he deserves!

******UPDATE & BUMP******

Kit Jarrell at Euphoric Reality has been following this story closely-- it would appear a bit too closely for the comfort of the Islamists who brought attention to themselves--even to the point of hacking and shutting down Kit's site.

Kit's conclusions are that the seemingly bogus businesses and websites that these 'tards have been operating may indeed prove to be fronts for more nefarious operations. I tend to agree.

Cheap Labor: At what cost?

Think illegal immigration is a good deal?

Check out this site on how much money illegal immigration actually takes out of our wallets.

(h/t Kender at Wideawakes)

100 Terrorists Bite the Dust... 50 more taken out of circulation

As my son and others have told me, the Iraqi citizens are more than willing to cooperate with our troops, if given the knowledge and confidence that we will stick with them and not abandon them to the wolves. My son and his comrades, for instance, have spent the better part of a year now building a relationship with the locals, who constantly give them intel as to the whereabouts of the bad guys, weapons caches, etc.

This relationship building, much to the chagrin of the leftists who have built a franchise of power around their hopes for U.S. defeat, is working:

100 Terrorists Killed, 50 Detained in Operation Turki Bowl
By John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2007 – U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 100 terrorists, detained 50, and dismantled a large terrorist group in January during Operation Turki Bowl, the senior U.S. Army officer in Iraq’s Diyala province said yesterday.

The operation, conducted from Jan. 4 to 13, occurred south of Balad Ruz in the Turki Village, Tuwilla and 30 Tamuz areas of the province. During the operation, U.S. Army and Iraqi soldiers isolated and defeated a terrorist group known as “The Council,” Col. David W. Sutherland, commander of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, told reporters via satellite connection from a news conference in Iraq.

“The group, made up of former Baath Regime members, al Qaeda and Sunni extremists, refused to participate in any political dialogue and preferred attacking innocent civilians in the Diyala province,” Sutherland said.

The council killed as many as 39 civilians in one kidnapping and mass murder in November, he added.

"The fear of the people and the weapons used by these individuals are used to attack the core of Iraqi values and beliefs,” Sutherland said. “They are interested in preventing individual human rights and freedoms that the people of this region want so much."

Leading up to the large-scale operation, coalition forces discovered a large weapons cache in November in the area, resulting in “major combat operations with several large organizations” of terrorists, Sutherland said.

“Upon defeating them, we intentionally moved back to our base of operations so that we could exploit the intelligence that we would … gather over the next several months,” he said.

While developing plans for Operation Turki Bowl, U.S. military leaders, with the 5th Iraqi Army Division, studied the enemy’s early warning systems, their actions, and “how they reacted to our initial contact with them,” Sutherland said.

Coalition forces conducted smaller-scale raids in the area prior to Operation Turki Bowl, to give civilians a perceived safe-haven and encourage their cooperation with troops, he said. Through tips and phone calls to coalition forces, civilians provided invaluable information about the enemy, Sutherland added.

“What we wanted to do was isolate (terrorists) from the population so they could not blend in,” Sutherland said. “It (was) a counterinsurgency operation, but the difference is we were able separate the terrorists from the people they were living off of.

“Since I’ve been here, we have not conducted an operation where we have been able to bring to bear against a group of this size that was willing to fight us out in the open,” Sutherland said.

In addition to defeating the council, troops found 25 weapons caches containing more than 1,150 Katusha rockets and 1,000 rocket-propelled grenades, 170 anti-tank missiles, anti-tank mines, small- and heavy-arms ammunition and sensitive terrorist documents.

Soldiers are now focused on interacting with the local populous and reinforcing the security and stability of the region, according to a Multinational Force Iraq news release. The Iraqi army will maintain a permanent presence, while coalition forces are focusing on reconstructing roads, essential services and other basic services to help the people of Turki, the release stated.

"This operation clearly was a significant tactical success for (coalition forces), (Iraq army), and most importantly, the citizens of Turki and surrounding areas," Sutherland said. "The long-term affects we hope to achieve are stability for economic growth, increased political action for all parties and self-reliance for the Iraqi government and security forces."

Sorry, lefties... I guess a win for our troops is a loss for you.

Man, it must suck to have to live like that.

Wednesday's Hero Blogburst; 1/24/07

This Weeks Hero Was Suggested By Kathi

Lt. Col. Michael E. McLaughlin
Lt. Col. Michael E. McLaughlin
44 years old from Mercer, Pennsylvania
2nd Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division, Pennsylvania Army National Guard
January 4, 2006

Sitting in the car with Lt. Col. Michael E. McLaughlin's 18-year-old daughter, her father's friend of 21 years had just broken the news of his death.

During years of friendship and service in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Lt. Col. McLauglin and retired Capt. Brad Mifsud had a bond so close that they promised each other if something were ever to happen to either one of them, they would be there for the other's family.

Lt. Col. McLaughlin died when a suicide bomber rushed through a crowd of Iraqi police recruits in Ramadi and detonated a bomb that also killed a Marine and nearly 80 Iraqis. The day before the attack, Lt. Col. McLaughlin said he was fully confident that Ramadi had finally turned a corner in the insurgency. As hundreds of local men streamed into the Ramadi Glass Factory on Wednesday to join the city’s long-defunct police force, a wide grin spread over a pinch of tobacco stuffed into the 44-year-old’s lower lip.

"This may not look like much, but it's history," McLaughlin told a reporter. "We're making history right here."

With a significant wound to the back of his head, Lt. Col. McLaughlin turned to his injured personal security detail officers and inquired about their well-being. Waving off medical attention, he asked them to check on the soldiers under his command.

"In an act of extreme selflessness, he stated that he was OK, but to concentrate on saving the lives of his men," said Col. Grey Berrier, a close friend of Lt. Col. McLaughlin.

Lt. Col. McLaughlin died shortly after giving that instruction, according to the Guard.

A long-time artillery officer in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, McLaughlin was assigned to Task Force 2-222 Field Artillery and was the primary liaison between the 2-28 Brigade Combat Team and local tribal and government leaders in Ramadi. His efforts were instrumental in getting local sheikhs to support the recruitment drive and encourage more than 1,000 area men to volunteer for the force, commanders said.

"Mike is a true hero in every sense of the word, and he died while doing his job the only way he knew how - out front and with great enthusiasm and courage," said Col. John L. Gronski, commander of the 2-28 BCT. "This loss only strengthens our resolve to carry on and complete the mission in order to honor his memory."

A gregarious wisecracker, McLaughlin said his hope was to one day return to a peaceful Iraq, where he planned to walk the streets of Ramadi in a traditional Arab "man dress," or dishdasha, and sip coffee and chai with those sheikhs he had met during the war. McLaughlin said that one particular tribal leader he had developed a close relationship with dubbed him "The Sheikh of Sheikhs" - a nickname that was soon picked up by fellow officers in the brigade.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
It Is Foolish And Wrong To Mourn The Men Who Died. Rather We Should Thank God That Such Men Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by clicking here.

Burnishing their credentials of cowardice...

The Democrats, true to form:

Democrats put the burden of Iraq on Bush

WASHINGTON (AP) -- After all the pomp and rhetoric, President Bush wasn't about to budge the new Democratic congressional majority from its two primary pursuits - isolating him on Iraq and seizing control of the nation's domestic agenda.

That says it. In a nutshell. The democrats, even though they overwhelmingly voted for the war, are making a full retreat, as if they never approved of it in the first place. Our sons and daughters are in harm's way, fighting for a cause, and the democrats can do nothing but use them as pawns in political gamesmanship. They are not leaders.

They are opportunists and cowards.

Plain and simple.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

As sure as the sun rises..

..the gubmint will find a new way to tax you. Beleaguered by the prospect of shrinking gas tax revenues brought about by more efficient automobiles, mandated use of non-taxed ethanol, and other circumstances of their own making, Tim Pawlenty and Minnesota democrats (I can't find any Minnesota republicans in the legislature that support it) have found a new way to make you pay: Tracking your mileage

Officials say finding an alternative to the slumping gas tax is at least 10 years away, but planning needs to start now.

Here's how a mileage fee system would work.

Instead of paying a tax for each gallon of fuel burned in Minnesota, vehicle drivers would pay a tax for each mile traveled.

The mileage fee idea is being tested in Oregon. Jim Whitty, who directs Oregon's Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding, says the test vehicles are fitted with a device that measures miles traveled.

Gas stations where drivers refuel are fitted with instruments to download the measurements.

"When they drive up to a fueling station, they can have their miles read. We're doing it electronically here now," he says.

Of course, what would a Minnesota-led and conceived tax be without an element of progressiveness and a pinch of class envy?

Minnesota House Transportation Finance Committee Chairman Bernie Lieder has supported the idea for years. Lieder, DFL-Crookston, is an engineer by training.

He says the technology to measure where drivers rack up their miles, whether in state or out of state, is mostly ready to go. Where the politics come in is what to charge.

Lieder and other mileage fee advocates say it's not fair for drivers of four-cylinder fuel sippers to have to pay the same rate as eight-cylinder guzzlers or the same as huge freight vehicles.

The solution, Lieder says, is different mileage rates.

"Units like a light car, a heavier car, a truck, an 18-wheeler, each one would have a different mileage rate," he says.

I heard on KARE-11 this evening that plans are in the works to have GPS transponders placed in cars, so as not to charge for miles driven in say, Wisconsin.

So, not only will there be a tax for every mile we drive, but Big Brother will also keep track of where we drive.

And if we're really lucky they'll find a way to simultaneously keep track of and tax all of the trans-fats that we happen to consume while on the road.

The era of big government is not over.

Hell, it's only beginning.

Liberals and RINOs gone wild...

Minnesota; Land of 10,000 Lakes, and soon to be 10,000 tax increases. What do liberals in Minnesota do when they overtax their citizens to the tune of $2 billion? Why, tax them even more, of course!

The SCBA's and MOB's own Gary Gross has written a letter to the editor in our local rag, that pretty much hits it square on the head:

Since the Minnesota Legislature reconvened three weeks ago, Democrats have proposed raising six forms of taxes:

» Raising the state gas tax by a dime a gallon.

» Raising license tab fees on newly purchased vehicles.

» Allowing counties to charge up to $20 annually for every car.

» Raising the sales tax by three-eighths of a cent.

» Raising the cigarette tax $1 to $1.20 per pack.

» Increasing property taxes by allowing school districts to levy local property owners for the full cost of running ice arenas, instead of the current limit of 90 percent of the cost.

Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL- St. Cloud and the assistant Senate majority leader, characterized the tax increases this way: "What we're putting forth in these first six bills, and others to follow, is a set of policy initiatives that aim to put Minnesota on a stable, sustainable long-term path for growth."

In other words, they're spending the state's $2.2 billion surplus while raising these taxes already and admitting that they're planning on spending a lot more money in the future.

Governor Pawlenty's proposed spending in Minnesota this year is actually going up by 9 percent; an increase that will supposedly be paid via the state's aforementioned over-taxation of its citizenry to the tune of two billion dollars.

To overtax citizens and not return the difference to the ones who produced that money is in and of itself unconscionable, and un-Republican. But even that's not enough for the likes of many liberals assclowns, including the usual suspects, who--face it--will never be happy, no matter how much money is frivolously drained from taxpayer wallets and family budgets.

A concept, of course, that remains lost on the crowd who are perfectly willing to let others' pay for a "better" Minnesota.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pneumonia blogging...

I was in the hospital last night--I got this bug that I've had a helluva time shaking, and it just kept getting worse. Turns out I have some sort of walking pneumonia or some such...

It was my birthday on Saturday, and I was looking forward to dinner out with the wife followed by some wild Karaoke-ing... instead I ended up with no voice; but, oh well.

But my chest has been aching so bad from all the coughing, so the doc prescribed some Vicodin; so now I am in Vocodin land.. Woot!

BTW--I had no idea that pink elephants wore tuxedos.

Friday, January 19, 2007

An injustice that needs to be righted...

Thus far President Bush has failed to pardon the two border agents convicted of wounding a drug smuggler in the line of duty. I have supported President Bush wholeheartedly in the WOT and in his decisions in Iraq--

But I cannot support him on this. These gentlemen were protecting our borders, in the line of duty! To be thrown under the bus the way that they are is nothing less than unconscionable.

Meanwhile, here's a list of pardons that the Administration did grant.

I call on President Bush to re-think his position, and administer justice where it is truly deserved.

This is a travesty. (h/t Reader Sid)

Iraq's summer upswing in violence--did it really happen?

The prevailing conventional wisdom is that there was a huge upswing in violence in Iraq that continued to rise through the elections.

But was there really that much of an upswing at all?

My friend Quentin Langley has an interesting take on it that may make you think twice.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Try plugging this into your laptop...

From an email I received that I thought was pretty cool:

It's a 5MB hard disk from 1956!

In September, 1956, IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). This hard drive weighed over 2000 pounds, and stored only 5MB of data. That's the size of one .MP3 song stored on your computer or IPod.

Now compare this to the little 4GB USB stick drive- the size of a pack of gum- you can put in your pocket or purse!

PS….To change the 3ft. round “platters” in case of problems, the unit had to be moved out onto the loading dock where a crane was used to slide the platters off the center hub. It used hydraulic fluid to drive the access arms/heads to the data on the spinning disks…..quite a sight when it would spring a leak…

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The libs want their wife back

Aahh the good old days. When the liberal democrats had only the likes of CBS, NBC and ABC (not to mention the New York Times, the L.A. Times, etc.,) to deal with, who, for the most part, agreed with them. Any conservative viewpoints were at best mere insects buzzing at the screen door, for they had no real venue in the arena of public ideas.

Yes, those salad days; those glory years; when the liberal democrats had a virtual monopoly on the broadcast media. When the news was spoon-fed without question; when the likes of Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner and Dan Rather had the last word. Yep, times was good in 'dem days; and the liberals managed to keep their media brides barefoot and pregnant, and largely in tow with their party line. And the "Fairness" Doctrine (an oxymoron if there ever was one) was the wedding ring that bound them. To the eyes of the liberal democrat, it was a marriage made in heaven. Til death do they part.

But little did they know that their marriage was about to come upon shaky ground; for along came the reviled President named Ronaldus Magnus, who in 1987 believed that ideas, just like the economy, thrived best in the free market; and that the "Fairness" Doctrine, which placed undue restrictions upon that free marketplace, was in fact stifling free political speech. Not only did he rightly believe this, but President Reagan actually had the gall to allow the FCC in 1987 to rescind the "Fairness" Doctrine. What followed was an absolute revolution of and revitalization of the broadcast airwaves that would forever change those salad days. Gone forever were the days that the liberals had a monopoly on broadcast and print media. Gone were the salad days.

Ronald Reagan, the homewrecker, forever destroyed their common-law marriage.

Well, perhaps not forever. For there is a movement afoot by democrats, specifically the likes of Kucinich and Hinchey (who, by the way, throws the word "fascist" around like an empty soda can) to get their wife back:
The Reclaiming the Public's Airwaves Act, which Hinchey is currently drafting, would:
· restore the Fairness Doctrine, requiring broadcast licensees to provide a reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public importance,
· prevent one company from owning broadcast stations that reach more than 35% of U.S. TV households,
· repeal the "UHF discount", an outdated formula now used as a loophole to avoid the national TV ownership limit,
· restore a national radio ownership cap and strengthen local radio ownership caps,
· re-establish the rules weakened by the FCC this week,
· provide tax incentives to encourage broadcast ownership diversification,
· rescind the biennial review process through which the recent FCC decision was reached, and
· direct the FCC to strengthen rules requiring broadcast licensees to serve the public interest.
Hinchey argues that
"The public airwaves belong to the public, not the media elites. In the past, broadcasters had to show that their programming was serving the public interest when they applied for renewal of their license every eight years. But now the FCC has made these renewals virtually automatic."
Nor do the public airwaves belong to the liberal elites in the democrat party, Mr. Hinchey!

What Hinchey completely ignores is the fact that since 1987, the radio airwaves have belonged to the public. To say that it belonged to the public beforehand was simply not the case!

It was unwieldly if not impossible to comply with the "Fairness" Doctrine and simultaneously have a free flow of ideas. Having been in the business during its tenure, I can say that the Doctrine, administered by virtue of United States Government regulations, did nearly as much to stifle the free flow of political ideas as any communist state would ever hope for. During that time, the only political ideas to come out of a radio station, would, at best, be a two-minute daily editorial; after which came an opportunity of equal duration for an opposing viewpoint.

That was it.

Oh yes, there were the "public affairs" programs (Which had all of two listeners. on a good day.), the dryness of which made today's NPR look like the second coming of James Brown. But any attempt to have a prolonged, lively, and interesting one sided conversation, or one person's viewpoint (a la Limbaugh) would have to be met with equal time for an "opposing viewpoint." This led to broadcast airwaves that were cluttered with nothing more interesting than America's Top 40; and talk shows, if any, were by design apolitical.

But for the last two decades, the People, via their wallets, were in charge of programming; a fact that continues to be lost on brain-dead, economics-challenged ignoramuses like Hinchey. Over the past two decades, there has been more than ample opportunity for both conservative and liberal viewpoints to be heard; but at each juncture, conservative viewpoints thrived, while liberal viewpoints crashed and burned.

Commercial broadcasting is built on advertising revenues, pure and simple. The more people listen, the more that can be charged for advertising; and the more money that the broadcaster makes.

Do you really think that if listeners in radio markets were so hungry for "alternative" liberal viewpoints, that the marketplace would actually deny themselves what would be such a lucrative niche? If the public were "hungry" for alternative viewpoints, wouldn't the likes of Air America be not only surviving, but thriving? The crashing and burning of Air America, which was supported only via donations in the first place, was no accident, Mr. Hinchey!

The dirty little secret is that radio audiences are not hungry for "alternative viewpoints." Those viewpoints, having received more than a fair and ample hearing in the marketplace of ideas, have been summarily rejected by the very people you purport to champion, Mr. Hinchey.

What this all comes down to is that hell hath no fury like liberal ideology rejected and scorned, no matter the venue in which that scorning takes place. Liberal dogmatists are much akin to an abusive, jealous and possessive spouse. Reject them, and they'll only force themselves on you.

Mr. Hinchey's latest crusade to return to the "salad days" of liberal media control, by shoving liberal orthodoxy down the throats of those who don't want it, is testament to that fact.

It's high time that Kucinich, Hinchey and other like-minded liberals be given a restraining order.

Wednesday Hero Blogburst...

This Weeks Heroes Were Suggested By CavMom This week I have three people to talk about. Roy Velez and his two sons, Jose and Andrew. One who was lost in Iraq and another who lost his life in Afghanistan.
It happens almost daily. A stranger reaches out to comfort Roy Velez, unintended symbol of unspeakable loss and grief. Today it's a woman who approaches as he's halfway through breakfast at Montelongo's Mexican restaurant. "My brother told me about you and your sons," she says, extending her hand. He takes her small hand between his - this sturdy man who has buried two boys who went off to war - and listens gently as her own story of sorrow spills forth. Her 8-year-old daughter, a traffic accident, her son at the wheel. As waiters bustle about with trays of huevos rancheros and barbacoa plates, Mr. Velez does what he does best: offers up a soft prayer to help this mother endure her emptiness. Strangers learn about Mr. Velez from newspapers and TV. They come to him to share their gratitude or their grief. They come to thank him and console him, tearfully, for his family's sacrifice. This is how Mr. Velez chooses to live after losing two sons in two years, not riven with anger or paralyzed with sadness. But as someone ready for those who might slip into the darkness of despair. For his strength for others, compassion and grace - and for serving as inspiration for anyone who knows his story - Mr. Velez is the 2006 Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year.
Because this story is so long, I've linked to the article which you can read in it's entirety. These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero. We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams. Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. If you would like to participate in honoring the brave men and women who serve this great country, you can find out how by clicking here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Up on the latest left-speak?

My British friend at Western Defence is.


Andy coined the term and has the details (*and is spot-on, btw).

"...Not by the color of their skin...

...but by the content of their character."

Would Dr. King recognize the "civil rights" movement of today?

Dr. Martin Luther King fought for civil rights, not because people were black, but because people whose skin color is black are human beings, worthy of due dignity and respect, regardless of skin color.

Dr. King's vision embraced a color-blind society, where all people, regardless of skin color, would enjoy equal standing on the playing field of opportunity, along with equal treatment under the law and in society based on what they, as individuals with individual responsibility and talents, contributed to society.

Have we made a lot of progress? Not really.

Not that people of color haven't been afforded greater opportunity. Public figures such as Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and even Oprah Winfrey are testament to the progress that has been made and continues to be made. What continues to hinder the Dream is the fact that rather than a color blind society, the white limousine liberal plantation and their dhimmi underling shakedown artists such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kweisi Infume, et al., have attempted their level best in keeping us divided by race, rather than united in our common humanity. Rather than uniting us under a common cause, multiculturalists continue to divide us via superficial differences. With "divide and conquer" as their unstated rallying cry, liberals have done more to damage the standing of and opportunity for minority groups than the KKK, the Aryan Nation and the Skinheads combined.

While the KKK, Aryan Nation and others are beyond a doubt evil, their influence is at best peripheral. However, it is the liberals in government who, via such vehicles as The Great Society, affirmative action and hate crime legislation, have actually codified and cemented racial and ethnic division, and who continue to perpetuate it to the absolute detriment of those whom they are ostensibly "protecting." It is the liberals in government and their close associates who continue to portray minorities as helpless against the whims of others. As a means of demanding allegiance and retaining power, rather than treating "people of color" as equals, it is the liberals in government who continue to poison their minds; treating them as underlings in a fiefdom, unable to fend for themselves if not for the protection of their "benevolent" liberal "feudal lords."

Of course, not everyone buys into the liberal democrat fiefdom. Luminaries such as Bill Cosby, Clarence Thomas, Walter E. Williams, and Thomas Sowell continue to point to a different, positive and productive direction.

But until each of us can dismiss factors such as skin color and ethnicity for what they are--superficial differences; until all are given the message that their potential is limited only by their inner willingness to pursue their individual dreams; and until the day we finally walk together toward self-actualization not as Blacks, not as Latinos, nor as Whites, but as Americans and as true equals in that "forward march of humanity," Dr. King's dream will never be realized.

Rest in peace, Dr. King.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

NFC North Champions!

Congratulations to my hometown team, Da Bears!

The above graphic was made by my good, more-than talented friend, Chicago Ray!

Balanced Budget by July, 2008?

So says the Monthly Treasury Statement.

Guess the sky's not falling after all.

Read all about it at The Skeptical Optimist.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Justice for Mary Jo

On July 19, 1969, the drunken Massachusetts Senator-for-Life Teddy Kennedy drove his car off a bridge near Chappaquiddick. Saving himself, and leaving behind Mary Jo Kopechne to die, Senator Kennedy didn't even bother to report the incident until someone found the car in Poucha Pond the next morning.

Senator Kennedy didn't serve a day in jail; and the manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne still screams for justice, and Senator Kennedy, now an influential senator, has yet to pay for his crime.

I developed a sidebar widget that counts up the days that have passed since the incident at Chappaquiddick; so that we should never forget what happened that fateful day, and that we are reminded of the need for Senator Ted Kennedy to answer for what he did.

If you'd like this widget, please email me at psycmeistr at fastmail dot fm.

-Leo Pusateri-

Friday, January 12, 2007

Photoshop a la mode?

Easy as pie:

Or maybe this....

Hope that helps, Foot.

Official Sponsor of 34th Red Bull Infantry Division

In light of yesterday's news, this was sent to me courtesy of reader Liz, a Blue Star wife, via her husband, who is also serving with our son, Doug (Able Co, 2-136-Detroit Lakes/Bemidji).


The only group underrepresented in the Military...

are the poor.

Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters reports:
John Kerry's notorious "stuck in Iraq" statement, echoed by actor Matt Damon, suggesting that the United States military is a last resort for those without the education or finances to pursue other options, has been roundly refuted by Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Bill Carr. Among other areas, Carr has responsibility for recruiting and retenton. Secretary Carr appeared on yesterday's edition of my "rightANGLE" TV show. In addition to commenting on a wide range of recruitment-related topics, Sec. Carr had this to say about the Kerry-Damon remarks:

"Two-thirds of those entering the military are drawn from the top half, so we have a clearly disproportionate, strongly educated, high-aptitude military. With regard to financial status of the parents, that's also misrepresented. The only group that is underrepresented in the military are the poorest. If you look at the zip codes from which they come, and then you compare the incomes, using commercial sources, from those zip codes, we're represented exactly as we should be except we're seriously underrepresented among the poorest, and somewhat overrepresented in the middle class. And could I add, the financial elite . . . are represented in exactly their proportion in the population."

Finkelstein adds:
Although Secretary Carr was too diplomatic to suggest it, my own research indicates that among members of our military, there is another significantly underrepresented demographic: millionaire movie stars.
Give 'em hell, Mark~!

(h/t reader Sara)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Open Letter to Senator Coleman

Dear Senator Coleman:

I had let some things slide with you before. Despite your RINO tendencies, as a delegate I ultimately had your back and was planning on supporting you in '08.

But I won't let this slide. Not a chance.
"I refuse to put more American lives on the line in Baghdad without being assured that the Iraqis themselves are willing to do what they need to do to end the violence of Iraqi against Iraqi," he said. "If Iraq is to fulfill its role as a sovereign and democratic state, it must start acting like one."
I believe you must have read a few tea leaves this past election cycle, Norm. You probably thought that in order to secure your re-election in '08, you better appease the antiwar moonbat left and do it early and often. And you know what, that may be true. That is, if all you're thinking about is saving your job.

But there comes a time in a guy's life when one has to say, "To hell with the polls" and just do the right thing. This is one of those times.

Mr. Coleman. I know that the dems won the state this last election cycle, and I know you used to be a democrat. But did you have to check your brains at the door to jump on their side on this issue? You say you won't support a troop surge unless you had reassurances that Iraqis would step up to the plate. Well, what part of Bush's speech did you miss last night? Was it this part?
"To establish its authority, the Iraqi government plans to take responsibility for security in all of Iraq's provinces by November. To give every Iraqi citizen a stake in the country's economy, Iraq will pass legislation to share oil revenues among all Iraqis. To show that it is committed to delivering a better life, the Iraqi government will spend 10 billion dollars of its own money on reconstruction and infrastructure projects that will create new jobs. To empower local leaders, Iraqis plan to hold provincial elections later this year. And to allow more Iraqis to re-enter their nation's political life, the government will reform de-Baathification laws - and establish a fair process for considering amendments to Iraq's constitution."
Going off half-cocked and grandstanding on the Senate Floor is something I would expect from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Jack Murtha, Swimmer Kennedy, (fill in name of favorite democrat here). I might even expect to hear such irresponsible rhetoric from the likes of Chuck Hagel and Arlen Specter. But I never expected to hear it from you, Mr. Coleman.

Oh sure, you tried to couch your rhetoric:

Coleman stressed that the U.S. must succeed in Iraq.

"It is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are in Iraq as part of a global war on terror," he said. "There is no question that Iraq has become the key battleground of this war. Failure cannot be an option in either the overall war on terror, or in Iraq."

A failed state in Iraq, Coleman said, would create a breeding ground for terrorists.

But am I the only one that notices any disconnect here? Norm--you've been to Iraq. You know just as well as I that there are bad guys in Baghdad. Guys who show no compunction against murdering innocent people. Idiots in dirty night shirts who get their jollies by blowing up people waiting in line in Baghdad just trying to get a fucking job.. Islamo fucktards who get their kicks by exploding themselves in crowded markets, and by police stations. People who disrupt life there every day via murder and mayhem. You say that Iraqis need to take responsibility for bringing different factions together. Fine. But how do you do get to that point unless you can provide a stable environment for more than a day? And how can you achieve that stable environment without making those Islamo-fucktards who are causing the chaos assume room temperature?

How, Mr. Coleman, can failure not be an option if you fail to dispatch the bad guys??

Our son is over there, and now his tour has been extended for another 125 days. You think I'm happy about it? HELL NO. Do you think my wife is happy about it? HELL NO. But you know what, Mr. Coleman? I'm happy that the President has made the decision to expand and relax the ROE. I'm happy that the President seems to have chosen the right military leaders for the job. I'm happy that the President is not going to pussy-foot around and will finally allow our soldiers to get down to business. Because the sooner they do that, the sooner they will accomplish their mission, and the sooner they'll get home. For good.

Mr. Coleman, if you were truly serious when you said that failure is not an option in Iraq, then get the hell out of the way and let the military do its job. Your criticism of President Bush's plan yesterday was premature, ill conceived, self-serving and unwarranted.

With you around to open your piehole, Mr. Coleman, who the hell needs Jack Murtha?

I have mixed emotions about this...

Our son's unit's deployment has been extended by up to 125 days (MN National Guard 1st Brigade). Quite the bummer, since we were hoping he'd be home for our eldest son's wedding this May.

You know, and readers of this blog know, I understand that the job needs to be done.

The President says that the generals need to increase troop strength by 20,000.

But I also understand that there are over 1,400,000 active duty soldiers in our armed forces, with around 190,000 of them who are currently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That leaves a lot of active duty folks who could pick up the slack

What the hell are they still doing in Germany?

Again, I know the job needs to be done, and I understand that.

But it still sucks.


More info here.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Democrats smell victory in defeat...

I could have written this headline last May.
Democrats reject Bush's 'way forward'
WASHINGTON — Democrats launched an immediate counterattack against President Bush's new Iraq strategy Wednesday. Rep. John Murtha vowed to try to block Bush's plan from his perch as chairman of the House defense appropriations subcommittee.

"Escalating our military involvement in Iraq sends precisely the wrong message, and we oppose it," the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate said in a statement released after the speech. (read the rest here)
Bush could have come up with a plan tonight that would literally not only have immediately delivered victory in Iraq and GWOT, but would have simultaneously ended world hunger and cured the problems of AIDS, global warming, and missing socks; but even if he did, democrats, being the defeatist, power-hungry bastards that they are, would have none of it. Far from having the best interest of our nation at heart, they are all too willing to sell it out to our enemies, lest they allow Bush to have a political victory through American victory in the war.


Either get on the team and support your nation during a time of war, or move the hell out.

Elitist, self-serving Bastards. The whole lot of them.