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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Major storm bearing down on Florida coast.


I attended the big soiree in St. Cloud, where aside from my wife, I had the pleasurable company of Tony Garcia, as well as David Phipps. The ribs, chili and hot wings were fantastic; and extreme kudos go to KNSI-AM for putting on a great listener-appreciation bash the likes of which I am sure are unparalleled in the industry.

That being said:

Maybe next year.

Grossman is the Bears' best friend.

And their worst enemy. There's no way they should have gone deep late in the game the way they did, especially given the rainy conditions.

Mistakes were made that made it quite clear that Grossman just wasn't ready for the big time.

But he's young. Hopefully, maturity will take care of that next year. But not many teams make it to the big dance back-to-back.

Oh, other thing.

This moonbat seriously needs to get a life.