Wednesday, November 12, 2008

That's it... I'm takin' her out of mothballs...

The election is over, my candidate won, and I'm ready to open up the windows and air this place out.

The Ice Palace is now re-opened for business!

My thanks to the folks at Freedom Dogs for taking me in. If the kennel remains open I'd still like to put up a guest post every once in awhile.

While I fully appreciate the opportunity to post at Freedom Dogs, True North, and Blogs for Victory (and hope to keep doing so), they are, in the end, someone else's blogs. Here at the Ice Palace, I can post anything I want; and that freedom to get down, dirty and personal is what I missed the most. While I'm continuing the good fight to put Jihad Jack into a permanent state of retirement, that blog is too narrowly focused.

For instance, where could have I posted weird oddities like this?

(not only did she lose her flab, she also lost her tan in the process)

Yep, I'll post some fun stuff once in a while, but I'll also continue to call out corruption and democrat (and RINO) related malfeasance, with a special emphasis on politics here in central Minnesota.'s good to let the hair down!

Once again, my friends... Let the games begin!