Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Death by firing squad, or death by 1000 paper cuts, it's still death..

Representative Thad McCotter (R-MI) wrote,
“In this giving season, let’s see what the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats have voted to stuff in Americans’ stockings this year:

1. Americans got higher unemployment, taxes and deficits;
2. Seniors got half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts;
3. Terrorists got new rights, trials and cells on American soil; and
4. Government bureaucrats got raises.

“As these Lefty heavy hitters race around their bases,” said McCotter, “Americans can but conclude: ‘Democrats: too costly, too crazy, too quickly.’”
While I agree with nearly everything McCotter wrote, I think the phrase, "too quickly" is understated and perhaps misplaced.

Not to take anything away from McCotter's resolve, but even if this agenda was moving along at a snail's pace, it would still be moving too quickly in my book.

Their agenda is so poison-filled, to say that it is moving too quickly implies that it would be somehow more palatable and/or maybe even okay if it were moving more slowly. A parasite, even if it feeds slowly, will eventually greatly weaken and/or outright kill its host. Better to get rid of the parasite entirely so that it feeds not at all.

Any part of their agenda that is moving quicker than "dead" is still "too quickly," IMO.
This jockeying by well-intentioned republicans and blue-dogs to re-make or put lipstick on the putrid pig of legislation currently moving through congress will kill us just as surely in the long run as the original bill would promise to do in the short run.