Saturday, January 16, 2010

And Yet More Proof of Global Warming...

From the "Sunshine State", from, of all places, "Frostproof, Florida":

FROSTPROOF, Fla. - Here's something you don't often see in this town at the heart of the state's $9 billion citrus industry: a sign at the public library that says, "ICE! On sidewalk. Be careful!"

Growers were scrambling Monday to assess damage and pick as many oranges as possible from thousands of acres of citrus groves. Trucks filled with fruit rumbled through the center of town all day as their drivers rushed them to juice plants.

Freezing temperatures that swept in on an Arctic front from Canada have been plaguing the state for a week, with several areas approaching or breaking records on Monday.
Meanwhile, mental giant gnat Danny Glover offers yet more proof of global warming:
Actor Danny Glover says the earthquake in Haiti is a result of global warming. Glover told GRITtv that it could have happened to any of the Caribbean island nations: "They are all in peril because of global warming."

Then, he lamented the failure of the climate summit in Copenhagen. As a result of that failure, he says, "this is what happened."
Moonbattery on parade.

I stubbed my toe this morning. No doubt, a result of the failed talks at Copenhagen, as well.