Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Does @E_Austin spread lies?

Yesterday, There were a number of sources that reported that Mexican cartels had taken over a number of ranches near Laredo, Texas.

This, to me, was not necessarily surprising, given that the AP was reporting violent unrest just across the border from Laredo.

So I happened to re-tweet a tweet from a Twitter friend who is normally a reliable source, @snooper1.

And then all hell broke loose.

First, I received a tweet from @Shabbosgoy correcting me that the information was inaccurate. But it wasn't so much that he told me the tweet was inaccurate; it was the smarmy, condescending manner (in multiple tweets) in which he told me. As a result, I correctly labeled @Shabbosgoy a jackass.

So sue me.

Enter asshat blogger, Eric Austin:

SD15 Republican Officer, @Leo_Pusateri, Repeats @LFRgary MEXICAN INVASION Lies

First of all, I hadn't even read Gary's blog before I posted my initial re-tweet. Hell--I had just set down to the computer after a long day spending time with the family, switched on Tweetdeck, saw what I thought was an interesting tweet (which didn't come from Gary), and re-tweeted it. But according to Austin, I repeated Gary's 'lies.'

Second of all, I'm not, as Austin states, an "SD15 Republican Officer." Hell, I haven't been an SD15 Republican Officer for over five months. Austin stated I had 'repeated a lie' because it was 'common knowledge' hours before I retweeted the post that the story (which DIDN'T originate with Gary) had been a hoax. Hell--it's been common knowledge around these parts for five months that I was no longer secretary of SD15 BPOU.

Therefore, the smarmy, condescending Eric Austin, according to his own standards, was perpetrating an inaccuracy, and was therefore in fact spreading a lie.

So, a question to you, Eric Austin--how long do you plan on spreading lies about people to advance YOUR agenda?

Peace out, jackass.