Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Regarding Un-Holy Congregations and the Church of Global Warming

In a never ending quest of how best to sell the lie:

Climate Change Rings "Truer" Than Global Warming
American skepticism about whether the world's weather is changing depends partly on wording. More believe in "climate change" than "global warming," a new study by the University of Michigan shows.

Three of four people, or 74%, thought the problem was real when it was referred to as climate change, while 68% thought it was real when it was called global warming, according to questions posed by U-M psychologists on a RAND-conducted survey of 2,267 U.S. adults..

"Wording matters," study co-author Jonathon Schuldt said in announcing the findings, which will be published in the upcoming issue of Public Opinion Quarterly. "While global warming focuses attention on temperature increases, climate change focuses attention on more general changes," he said. "Thus, an unusually cold day may increase doubts about global warming more so than about climate change."
What is really interesting is how this study breaks down by political affiliation:
The study found the differences were due almost entirely to participants who identified themselves as Republicans. While 60% of Republicans said they thought climate change was real, only 44% said they believed in the reality of global warming. In contrast, 86% of Democrats thought climate change was a serious problem, regardless of wording.

"It might be a ceiling effect, given their high level of belief," co-author Sara Konrath, a U-M psychologist, speculated. "Or it could be that Democrats' beliefs about global climate change might be more crystallized, and as a result, more protected from subtle manipulations."
So, democrats are more 'protected' from 'subtle' manipulations. Like those manipulations from IPCC and East Anglia college.. you know, subtle manipulations, like admissions of fudging the data upon which much of the global warming--err climate change studies are based.

Yeah. Those subtle manipulations.

The real difference between democrats and republicans with respect to climate change is not necessarily which percentage of which political bent believes that some sort of climate change is happening. Rather, the real difference between democrats and republicans lies in how each group attributes the cause of that change, and the underlying motives behind those assumptions.

According to the study above, 64 percent of Republicans (supposedly conservative) believe that the climate is changing. I also happen to believe that the climate is changing. The Earth's climate has never been stagnant, and has been changing since the Good Lord created it. The $64,000,000,000 question that the study fails to ask is whether 64% of Republicans believe that anthroprogenic activity is responsible for the climate changing; or, for that matter, whether climate change is really that catastrophic of an event. An educated guess tells me that the percentage on both counts is very, very low.

On the other hand, 86% of democrats (supposedly liberal) believe in climate change. And it is another educated guess that the vast majority of that 86% believe that man is causing it. East Anglia, and all other contradictory data be damned. To the liberal democrat, climate change, specifically the concept of anthroprogenic climate change is not as much scientific fact as it is a matter of godless dogma, held on to with every bit of zealotry as Christians hang on to the notion of the Second Coming of Christ. But the zealotries on each side are played out with very different motivations, which I will explain in the following paragraphs.

As religion is a vehicle through which Man navigates the world so as to attain a one-ness with the Divine with the goal of a glorious afterlife shared with the Divine, global warming/climate change is a vehicle utilized by the god-less Left in a vain attempt to attain a socialist utopia here on Earth. As religion is the great equalizer between rich and poor in the afterlife, global warming is seen as a great equalizer to legitimize the vast redistribution of wealth between rich and poor, both individually and collectively, and to achieve what in reality is unachievable; the socialist utopia of a classless, milquetoast society, egalitarian in both resource and outcome. God-less democrats, disillusioned by the non-prospect of Divine reward, (as there is no true belief in the Divine), attempt themselves to play the Divine, with disastrous consequences.

Even the so-called "religious left" have no real interest in the afterlife, or even in the Divine. Oh, they may call themselves Catholic or Evangelical Lutheran, or Unitarian, but just like the Global Warmers (oftentimes, the two are interchangeable), the 'religious' left utilize religion as a vehicle not to lead people to the Divine so as to achieve their Heavenly reward, but rather to vainly attempt to achieve heaven on earth, forgetting that Christ Himself said, "My Kingdom is not of this world." (John 18:36). To the Left, religion, like Climate Change propaganda, is utilized as but a cloak of legitimacy to advance an un-godly agenda antithetical to which they purport to champion.

So it is without wonder that a majority of democrats will hang on to the hideous lie that is anthroprogenic global warming, no matter the moniker. As I stated before, when the Divine is cast aside, man attempts to fill the void; with invariably disastrous consequences.