Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama Hearts Dead Babies.

The title of this post may sound like so much hyperbole, but what other conclusion can one come to?

The American Principles Project (APP) Wednesday criticized the Obama administration for allowing the elimination of $600 million for Community Health Centers while protecting funding for Planned Parenthood as part of last week’s budget deal agreed to by Congress and the White House.

Touting Planned Parenthood as a key women’s health-care provider, Democrats held firm to their promise not to allow cuts to the nation’s largest abortion provider. Community Health Centers, which do not perform abortions, provide health services to the needy — including mammograms and pre- and post-natal care.

According to the American Principles Project last year Community Health Centers performed 320,000 mammograms while Planned Parenthood did none.

Unlike the blatant lie that Planned Parenthood president Cecele Richards told, Planned Parenthood performs no mammograms. Aside from a few ancillary condoms given out, abortion is, by and large, Planned Parenthood’s Business.

Remember, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted three times AGAINST the Born Alive Protection Act. In other words, Barack Hussein Obama was quite OK letting a live-aborted baby perish on a gurney or in a trash can, rather than offer it life support.

Obama, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the most pro-abortion, pro-dead-baby President we have ever had. Period.

His latest act of fealty toward the nation’s most prodigious killer of developing human beings, ostensibly in the name of ‘women’s health,’ to the detriment of organizations that actually provide services geared toward women’s health, is added testament to Obama’s ghoulish psyche.