Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Could this be why Romney refuses to renounce man-made global warming?

Erin Haust of the Minneapolis Conservative examiner has done some digging, that more than sheds light on Romney's allegiance to the hysteria that is man-made global warming:
Most news outlets and political pundits are talking about Romney's "belief in man-made climate change" but there is a more practical explanation for his affection for Mother Earth.

Romney has a financial stake in the success of climate change legislation.

Since 1977, Romney has been employed by or been CEO of the consulting firm Bain & Company or its spinoff Bain Capital which Romney co-founded in 1984. Bain & Company and Bain Capital LLC are profitable to the tune of billions of dollars and have offices all over the world.

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In my book, this is more than enough to tell me that when it comes to choosing a Republican Presidential candidate for 2012, Romney is more than worth panning.