Wednesday, July 27, 2005

When I'm not blogging...

I'm here: (in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota)...I'll have to admit that it's been probably the most enjoyable summer of my entire lifetime, as I have been able to realize that there are beautiful things to see in life and roses to smell amidst the dungheap that is politics and the culture war. The problem is that I have been unfaithful to my "blogging mistress" and have neglected her quite a bit lately (there's no internet access at the lake). This summer has been great in other ways as well. I have had the chance to spend time with some of the older kids, travelling to Bozeman, Montana, where our second eldest son is working in construction while deciding what he wants to do with his life (amidst the backdrop of beautiful mountains). The wife and I also had a chance to engage in some wilderness camping, where the scenery was magnificent, and close encounters with wildlife were legion:

This bear just happened to wander into our campsite, and was a bit aggressive for my taste. He wandered in, and we yelled at it and threw rocks toward it. He retreated, but only momentarily, and came toward us again. Again, we yelled and threw rocks toward it, at which time it climbed up a tree and hissed at us. It came down the tree and came toward us again, when we decided to run after it and chase it away with more rocks. Luckily the bruin had the good sense to retreat for good. Despite the unexpected encounter with creatures, we did manage to take in some beautiful scenery:

Mt. Sacajewaia, around 40 miles north of Bozeman..

We also got a chance to take in Yellowstone and the South Dakota Badlands on our return trip:

No matter how much driving is involved, I never tire of travelling. There's always something to see... even in South Dakota.