Sunday, February 25, 2007

As Murtha (and Pelosi) fiddle...will Iraq burn?

As the Washington Post wrote:
Mr. Murtha's cynicism is matched by an alarming ignorance about conditions in Iraq. He continues to insist that Iraq "would be more stable with us out of there," in spite of the consensus of U.S. intelligence agencies that early withdrawal would produce "massive civilian casualties." He says he wants to force the administration to "bulldoze" the Abu Ghraib prison, even though it was emptied of prisoners and turned over to the Iraqi government last year. He wants to "get our troops out of the Green Zone" because "they are living in Saddam Hussein's palace"; could he be unaware that the zone's primary occupants are the Iraqi government and the U.S. Embassy?
Murtha may have had an honorable career in the military, but in much the same way that Mario Andretti may have driven an Indy car 30 years ago doesn't make him qualified to do so today, the fact that Murtha was in the military years ago doesn't necessarily translate to expertise in today's conflicts; nor is it, unfortunately, a guarantee of his patriotism. As Mark pointed out, and as the header of this blog has indicated since its inception, Benedict Arnold was a decorated soldier before he committed treason.

As a favorite Bible passage of mine points out, "By their fruits shall ye know them." The fruits of Mr. Murtha's labors are more than indicative of gross incompetence, senility, outright treachery, or a combination thereof. At any rate, he has proven himself grossly incompetent and/or even downright dangerous given the position of importance that he holds.