Monday, August 13, 2007

Global warming: Where is thy sting?

Ever since the global warming glory train that was Katrina and Rita, the frothing-at-the mouth soothsayers proclaimed that each succeeding year would be worse, unless we immediately stopped driving our SUVs and moved ourselves back into the technological stone age.

My, but it's so quiet now, one could actually hear crickets.

Remember 2006, the greatest hurricane season that never was? Of course, some major "adjustments" were required toward the end of the season, weren't they?

Now here we are in the middle of Augsut, 2007, in the midst of what should be a juggernaut of back-to-back hurricanes, wreaking destruction and havoc well into the deep southern United States and the entire Eastern seaboard! Making lions sleep with lambs, and dogs sleep with cats, and a host of biblically-proportioned calamaties and catastrophes that will beyond a doubt boil the earth and wipe out humanity and every living thing and...

err... what was that?

There have been no hurricanes this season?

Only four tropical depressions? The latest of which just may develop into hurricane strength?

Global warming-- O where is thy sting?

::::cue crickets::::