Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dhimmis in the news...

And the Dhimmi of the Week Award goes to:

The Canadian "Human Rights" Commission:

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has rejected a human rights complaint filed against a radical Muslim imam who published an viciously bigoted book about gays, Jews, women, Christians, and even called for the murder of infidels.

Marc Lebuis, the publisher of the Quebec blog Point de Bascule, filed a complaint with the CHRC back in April, after reading a hateful book called "Islam or Integration?" "Islam or Fundamentalism" (thanks to reader John for the translation correction.) You can see a copy of the book in its entirety here. (It's in French.)

Of course, if it was a Christian Pastor in Canada who said a word about homosexuality being a sin, he'd be thrown in prison.

But we must, of course, strive to understand the adherents of the Islamist death cult, mustn't we? I mean, you wouldn't want to risk offending them.

(h/t Doug Bass)