Thursday, November 05, 2009

As an Aside..

There will be much speculation and wringing of hands in the State-Controlled media as to what drove the scumbag who greased 12 soldiers and wounded 31 others do what he did. The apologists at the New York Slimes already are making Hasan out as the victim.

What the MSM will never point out, however, was that Nidal Malik Hasan was a devout Muslim. And like any devout Muslim, he apparently had his proclivities and a soft spot in his heart for suicide bombers. From a post of his on Scribd:

(Click for full size)

So was it really angst over possible deployment that made the scumbag closet jihadist Malik Nidal Hasan decide to off 12 innocent soldiers and wound 32 others, or was it rather a secret penchant for 72 virgins and a sudden desire to scream, "Allah Akhbar!" as he performed his evil deed?

AP reports are now saying that Hasan is alive.

It seems that the pathetic jihadist loser couldn't even do suicide right.