Friday, November 13, 2009

The "Oba-Mao-ssaiah?"

Obamamania has spread to Communist China:
The Chinese have learned English from his speeches and celebrated the way he rolls up his sleeves. Now President Barack Obama is finally coming, and he's being greeted with "Oba Mao" T-shirts and a statue of him that bursts into flames.

Sunday's arrival of a U.S. president admired for his charisma is already a source of profit and brief fame for some Chinese.

Strangest is the burning Obama, tucked away in a Beijing warehouse. Artist Liu Bolin hopes Obama can take time from his visit to drop by.

"He's so hot right now, so I wanted to translate that through my work," said Liu, who was inspired by the idea of the first black U.S. president.[wonder if Liu lit up a cigarette after that--ed.]

I guess hero worship on the part of the Chi-coms for Obama should be no surprise, as the President knowingly appointed a number of Mao worshippers to his own cabinet and cadre of uber czars, so I guess turnabout is fair play.

Oh yeah.. about that flaming Obama statue:

The bronze Obama bust is modeled on Time magazine's "Man of the Year" cover and is speckled with holes for gas that ignites every couple of minutes.

Of course, the true Obama is much the same way. Only most of the 'gas' bloviating from him emanates from his piehole.