Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Liberal Hypocrisy on Parade...

The Virginia senate passed a bill the other day that would mandate insurance companies to cover expensive ABA autism treatment for 4-6 year old children:

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Legislation that would compel insurers to pay for expensive but effective treatments for children with autism won overwhelming passage Tuesday in the state Senate despite opposition from mighty insurance and business lobbies.

On a 27-13 vote, Sen. Janet Howell's bill advances to the House, where a companion measure died on a tie vote in a subcommittee two weeks earlier.

The bill would mandate coverage by certain employee health plans for applied behavior analysis, the treatment that psychiatric and medical officials say is the most effective and promising for children with autism. Insurers say ABA is an educational service, not a medical one that should be covered.

Howell's bill restricts coverage to children from age 2 years through 6, and limits annual insurance outlays for ABA to $35,000. Because of the record $4 billion gap facing the next state budget, it exempts state employees from required coverage until 2015.
And in typical, "Of course, this only applies to the little people" fashion,
As passed, the bill will-not cover state employees because Virginia simply can't afford it. Proponents to the bill say that shouldn't stop businesses that can. (emphases added)
My but aren't they oh, so generous--with other people's money. And in true liberal fashion, they pass mandates that they exempt themselves from.