Sunday, May 09, 2010

In Honor of My Mother..

I wrote this on the occasion of my mother's death, in early April of 1995

God Cast a Pebble..

God cast a pebble into the ocean
in 1924
A tiny pebble.. one human life, nothing less, nothing more.

The pebble travelled through the waters
of the Depression and World War II...
Touching the world with God's Holy Love,
But God's plan wasn't through.

Then that pebble met another,
and a family they did make...
Teaching us about God's Holy Love,
and selfishness, forsake.

But that pebble touched others, too,
as many would begin to see..
Spreading God's Love and Holy Message
beyond the family tree.

Touching all that pebble met
with unconditional Love...
And giving all those special gifts,
given her from above.

Now that pebble's gone through troubled waters..
on her journey through life's sea
Into the waters of Peace and Happiness
for all eternity.

But who would've known when God cast that Pebble
in 1924,
That a tidal wave of love was created
That would last for evermore!

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have your mother still on this earth on this Mother's Day, don't take that fact for granted. Give her a call. Give her a hug.

Hell--give her a hundred hugs.