Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tom Emmer: NOW is the Time!

From an email received from 15A Representative, Steve Gottwalt:
Dear Friends:

Now is the time! With the primary behind us, and a clear field ahead, it is time for common sense conservatives to take back Minnesota and America. Democrats have been making promises we cannot keep with money we do not have, bankrupting our nation, killing jobs, and placing our and our children's economic security in jeopardy.

The Democrats' annointed candidate for governor, Mark Dayton, has pledged to take $4 billion out of our economy to feed more state government. He has pledged to "tax the rich," most of whom are actually small businesses filing their taxes on individual returns -- the same small businesses on which we rely to create the majority of new jobs. This is the same Mark Dayton whose goofy antics in Washington made him the laughing stock of the nation and embarassed Minnesota. This is the same Mark Dayton who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and uses his unearned millions to "buy" his way into politics. Mark Dayton may be able to afford Minnesota, but it's clear Minnesota cannot afford Mark Dayton!

Our candidate for governor, Tom Emmer, has pledged to rein-in state government, set good priorities, and make sure state government lives within its means, and enact real reforms. That's exactly what Minnesota needs! Fiscal restraint will help boost sustainable job growth, jump start Minnesota's economy, and stabilize state revenues. Do not be distracted by the ridiculous attack ads of the Democrats bent on preserving their entitlements and stranglehold on Minnesota taxpayers! Tom Emmer is the only candidate who has the determination and conviction to reduce and reform state government.

Let there be no doubt: Minnesota must elect Tom Emmer! So, let's each dedicate ourselves to that end, and win back this state for the people of Minnesota!

It's time for real jobs, real prosperity, real government reform, and a brighter future for Minnesota -- It's time for Tom Emmer!

- Rep. Steve Gottwalt

Can I hear an "AMEN!??"