Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Regarding the Koran insanity...

Just a few random thoughts regarding the big to-do being made regarding the Gainesville, FL idiot pastor of a church of 30 followers for (gasp-) burning a Koran.

My question is thus: Why?

I mean, what is the interest of the lamestream media in hyping this story? Are they hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy, praying against hope for Islamic-initiated carnage resultant from the hype, providing fodder for the next news cycle?

Does this scenario sound vaguely familiar?

If nothing else, this kerfuffle has made it abundantly clear that in over two centuries of covering news, the Fourth Estate has yet to rise above its genetic tendency toward yellow journalism.

That being said, if any unrest arises from this non-event that does result in death or mayhem, it will ironically be those same lamebrains in the media who unnecessarily stirred the pot that will make excuses for those who practice the mayhem.

You see, the leftist media can't seem to bring itself to hold the same level of accountability toward Muslims with respect to inflicting pain, suffering and mayhem commensurate with their Western counterparts.

The fact that we don't hold the 'Arab Street' to the same moral standards of behavior nor assume ability for rational thought commensurate with the rest of humanity only enables their sub-human animalistic behavior.

So why does the leftist media not only attempt to stir up but actually appear to relish Islamic-inflicted mayhem?

Something tells me that it's about a little bit more than merely trying to stir up fodder for the next news cycle.

As a matter of fact, Jamie Glazov seems to provide the best answer.

To paraphrase an old Arabic/Chinese proverb, any enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Nuff said.