Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strange Days, Indeed...I Guess You Can Fight City Hall, After All.

Who would have known that a 30 second soundbite of a February 19, 2009 broadcast, on of all places, MSNBC, could have so changed the political landscape:

This election cycle is by far the strangest in my 50 years on this earth. I've seen a lot of infighting among different factions in the democrat party before, but never in my lifetime (well, at least since the election of Ronald Reagan) have I seen such infighting among Republicans.

Don’t get me wrong. Since Bush 41 infamously broke his “Read My Lips” pledge, movement conservatives have had plenty of beefs with the establishment of the GOP. But with seemingly no where else to go, and assuaged by the constant assurances by the establishment that their concerns would eventually be addressed (but that they just had to veer to the left in order to get elected by ‘independents’), movement conservatives patiently waited election cycle after election cycle while their agenda was perpetually back-burnered by the increasingly arrogant and increasingly statist Old Guard of the Republican Party. Movement conservatives, the driving force behind the landslide elections of 1994 when Republicans took over the majority, and again in 2002, when Republicans added to their majorities in the mid-term elections (a feat rarely witnessed in the annals of U.S. History), were constantly taken for granted as RINOs like John McCain, Lincoln Chaffee, Mike Castle and Susan Collins constantly ‘reached across the aisle’ (read: capitulated); resulting in increasing government intrusions, and the rendering of the size of government to behemoth status.

Then along came 2006, with both houses reverting to democrat control, culminating into the mother of all wakeup calls- the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.

But then came Santelli.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just your traditional conservative activists who were screaming that the sky was falling. More and more ‘Joe Sixpack’ Americans were opening their eyes and recognizing the multi-trillion dollar rhinoceros of unsustainable debt that was precariously perched upon their dining room tables, waiting to eat themselves and their progeny alive.

Curiously, Folks like Ron Paul and Sarah Palin weren’t looking so much like whacked out extreme nutjob outsiders anymore.

More and more people (especially college-aged kids) were tuning in to the Constitutionalist message and turning out en masse at their local caucuses and political gatherings. The organization demonstrated by the Ron Paul factions at these functions was nothing less than stunning, and something that the Republican establishment were ill-equipped and ill-prepared to deal.

From Searchlight Nevada, to Dover, Delaware, to the Jersey shore, to Boston Massachusetts, to Washington D.C., gathering after gathering of people who previously were content to merely sit on their couches and gripe were now an active force to be reckoned with, and have made it clear that they shall NOT be ignored. No longer will blind trust be extended such that just because there’s an R next to an elected official’s name, that that official will necessarily be a worthy steward of their precious liberties. Going one step further on the old Reagan Trust, but verify policy during the glastnost and perestroika days of the Cold War, to Tea Party activists, with respect to their elected officials, the catch phrase has necessarily become “To hell with trust; we want verification.”

What we’re witnessing today, despite the screaming and gnashing of teeth of the Establishment is yet another revolution; here to date unlike any other seen. Unlike the Reagan revolution, this movement is not led by a central figure. Unlike the Republican Revolution of 1994, this revolution is not led by a small coterie of a party establishment; rather, this revolution has as its focal point a general awakening; a collective, bottom-up realization that the liberties we have enjoyed for the past two and a half centuries as Americans are unbelievably fragile; and must be defended not only from enemies who wish to destroy them from without, but also from those who wish to destroy them from within, up to and including Republicans themselves.

In every sense of the word, we are now entering uncharted waters; a very real brave, new world, the likes of which have not been navigated since the dawning of the American Revolution. For far too long Americans have slumbered and/or stewed in the notion that “You can’t fight city hall.” But if the election of Barack Hussein Obama and the ensuing events that have taken place even into this very evening have taught us anything, it is that ordinary Americans can not only fight City Hall, they can win.