Thursday, July 14, 2011

BREAKING: Dayton Conditionally Accepts June 30 GOP Offer To End Shutdown

Moments ago, Just received a tweet from @KTLK-FM stating that Governor Mark Dayton has sent a letter to Amy Koch And Kurt Zellers stating that, with some conditions, he is willing to accept the offer made by the Minnesota GOP that was designed to avert a state shutdown.

I spoke with Representative Steve Gottwalt a moment ago, and he indeed confirmed that the letter was sent; but was sent with "some conditions;" so that a full agreement was not yet set in stone. Gottwalt said, "We're happy that Governor Dayton appears to have accepted our proposal... but the question to be asked is, "Why did it take so long? Why did the Governor want to put Minnesotans through such unnecessary pain?"


A copy of Dayton's letter to Koch and Zellers can be found here.