Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now He's Messing With Our Beer..

When Mark Dayton clearly intended to inflict maximum pain to Minnesotans with regard to his decision to shut down the government, he pulled a lot of she-nanigans in his effort toward his nonsensical quixotic quest to tax the bejeebers our of job creators. But now he's reached a new low:
The state shutdown means Miller-Coors will have to stop selling beer in Minnesota.

State officials have told the company it must come up with a plan to remove its 39 brands of beer from shelves, and bars in a matter of days.

The company failed to renew its brand license with the state before the shutdown. Each alcohol brand needs to pay a $30 brand license fee, which is good for three years.

Without the license Miller-Coors cannot sell beer in the state.
You mean to tell me that "Deer-In-The-Headlights" Dayton can't get along without a housekeeper and a gardener, but is OK with letting millions of dollars of tax revenue slip through Minnesota's fingers in the midst of the time in which Dayton and his DFL crybabys are complaining that we don't have enough money???

Paging Alice- how the hell do I get back through the looking glass?