Saturday, December 01, 2012

So That ______?

I just figured out the insidiousness connected with what passes for policymaking in Washington D.C. and elsewhere:

There aren't enough"so thats" 

A long time ago I had a wise supervisor (in education, of all things) who said, "For everything you do in your job, as well as for every change you make in your procedure, you need to have a "so that" attached to it. In other words, I do this, so that________." If you don't have a good "so that," then you have no good reason to keep on doing what you're doing, or for implementing the change you've been contemplating. 

Prime example: "We will raise taxes on the wealthy so that_____."

So that what? So that we can decrease the deficit?

By all accounts, the tax hike currently being contemplated by the Democrats will produce enough extra income to run the government for a grand total of EIGHT MORE DAYS. And that is a liberal estimate. With the concomitant economic slowdown, more like FOUR extra days.

So raising taxes so that to decrease the deficit doesn't wash.

So tell me, my Democrat friends- what is the "so that" connected to this grand scheme??