Saturday, March 22, 2008

Larry Pogemiller: Elitist.

As is such the case with liberal democrats... From a source of mine

On Saturday March 8, 2008 State Senator Larry Pogemiller and State Representative Phyllis Kahn held a town a meeting at the Brian Coyle Center in South Minneapolis. The advertised purpose of the meeting was to get feedback from constitutents on topics like the state budget, the gas tax and transportation funding. In reality, it was a way for these two long-time DFL incumbents to tell you what they think of your ability (or lack thereof) to think and act for yourself. Direct from Senator Pogemiller:

"I think it's simplistic and naive to say people can spend their money better than the government."and he went on to include... "The notion that everybody can individually spend their money better than government I, I just think is trite, wrongheaded and anti-democratic."

Oh, good and gracious Mr.Pogemiller... forgive we, the plebiscite masses, for not being as intellectually gifted as the likes of you and your elite liberal comrades! To you, oh wise and powerful Pogemiller, do we pledge our lives and our fortunes, and our unwavering trust in you to do what is best for us. How dare we, the "little people" even have the audacity to think that we know better what to do with our own money than you and your enlightened liberal democrat brethren. I do so bow to your superior wisdom. Forgive our misunderstanding of what is and isn't democratic. A thousand pardons, Sahib.


Well, on second thought, it may indeed be "anti-democratic" to believe that people who earn the money should have a larger say in how it is or isn't spent, or can decide as well as the government ways in which to spend the money they earn. Well, anti-Democrat (DFL) party, at any rate.

His royal benificent Lord Potentate, The "Grand and Glorious" Lawrence Pogemiller has given us proof that that is indeed the case.


Barry Hickethier also wrote about this at True North, and has Emperor Pogemiller's soundbite here.