Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001---we remember...

As part of Operation 2996, I will remember and pay tribute to the life of Scott Jeffrey Weingard, who was killed in the dastardly attack on the World Trade Center:

The Man on the Trapeze

A fantastic athlete he was, but "a gymnast trapeze stuntman he was not," Marc Shapiro recalled about his friend, Scott Weingard. But being the daring sort of person who would squeeze in an adventure whenever he could, Mr. Weingard gladly volunteered to fly with the professional trapeze team while on vacation at a Club Med resort a few years ago.

"There he was, swinging along, doing his thing with his lanky body while we were cheering him on," Mr. Shapiro said, laughing.

Friends began to call Mr. Weingard "First Time Scottie" because he was so often in the position of doing something totally out of the ordinary and new. He was also known for making friends, and keeping them. While still at the resort, Mr. Weingard, a trader at Cantor Fitzgerald who would have been 30 on Sept. 23, disappeared for a while.

Where did he go? "We found him befriending the whole island," recalled Mr. Shapiro, a buddy since their kindergarten days in Dix Hills, on Long Island.

His girlfriend, Julie Kaufmann, called him an angel. His cousin, Jeff Honigstock, interviewed on a recent Thursday, said: "I'm missing him today. It would have been a perfect day for happy hour with Scottie."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 11, 2001.
Some comments left on his memorial website here, include
From: Scott Of Flandreau SD
Date: 11/14/2003
Message: hey scott , hello i'm just going to say i'm sorry i wish you could of got out.. you are a true insperation to all of us because what had happened i send out my heart to you Scott of Flandreau SD GOD BLESS THE US

From: Chad Kalle
Date: 09/30/2005
Message: scotty - although im sure you wouldnt have remembered me... you were my basketball coach at camp wayne back in the day --- u were a great person and ill miss u even though i didnt know u too well --- live on brother - best

From: Jeff Honigstock
Date: 07/07/2006
Message: Chad - Scotty had a perfect memory of every camper that ever went to Wayne. And, I can't think of any better way to discribe him than that. Especially if he coached you. To know that he left a lasting impression on your life is a beautiful thing to see. He left an indelible impression on my life also. Jeff Honigstock


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06/06/2003 12:57:17 AM
So young...and a very beautiful face!Hope you may be in peace!

Barb and Lew Horvitz

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09/11/2004 8:43:17 AM
Remembering Scottie today as we have for the last three years. We miss you and hope your family is able to remember all the good.

"Strange" Dave Rosenberg

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04/18/2006 2:51:32 PM
Scottie Weingard was one of those camp councelors that seemed more like an older brother than an authority figure. When I learned of his demise, I absolutely couldn't believe it. Rest in peace Scottie, lord knows there must be some reason why this terrible tragic thing happened.

To Scott and others who passed ad astra on that fateful day, our prayers continue to be with your families, and WE WILL NEVER FORGET!