Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Common sense 1, DFL 0.

There has been another feel-good measure being bantied about the DFL hinterland that would give the progeny of illegal aliens in Minnesota the benefit of paying resident tuition at Minnesota state colleges.

That's right, residents of Iowa couldn't get a break, but folks who are in this nation illegally can get a reduced fare ride, courtesy of the Minnesota Democrat-Farm-Labor party (via, of course, money confiscated from Minnesota taxpayer pockets).

I've just received an email, however, informing me that saner (Republican) heads have prevailed:
ST. PAUL (AP) _ D-F-L lawmakers are backing off a proposal to offer resident tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants.

The measure was part of a broader higher education budget bill. Governor
Pawlenty has said the tuition plan alone would have been grounds for a
As well it should have.

It did take a November loss, but I am recognizing that Republicans, no longer taking their status as legislators for granted, are finally smelling the coffee and doing "the Lord's work."

Good on them.