Wednesday, May 16, 2007

McDonald's tries new marketing strategy...

From Fox:

OTTAWA, Ill. — An Illinois 8-year-old got more than a hamburger and french fries when she opened her Happy Meal this week.

A 17-year-old employee of an Ottawa, Ill., McDonald's is out of work and facing drug charges after allegedly hiding marijuana and a lighter in the Happy Meal.

Keith Irelan and his three children went through a McDonald's drive-thru Monday night to order Happy Meals. They were on their way to meet their mother at a nearby school for a picnic, police said.

But one of the children — an 8-year-old girl — got a lighter, pipe, and bag of marijuana in her Happy Meal, according to Ottawa Police Chief Brian Zeilmann. Her father went to the police.

"To be honest, you don't expect that," Irelan told FOX Chicago affiliate WFLD-TV.

"She said 'Mom, I have a lighter in my Happy Meal,'" the girl's mother said.

The girl showed the lighter to her dad, then told him later that she got two other "toys" in her Happy Meal. One of those toys was a bag of marijuana.


McDonald's employee Brandon Scott of Ottawa was fired on the spot, then arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Now that's a happy meal.

And quite a business ploy too...

Just think... you eat, get stoned, and then you go back to McDonald's for even more munchies!

A sheer stroke of genius!

They shouldn't fire that employee--hell--they should move him to upper management!