Friday, July 20, 2007

If you can't beat them, SILENCE THEM!

Blogger extraordinaire, SCBA member and very good friend, Gary Gross, has had his website shut down. As you may know, Gary struck a big fat nerve when his investigative reporting on the unraveling of the Haditha Marines case included asking for a comment from Jack Murtha's office regarding the case of Corporal Justin Sharrat. Gary's work was linked by such luminaries as Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Reynolds. Gary also was also on Dirk Thompson's talk show, where he appeared with Tim Harrington, as well as Corporal Justin Sharrat's father, where Mr. Gross called on Murtha to apologize to Sharrat.

Well, lo and behold, but Gary's site has been taken down.

A mere server problem, perhaps?

Then how do you explain getting the same message:

..Sorry, this page is not available..

If you are the owner of this site and believe this message to be in error, please contact support.

on another blog which Gary contributes (but does not own)--the California Conservative?

Both of those blogs, I believe, operate on WordPress. Thinking that it just may be a WordPress thing, I took a perusal on their site and took at their list of blogs--all of them worked.

This is just a little too "convenient" to be a mere coincidence.

More on this at Lady Logician's site.


Gary has now redirected his url to his old blogger site and is back in business!