Tuesday, July 17, 2007

White Flag-a-Thon to be held today in the Senate!

(CNSNews.com) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is demanding that Republicans allow Democrats an "up-or-down -- yes or no -- vote on the most important issue our country faces" -- the Iraq war.

In a speech on the Senate floor Monday, Reid told Republicans that Democrats have no intention of backing down on their effort to "transition" the Iraq mission, which means withdrawing U.S. troops. (READ: SURRENDER!--ed.)

Previous efforts to withdraw U.S. troops have failed multiple times in both the House and Senate because of Republican "obstruction," Reid said.

"I would like to inform the Republican leadership and all my colleagues that we have no intention of backing down. If Republicans do not allow a vote on Levin-Reed today [Monday] or tomorrow, we will work straight through the night on Tuesday," Reid said.

Senator Reid, if you and yours had spent half the energy not backing down against terrorists as you do your own President, we would have damn near won the war by now!

Reid said all senators will have a chance to "speak their mind."

"Those of us who are ready to end the war will make our case to the American people. Those who support the status quo are welcome to equal floor time to make their case. Let the American people hear the arguments. Let them see their elected representatives engaging in a full, open and honest debate. Let them hear why Republicans are obstructing us on this amendment.

By all means--please let the American people know why it is important to obstruct your surrender-monkey bill! Let the American people know that the democrat party is more than willing to allow America to bend over and take it up the ass from terrorist elements. Let the American people know without equivocation that the democrat party stands for and owns the defeat of America by third-world savages!

Please, Senator Reid!! We're counting on you!


For those of you who claim that there has been "no progress" in Iraq:

(via Riehl World View).