Monday, July 16, 2007

New breed of killer bee?

Remember the Jihad Mickey that CAIR-Endorsed Hamas used to preach death and destruction of the infidel to five-year old Palestinian children?

Seeing the error of their ways, the radical Islamo-tards have changed their ways. Instead of using a cheap Disney knock-off to peddle their hate, they're using a bumblebee:
Jerusalem ( - Hamas television has created a new character to replace the Mickey Mouse look-alike named Farfur that called for jihad and a global Islamic takeover.

Nahool is a giant yellow and black-striped bumblebee, suspended from the studio ceiling. He says he wants to follow in his cousin Farfur's footsteps and calls for jihad, according to a translation provided on Monday by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

During the episode of the children's program "Tomorrow's Pioneers" that aired on Friday, the child hostess Saraa looks up and sees Nahool. She asks him who he is and what he wants.

"I am Nahool [the bee], Farfur's cousin...I want to continue the path of Farfur, -- the path of 'Islam is the solution; the path of heroism; the path of martyrdom; the path of the Jihad warriors. Me and my friends shall continue the path of Farfur," Nahool says in the same squeaky voice that his cousin had.

"And in his name we shall take revenge upon the enemies of Allah, the murderers of the prophets [i.e. the Jews], the murderers of innocent children, until Al-Aqsa will be liberated from their filth," he said. Saraa welcomes Nahool to the show.
Religion of peace, my ass.