Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama's "dangerous fantasy?"

Powerline points us to a WND article, which reported that Obama stated he would like to develop a civilian security force every bit as powerful and well-funded as today's military. Paul Mirengoff asserts:
I'm not suggesting that Obama would actually try to establish a domestic security force as powerful as our current military, only that deep-down it appears he wouldl like to do something of the kind. That impulse seems like a threat to our freedom regardless of whether Obama attempts to hatch the full-blown object of his fantasy (sic).
Personally, I'm wondering where the MSM is going to be in all of this. They had a cow when President Bush proposed that we beef up domestic security and fight terrorism more efficiently by enlarging our circle of U.S. citizen informants back in 2007.

Obama's plan would seem to be more ambitious-- in spades.