Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How do the MN DFL Want to Solve Problems..Let Me Count the Ways...

Errr... None.

It seems that in their never-ending quest to formulate health care policies, Minnesota DFLers have made it clear that ideas that actually work need not apply.

As I keyboard this tome, Linda Berglund and Tom Huntley are chairing an "informal" meeting to discuss the fate of Minnesota's GAMC (General Assistance Medical Care) program. It's so 'informal,' in fact, that its informality led to an oversight by Berglund and Huntley in that they forgot to invite any Republicans to the meeting.

This never-ending attempt by the Minnesota DFL to re-invent the wheel is a farce, since it was Minnesota Republican legislators who offered a real solution on the House floor for continuing GAMC coverage; ideas that were rejected by the DFL majority, simply because they preferred keeping the wound open so that they could then blame the fallout on Governor Pawlenty.

C'mon Berglund, Huntley & DFLers... enough with the Kubuki theatre. Start doing what folks elected you to do. Quit admiring problems, and actually start solving a few once in a while.