Monday, August 10, 2009

Projection: It's not just for movie theaters anymore. RE: Obama as Joker..

Due to the insistence of the Obama administration on calling those who are dissident to his policies members of a mob, I have added the words, "I am the Mob" to my Twitter avatar.

Some heretofore unknown-to-me self-righteous Minnesota blogger named Holly Cairns decided to make an example of me to feebly attempt to illustrate that those who are like minded:

1. ... all failed civics class.

2. Many of them are sensationalists, looking for attention

3. They bleat and baaaah worse than the average Joe

4. Many of them worry about race and superiority

5. Some are f ‘ing nuts.

Read all her pointless blathering here.

I responded to Ms. Cairns' thusly:

Hello, Holly. I don’t know you from Eve, but I will take the following presumption as fact:

You are a somewhat intelligent woman.

Taking that presumption under consideration, after reading the subject title of your post, I can come to one of three possibilities.

I’ll tackle the first two right off the bat:

1. You were born just after January 20, 2009; or

2. You have just awakened from having been in a deep coma since the election of November, 2000.

Now, you just may be a 7-month old child prodigy who can not only utilize a word processing program, but can also string complex sentences together utilizing advanced grammar and syntax. As improbable as this may seem, if this accurately describes you, I would appreciate if you would allow me the indulgence to rule out that possiblity, given that the chances of this scenario achieving the status of reality is infinitessimal, at best.

As for the possibility just awakening from a near decade-long coma, you would at this point most likely continue be in a neurological stupor, and the manual dexterity required for even keyboarding such a tome would most likely be beyond your capabilities.

Therefore, I am left with only one possibility:

3. You are PROJECTING.

Allow me to explain. Projection is a defense mechanism utilized when one projects one’s own faults onto others, while at the same time denying that those faults exist in the one who projects. This allows the projector to focus one’s attention on the projectee, while temporarily relieving herself (or hisself) of the mental anguish that would certainly come with facing one’s own moral failings.

Obama as joker as proof that there is racism among the right wing cabal? Do you really think so? Or is it just a lame attempt to cover the left’s own failings in your infatuation with playing the race card at every turn?

In case you haven’t noticed, conservatives aren’t the ones who are focused on the concentration of melanin contained in a person’s skin as an indicator of value of a person’s character nor as a steretypical pigeonhole of how he or she should or shouldn’t act or believe. If you really must project your own faults on to us in a temporarily effective effort to mask your own shortcomings, I guess I understand. I only ask that you ask for and receive help as soon as you are able. It’s not good to harbor ill feelings toward your fellow man or woman based on the color of their skin. On the other side of the coin, if we should in the future decide to become hatemongering frothing-at-the-mouth demogogues we’ll consult you and yours, since you have undoubtedly gained quite a bit of expertise in such pursuits.

Okay, next:

“They all failed civics class.”

If we really understood our civics (which I believe most conservatives do), chances are we definitely would have failed a civics class as taught by a Harvard professor or a University of Chicago-indoctrinated social studies teacher. On the other hand, chances are that you in fact got an “A” in civics class. But chances are equally probable that you didn’t learn any civics as a result. First of all, try as you might, you will not find the phrase, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” in the Constitution. You will, however, find it in the Declaration of Independence. But nonetheless, I’m sure the liberal teacher in your civics class probably didn’t know that, either. So I’ll give you a pass. But even so, let’s focus on that phrase, shall we? The latter concept of that wonderful, life-sustaining phrase; undoubtedly the bedrock upon which the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were built had absolutely nothing to do with ensuring happiness. Note the word, pursuit in the pursuit of happiness. In other words, we have been endowed by our CREATOR (note, not by government) with the right to pursue happiness, to wit, our dreams. Note also that what one pursues is not always what one attains. Sometimes pursuits end in failure. And that’s okay. Because failure is the mother of innovation and diversification. The freedom to fail as well as the freedom to succeed are all covered in the freedom to pursue happiness.

Note that there is nothing in the Constitution regarding the “ensuring of happiness.” Nor is there anything in the Constitution regarding “leveling the playing field.” Nor, for that matter, will you find any such phraseology in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, nor in any of the Federalist Papers or any other writings of our Founding Fathers. Yet, somehow, like a “Magic Eye” picture, liberals see ‘leveling the playing field’ as somehow ensuring Constitutional rights. Another instance (of many) in this phenomenon is the elusively non-present “right to privacy” supposedly mentioned (NOT) in the Constitution that is utilized as a Carte Blanche justification to snuff out the lives of millions of fetal children. While at the same time other rights clearly outlined in that phrase (the right to LIFE; the right to LIBERTY) as well as rights clearly outlined in the Constitution (to wit, the right to keep and bear arms) are summarily IGNORED by the same folks who say things are there that aren’t (anyone else noticing the pathology?).

You say you’d like to be rich. For many, that’s what the pursuit of happiness is about. To be rewarded for hard work as they play by the rules. Pretty darn difficult to pursue happiness when you’re met at every turn with a tax on this and a tax on that to be redistributed to someone else who didn’t work as hard or provide a service as valuable to society. Not to mention to be regulated at every turn by leftist powermongers who utilize faux science as an instrument to confiscate and distribute wealth (can you say, “Cap and Trade” -yeah, nice euphamism for oganized theft).

You may also want to brush up on your civics by actually reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Pay close attention to that 10th Amendment, while you’re at it.

Oh, I can go on about Civics lessons til the cows come home, but seeing as it’s now 1:18am local time, I’ll move on..

“Many of them are sensationalists, looking for attention.”

Yes, and those oh-so- peaceful window-smashing protesters at the RNC convention in Minneapolis were real wallflowers. No doubt when they stripped their clothes in protest to the G-8 summit, they were merely trying to blend in with their surroundings.

Projection again, Holly? Yeah… I guess you can call it that.


They bleat and blaah worse than the average Joe

You know, Holly–I’ve been to a few Tea Parties in my day, and let me clue you in on something: They’re ALL average Joe’s. But at the same time, I know your disdain for the “average Joe.” Case in point, Joe the Plumber. A citizen asks a presidential candidate a tough question, and the media and the left descended on him like a pack of ravenous pirhanas. I would call Sarah Palin another average Joe. She appealed to a lot of average folks in what you call “flyover country.” If the leftist media paid even a quarter of the amount of attention to Barack Obama’s past that they did to the likes of Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin (remember the hundreds of journalists and leftists that descended upon the sleepy town of Wasilla, looking for ANY dirt they could on Sarah Palin?), chances are more than likely we’d have a President McCain in the oval office. But I digress.

Many of them worry about race and superiority

At the risk of repeating myself, please refer to Possibility #3, above.

Some are f’ing nuts!

And Rosie O’Donnell, Jimmy Carter, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, and Sean Penn are paragons of sanity. Give me a break.

Again, if you must assuage your shortcomings by projecting them onto others, I offer myself as a source for your short-term relief. But for heaven’s sake and yours, seek help.