Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Pax Christi Apostasy.

(file photo)

You can tell a lot about the veracity of a person's expressed principles as conditions change.

Take the local chapter of Pax Christi, for example. During the Bush administration, one could regularly find them in front of Barnes & Noble in St. Cloud, supposedly protesting the war in Iraq. Ask them whether their protests were politically motivated, they would explain that they were against U.S. involvement in war.

Now that President Obama is at the helm, we're still in Iraq. We are also experiencing exponentially increasing casualties in Afghanistan. But somehow, Pax Christi is conspicuously absent from the corner of Highway 15 and Division.

Considering their absence, as the only real difference now is the person at the helm of the Presidency, can one draw any conclusion other than the true aim of Pax Christi was not an end to war, but rather an end to Republican control of the White House?

Given that conclusion, it would also seem fair to surmise that Pax Chirsti’s protests of Operation Iraqi Freedom during the Bush administration were not borne of principled opposition to war, but were rather utilized as convenient tools to remove a political party from power.

This despite the fact that their protests (and those of other groups) served to demoralize our troops, as well as to embolden our enemies to keep up their fight, thus placing our troops in increasing danger.

If Pax Christi’s protests were truly borne of principled opposition to war, one may have understood. But utilizing the Iraq War issue as a mere political football, and endangering the lives of our troops in the process, all as a means of getting their party of choice in power, is nothing less than unconscionable.

But then again, one could never accuse Pax Christi of having a conscience. Or at least not being able to turn it off, at will:
Pax Christi USA’s “Life Does Not End at Birth” statement – a Catholic election year statement that articulates a call for Catholics to vote on the broad range of issues that impact the common good – was placed in more than 30 diocesan and secular publications throughout 2004, reaching more than 30 million Catholics in the U.S. This work was done in partnership with Faithful America and Res Publica.
This notion, of course, allowed CINOs (Catholics In Name Only) to turn off their consciences (if they had any to begin with) to vote for and to promote the candidacy and election of the most pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia president. Ever. All as a means of promoting their socialist utopian heaven on earth.

Of course, the killing of innocents for the greater good, and all that.