Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to Lilliput

Or as it is known now, present-day Copenhagen:
European Union leaders on Friday offered to contribute money to a global fund to help developing countries tackle global warming hoping kick-start stalled talks on a new agreement on climate change.

But E.U. leaders disappointed climate campaigners by making the offer conditional on donations from other parts of the world and by failing to decide how much Europe would contribute to a global pot of up to 50 billion euros by 2020.


But environmental groups took a mostly negative view of the results of the two-day summit, saying E.U. leaders had chosen vague, global figures and thereby diminished chances of unblocking climate negotiations ahead of the meeting in Copenhagen.

"Europe has failed once again to say how much it is prepared to contribute for climate finance," said Sonja Meister, a climate campaign coordinator for Friends of the Earth Europe. "In every way the EU is shirking its historical responsibilities and blocking progress towards the just and fair agreement the world needs in Copenhagen," she said.
You see folks, this "global warming" scam has nothing to do with global warming, climate change, or any other rot you can think of.

The self-important, self-centered, self-anointed thieving bastards at "Friends of Earth Europe," are friends only unto themselves, and friends only unto their own pocketbooks. The not-so-secret-secret is that groups like The Sierra Club, Earth First and any other envirowhacko group (not to mention the fat cat Algore, a group unto himself) are nothing but shakedown artists, hellbent on transforming the entire earth and its economy into a communist dystopia, selling their vomit packaged as a heap of putrid, pus-filled feces otherwise known as 'climate change legislation,' (or, in this case, the Copenhagen treaty) while, of course, lining their own pockets in the process. Utilizing fear as their currency and browbeating as their clout, they promise to brand eunich politicians who don't bow at their altar of gaia as 'earth haters.'

The time is past nigh to finally hand these communist shakedown artists a collective middle finger, and tell them they can stick their demands where the sun doesn't shine.

Come on, EU leaders--grow some cajones. And while you're at it, pass along a pair to our own band of eunichs.