Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surpise, Surpise, Surprise!

In a "surprising" event...
Sales of new homes dropped a record 32.7 percent in May to the lowest level in at least four decades as the boost from a popular tax credit faded, adding to worries over a slowing economic recovery.

Single-family home sales tumbled to a 300,000 unit annual rate, the lowest level since the series started in 1963, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday.

Of course, "everyone" was surprised. Very much akin to the "surprise" that would no doubt have occurred should one had removed a breathing apparatus from a comatose patient in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere.

When will these mental midgets learn that one cannot parcel out bits of government largesse and expect an economic recovery while at the same time oppressing free market conditions that would otherwise drive and enable that recovery?