Friday, June 25, 2010

Tarryl Clark's Cheap Opportunism, Part XXXLVVIII

To term Tarryl Clark as an opportunistic, lying (fill in your expletive here), would be, well, shall we say, generous.

Having absolutely nothing to contribute, being intellectually vapid in both substance and form, feckless, desperate Tarryl Clark instead stoops to cheap opportunism and taking quotes out of context. The latest is a prime example:

Tarryl Clark believes that BP should pay for the mess they made. Like all of us - with the apparent exception of a certain Congresswoman - she doesn't want to see a single dime of taxpayer money go to bail out BP.

And we're taking Michele Bachmann head-on over this issue. It's been called a defining moment of the midterm election, a clear example of whose side Michele Bachmann is really on.

Of course, Clark's stock in trade, like her hero, Barack Hussein Obama, is intellectual dishonesty.

Clark gets her ammunition for her latest intellectually vapid rant from Congresswoman Bachmann's quote:

"If I were the head of BP I would let the signal get out there -- we're not going to be chumps and we're not going to be fleeced."

Yes, a pretty damning quote, until you consider it in context, which was Obama's "Or else" meeting with BP officials in which he virtually seized $20 billion dollars without due process of law.

Of course, Bachmann was not saying that BP should not take financial and/or other responsibility-what Bachmann (and for that matter, Senator Joe Barton) decried was the flagrant Hugo-Chavez-styled seizure of property that took place void of any Constitutional due process of law.

The issue is not that BP should not bear responsibility for the situation in the Gulf; the issue here is that the Obama administration completely skirted due process and flagrantly overreached its authority in its not-so-veiled shakedown of BP.

President Obama may have been a community organizer in a previous lifetime, but a Jesse Jackson he is not. He is the highest Constitutional officer in the land--subject to the limits placed upon him and the Executive Branch by the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment of said Constitution does not allow for the seizure of property without due process of law. Obama completely usurped his Constitutional authority.

If Tarryl Clark was as smart as she claims to be, she should have known that.

But then again, when has the Constitution ever gotten in the way of a Statist democrat and her thirst for power?

So, to answer Tarryl's question, who's side is Michele Bachmann really on? The side of the rule of law.

By the way, which side are you on, Tarryl?