Saturday, June 12, 2010

They needs to turn in their man-cards--NOW.

There was a 'human rights' complaint against "Ladies Night" in five Minneapolis bars:

Free drink specials that women receive at some Twin Cities bars during ladies’ nights may be a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act, according to the state’s Department of Human Rights.

The department is currently investigating the drink specials at five Twin Cities’ bars and restaurants in response to complaints of gender discrimination, department spokesman Jeff Holman said.

Ladies’ nights generally consist of one or two hours of free or reduced-price drinks for women while men pay full price.

Gender-based pricing violates the Human Rights Act,” department Commissioner James Kirkpatrick said in a statement.

The department would not comment on the establishments involved, as the investigation is ongoing.

Holman said if an establishment is found to have violated the Human Rights Act, it may be forced to pay damages to complainants or end the ladies’ night specials ruled discriminatory.

I really want the 'complainants' names to be made public, so they could be publicly and mercilessly ridiculed, be forced to wear panties, and ostracized from every institution that real men hold dear.

What have we come to, that we must now have such a sanitized, politically correct existence that some smarmy, pencil-necked geek (or geeks) have to complain about a long-standing institution as "Ladies Night," reaching the tentacles of political correctness into every aspect of our lives, including our social lives?

As far as I'm concerned, vive le difference! and let it go at that.