Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Iraq = Vietnam? Democrats will see to it!

The democrats will go to every length to ensure their personal, twisted victory by ensuring U.S. defeat in Iraq:
The war, he said, "is the overarching issue of our time, and American lives, American values and America's role in the world are all at stake."
Exactly, you blubbering drunken blowhard! Do you really think that American lives, American values, and America's role in the world would be enhanced by cutting and running from the terrorists in Iraq? Do you really think that (after committing genocide) that the terrorists will lay down their arms, sing Kumbaya and stay put?
However, "we cannot simply speak out against an escalation of troops in Iraq," he added. "We must act to prevent it."

With that in mind, Kennedy said he would introduce legislation that would "prohibit the use of funds for an escalation of United States Forces in Iraq above the numbers existing as of January 9, 2007," unless and until Congress approves the president's plan.

If enacted into law, the bill would "reclaim the rightful role of Congress and the people's right to a full voice in the president's plan to send more troops to Iraq," he said.
Hauntingly familiar, eh?

Since when is it the purview of Congress to dictate military strategy? Since when has Congress had the power to usurp the role of Commander in Chief of the United States, you blithering idiot?
"Let us hear the arguments for it and against" Bush's new plan, Kennedy stressed. "Then let us vote on it in the light of day. Let the American people hear - yes or no - where their elected representatives stand on one of the greatest challenges of our time."
Yes, Senator "Swimmer". Let the American people see the democrats for who they are. Let them see the Democrat Party for what it is--the party of surrender to two-bit third world terrorist scumbags.

I welcome it.