Thursday, January 04, 2007

Paying through the wazoo...for a "better" Minnesota?

So the new democrat majority takes over in the Minnesota State House, we have a $2 billion budget surplus projected over the next three years; a sure sign that Minnesotans are being overtaxed. So what does the new brainless, mind-numbed DFL majority propose as some of their first items on their agenda?

Why, raise taxes, of course!

The glow of opening day had barely worn off when suggestions for tax increases started popping up on Thursday.

Among the first 20 bills introduced in the DFL-led Senate were proposals to raise the gas tax, the sales tax, cigarette taxes, vehicle taxes and more.

Raise taxes? With a $2 billion surplus????
Senate Republicans were quick to see a pattern in the proposals for tax increases.

"Right out of the gate we're seeing Democrats propose tax increases," said Sen. Chris Gerlach, R-Apple Valley. "We have a multi-billion-dollar surplus. That ought to be enough."

The proposals include:

_ A transportation funding package would raise Minnesota's 20-cents-a-gallon gas tax by another dime. It would also increase license tab fees on newly purchased vehicles. And it would let all counties charge up to $20 annually for every car, what's known as a wheelage tax.

Just when we're starting to see some price relief at the pumps, these bozos want to pump up the price another 20 cents per gallon?

_ A constitutional amendment bill would ask voters to raise the state sales tax by 3/8ths of a percent to pay for clean water, the arts and the outdoors. Another variation would boost the sales tax by a quarter of a percent for the outdoors and clean water.
We're already the fifth highest taxed state in the Union, if not higher than that... and the DFL is doing its level best to make it the highest taxed state in the union!

Paying for what? Another Maplethorpe exhibit at the Guthrie?

_ A children's health care bill would raise taxes on cigarettes by anywhere between $1 and $1.20 a pack, according to state Department of Revenue researchers. The tax on a tin of chewing tobacco would go up at least $2.24.

There ya go. Hit the smokers again. And just what are you going to do when the money finally dries up after the smokers finally quit the habit? Why, go after Big Fast Food, of course! Yeah, yeah, I know. It's for the chillldrennn!
_ Another bill would let school districts levy local property owners for the full cost of running ice arenas, instead of the current limit of 90 percent of the cost.
Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! Another property tax increase!!! Wahoooooooo!

Go ahead, DFL--keep on pulling bone-headed stunts like these, and your majority will be toast. The denial that's already going on in the DFL leadership speaks volumes:

Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller said it would be "improper" to conclude that Democrats are pushing tax increases. He said his caucus's top priority is to cut property taxes, and voters would decide whether to approve a constitutional amendment for a higher sales tax.

"This is a tax cut," said Pogemiller, pointing to Senate File No. 1 on a list of bill introductions. "That's a tax cut. No. 1 is a tax cut."

Yeah... "It's a tax cut. Really." Much the same as saying an RPG up the bunghole is nothing but a healthy enema.

Don't you just love it when they piss on your leg; while denying, of course, that they're pissing on your leg?

Well, Minnesotans, you did it! Congratulations. You are indeed going to pay through the wazoo for a "better" Minnesota.

Now bend over and take it like a man.