Saturday, January 27, 2007

Talent and Wisdom beyond his years...

Those are words that can accurately describe Minnesota's own Aaron Colton. Aaron, who even at the ripe old age of 13 was a world-class Streetbike Freestyler, is now 14 years old and at the top of his game. Perhaps even just as remarkable, Aaron has also proven himself to be a patriot beyond his years. From his website:

Two shows that I would most like to do above all others would be for wounded soldiers in Washington and shows to entertain the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

If anybody visiting this site has leverage, ability, an idea or a contact that could possibly help make that happen, please leave an Email for me. I will follow up promptly. Thank You so very much for your support!

He also maintains a page in which he highlights what he calls, "The Heroes of Iraq."

I received a correspondence from Aaron's grandfather the other day, and there's a part of it I'd like to share:
"As you will see by the link to my grandsons website that he is trying
very hard to carry the message of support for your troops with the
worldwide publicity that he has gained. There are videos on the web
site and links to newspaper articles and magazine articles that have
been written about him. During his competitions he always requests and
elicits a special cheer from the crowds at each one of his
introductions. The cheer is usually among the loudest if not the
loudest at each event. A hopeful sign despite the dismal state of
politics at this time. Aaron’s support of the troops has become
recognized and closely identified with his riding and objectives for
winning in the press coverage that he has received. Aaron is told that
he has a fan club in Ramadi. He has contacted people in Washington that
are trying to coordinate a special show at Walter Reed and other venues
this coming summer. They are helping finance the travel with paid shows
in the DC area. Aaron’s biggest vision is to perform in Iraq for the
troops and has been trying to link up with the USO to do more shows than
he does for the troops here stateside."
It is readily apparent that Aaron comes from good stock. A child doesn't grow up to be as exceptional as Aaron without the proper guidance and the love of a strong family!

Aaron's grandfather closes with
Well I thought that your son might draw some encouragement that moral
from a few Americans that are really behind him and the fantastic job he
is doing. Aaron’s grandmother works at the Mall of America and because
it is a high valued target on the list of potential terrorist targets in
the U.S., we feel that your son is directly defending and protecting our
family personally. Thank you and please thank him for us.
Mr. Colton, as a proud parent of a deployed soldier, it is you that I'd like to thank for giving us the gift of Aaron.

If more of those in Washington would follow his and your lead, our prospects for victory in the GWOT would be more than assured.