Monday, January 29, 2007

RIP, Corby...

Corby is dead. The long-time mascot since the early 1970s at Crossroads Pet Center in St. Cloud has finally gone to that rainforest in the sky.

Since coming to St. Cloud in 1992, no visit to Crossroads Mall was complete without a visit with Corby (if nothing else, my children made sure of it!)

In fact, my wife gets the credit for teaching Corby the words, "ruff ruff."

Corby had a full compliment of moods; at times raucous, at times playful, and and at times, reserved. In this litigious age, I found it curious that Corby was often free; especially given the one-inch by four inch sign affixed on the cage, proclaiming, "Keep hands and fingers away. Corby will bite!" All of the store customers who passed under Corby's cage in the rear of the store in order to gain a glimpse of its fare of puppies and small birds would cast a weary eye on Corby, lest they find that Corby had decorated their coiffure with an array of white and green droppings.

Well... Corby, you will be sorely missed, and your passing now gives me one less reason to go to the mall.

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