Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More news from Iraq that the Agenda Media won't Report

From a correspondent to a good friend of mine...

From: Ssgt Greg S....... on active duty in Iraq I have never seen the media report on all the countries that are her in Iraq right now as part of our coalition in the war on the terrorists. (Note: I am going to say "terrorists" rather than "insurgents" because the evidence shows that now that the Sunnis have come over to side with the U.S./Coalition; it is Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq and the Al Qaeda backed cells of thugs, gangsters and organized criminals that made up the terroists we are fighting.) Who are the countries here? Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Britain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia,Kazakshstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Uganda. Speaking of the Sunni change-of-heart: In a major reconciliatory gesture, a leader from Iraq's largest Shiite party has paid a rare visit to the Sunnu Anbar Province, delivering a message of unity to tribal sheiks who now back the U.S. and who have staged a revolt against Al Qaeda militants .Ammar al-Hakim struck a note if national unity in Anbar, where a tribal revolt against Al Qaeda has significantly reduced violence in the vast province and inspired similar anti-Al-Qaeda uprisings elsewhere in central Iraq and Baghdad SSGT Greg S....... United States Air Force Balad, Iraq ****************************************************************************************************
*** Things I am seeing here that you won't get on the news back home: Working with our route clearance teams to sweep the roads for IED's. A few days ago a route clearance team was working hand-in-hand with the Iraqi Army to clear a road. As the road was being cleared, hundreds...yes hundreds of Iraqi citizens came out of their homes to join the Iraqi Army on the road to protect it after it was being cleared. 3 A,M. on a road in the middle of nowhere, and I watch an Iraqi Tribal Security team manning a checkpoint and aggressively patrolling the road, exposed, easy targets. That's guts. Now that the Sunni have come over to our side, it's no longer accurate to characterize this as an insurgency. This is Al Qaeda and terrorists that we are fighting, One sure way to tell is the Sunni that Al Qaeda are killing now that the Sunni work with us. Two weeks ago Al Qaeda suicide bombed a Sunni meeting, killing a three month old baby. They shot a Sunni in the chest, tied his still alive four month old baby to his leg, and threw them both in the river. This is the kind of barbaric terrorism we are fighting, and this is the kind of courage that the Iraqi people are displaying in this fight. And this is just the good stuff I am allowed to tell you about. When it comes to a fight against terrorism, give me one Iraqi over 100 left wing Oak Park liberals any day. If anyone asks, we are still winning this war and we could wrap things up a lot sooner if the Democrats would stop trying to figure out a way to surrender and just let us win. Please feel free to share.

SSgt Greg S....... Fighting Terrorism in Iraq to Protect America