Sunday, December 09, 2007

The More Things Stay the Same, The More They... Change?

Frothing-at-the mouth moonbats, still reeling from failed causes celebre such as the fizzling of "Plamegate," and looking for yet another dead horse carcass to hop on top of and scream righteous indignation, have since latched on to "waterboarding" as a yet-unheard of instrument of torture utilized by Bushitler and Cheneyburton in their efforts to wrest oil for their buddies and to control the world! Why, according to the moonbat left, there is nothing more heinous than the practice of having someone think he's drowning in order to extract information that would otherwise save American and innocent Iraqi lives.

Forget beheading. Forget being placed foot-first in a chipper-shredder. Forget rape rooms!

Waterboarding was so much more heinous than all that, and was emblematic as the evil practiced by the Bush administration. Just ask Ted Kennedy about what "simulated drowning" was all about (after all, he should know, shouldn't he?).

No self-respecting democrat would ever sign on as approving of the practice of waterboarding!

Or would they?

WASHINGTON — Four top members of Congress, including now-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, got a close look at CIA overseas detention sites and interrogation techniques in September 2002 and offered no challenge to their legitimacy, according to a news article out Sunday.

On the contrary, at least two lawmakers involved in the briefing that day questioned whether the CIA was pushing hard enough, even after hearing the details of the now widely criticized technique known as waterboarding, two U.S. officials told The Washington Post.

"The briefer was specifically asked if the methods were tough enough," one official is quoted saying.

Click here to read The Washington Post article.

A virtual tour of the sites given by the CIA was among 30 private briefings with key legislative leaders during the 2002-2003 era when waterboarding was used. At the time, only one objection — filed by then-House Intelligence Committee Ranking Democrat Jane Harman — was made.

This again, dear readers, is emblematic of the contrived nature of the democrat party. Fingers ever in the wind, looking for any opportunity to score politically like the carpetbagging hucksters that they are, the democrat party leadership and their minions continually try to count on short memories of the American populace; to see what the latest scam is that they can concoct to try to fool the American voters, to tug on their heartstrings, and to generally PW3N them into hating Republicans and voting for democrats.

But like the hucksters they are, their lies are eventually uncovered, and they're forced to crawl back under their collective rock to dream up the next contrived 'scandal.'

Come on, dems... isn't this getting a bit old already?

Hey, democrats-- here's a novel idea! Try telling the truth once in a while! Granted an unorthodox practice going by the standards set forth by your erstwhile heroes; but just try it once for grins and giggles, k?

What the hell could it hurt?