Monday, September 01, 2008

Convention Notes...

As you may have gathered from listening to the news, today's Gustav-abbreviated RNC convention was not so much about what was happening inside, but more of what was happening outside.

For some great reporting of the mayhem, may I direct you here, here, here and here.

I have some video of the Anarkids myself having been ambling through their festivities on my way to the "X", but as of now I'm not able to transfer the video from the webcam to my computer.

But since my blogging brethren did such a bang-up job reporting on the antics of the moonbats, may I direct you to a little bit of the human interest that was happening inside the hallowed convention halls.

First of all, a bit about "blogger's row" at the convention. What it is, mainly is a nosebleed section of the XCel, with a bar, a railing, and some bar stools. There were very few outlets available to plug in a laptop; not that it would do any good anyway, since the XCel just happened to be void of wi-fi.

Now that you know what it was like for the hoi polloi, may I direct you to some nicer digs...

Now remember, with my creds, I shouldn't have been able to access this area. But due to the honest mistake of a well-meaning volunteer who guided me in the wrong direction, I got a chance see how the other half lives:

First, let's begin at the CNN suite:

A peek inside reveals posters of all the CNN stars; Wolf Blitzer, Soledad O'Brien, and Thomas Roberts are featured...
I had to take a double-glance; at first I thought they were Che Guevera posters.

Now on to the NBC suite, where we see where they get their faces powdered:

And let me tell you, those make-up booths were equipped for any contingency; for instance, if Brian Williams needed to go incognito, the NBC makeup artist was ready with none other than

A collection of fake moustaches.

Atlas at Atlas Shrugs has some similar experiences.

I have to go to my day job tomorrow, but I'm heading for the XCel again tomorrow evening; I'll likely be taking a personal day on Wednesday and Thursday, as well.