Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Part of our "unilateral" interventionism, no doubt...

This is a correspondence from a friend of mine who resides in the Netherlands, who writes of his son who is currently serving in Afghanistan:

It’s not all mayhem over there

Here’s a picture of my son, looking after a 1 year old Afghan baby in Kandahar hospital. I don’t know about details here, Liam is very good about the “need to know” rule.

He did say he’s been working his “rear” end off with many casualties, 26 wounded and 16 deaths in 36 hours, soldiers and civilians, not all because of fighting but also traffic accidents etc.

You can tell he’s hot though.
A big thank you, not only to our troops and their families, but to all our allies and their families, who join us in fighting the good fight.

GOD bless you all!