Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama through the looking glass...

From here:

“You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called ‘change,’ it’s still going to stink,” Obama said. “After eight years, we’ve had enough of the same old thing. It’s time to bring about real change to Washington and that’s the choice you’ve got in this election.” -Barack Milhaus Hussein Obama
Hey Barry--are you talking about the same old socialism that you've been hawking, wrapped in that fishwrap you've been touting as "change?"

And don't think that "lipstick and pig" comment you made against Palin is going to go unanswered, creep.

Not that I'm mad at you for saying it. Hell no. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for you.

You see, Urkel, you have picked a fight you have no chance in hell of winning.

She (Sarah) will make complete mincemeat out of your political hide, and field dress you for good measure.

You picked a fight with the wrong person, O'Bammy. She wasn't kidding about the 'pit bull' thing.

You, Barack Hussein Obama, picked an opponent who is way above your paygrade. In a war of wits with Ms. Palin, You, sir, came into a nuclear war with a pea shooter.

You, sir, went and set yourself up for a world of hurt.

That is all.